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  1. I can agree with a lot of the points/counterpoints made in this thread and I don't want to come off as angry at any of the people who have responded. The truth of the matter is that I personally feel dissapointed by the current development. I don't want to keep trying to bludgeon my point as I can agree that realistically it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. The developers will continue on their merry way despite any of my thoughts or opinions (and please don't take that as me thinking that my thoughts mean more than anyone else's). It comes down me, some random dude on the int
  2. Ok, so you're one of the elite few with reading comprehension skillz because obviously people like me don't. When they put on the kickstarter page that the estimated delivery is 2016 I now understand that that statement can mean 2016-2050 or whenever they feel like it because you can read gud. Look, I understand that things can get pushed back and development isn't easy. However, if you are gong to issue a statement that says we're going to deliver a product around this timeframe then within a reasonable amount of time of that timeline the product should be delivered. So if they said 2016, and
  3. The problem I have with this company is that they have promised us a game by now and we don't have anything besides a testing platform. While some of the systems are interesting and can be fun this is not a game. I personally feel lied to about this developers ability to create a game. My group of friends feel the same way and I've spoken to many others who feel similar regarding kickstarter games such as this. For me, it's not a matter of not being able to afford this, it's a matter of principle. I paid to back a game that I was excited for and believed I was getting involved in on a proj
  4. I've been expecting a game that was developed and delivered by December of 2016 as stated in their kickstarter page. They have failed to deliver anything beyond what is pre-alpha. I'm not sure why you accept a product so minimal and basic in its current state. They are NO WHERE near having the game complete even 3 going on 4 years after their delivery expectation.
  5. Has there been any actual meaningful development with this game over the past 4 years really? This game feels like it's just spinning it's wheels and going no where like most other kickstarter MMO's. Now I understand they implement a feature here and there and then realize said feature needs tweaks and more time. However, this game is still nothing more than a glorified tech demo. Do we know of anything concrete or solid about this games development and when it will become a playable game? If not I would like to know if we are capable of requesting a refund as this game truly feels as thou
  6. Is there a roadmap for this game at all? Seems like the game has been staying in Pre-Alpha for a very long time. I understand that designing a game takes a long time and I'm not questioning the designers abilities. I just feel as though the game is progressing at a very slow pace.
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