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  1. Our 2 potential new members did not pass their physicals.
  2. Rage Quit moves, week of 12/7 and 12/14: -Demus on 15 day IR, torn middle finger -Nukeyoo on 2 week "timeout" -Manel has been DFA'a to our tripe A affiliate, Rage Quiet New recruits: We've had 1,456 applications since Nukeyoo's strategery thread in main. We interviewed 1151 We narrowed it down to the initial round of 945 We asked for written essays, in 500 words or less, why you would be good in Rage Quit: that cut us down to about 460 We then gave everyone a link to a Rubix Cube simulator, and gave them 10 minutes to complete, about 180 made the cut We then did one on one's again in round 4, narrowed it down to 75 We went bachelor/ette style format, and gave roses to 40 We then made the 40 run the American Ninja course, and further got it down to 2 We'll be announcing our 2 newest members soon-ish, maybe
  3. This is pretty mild, tbh. And it generally makes for a lot more fun in game, with some back and forth forum'ing driving it a little. Yep
  4. One Post in main, and everyone wants to join the darkside.... live shot of yesterday at Rage Quit HQ
  5. My biggest fear is that every guild from EvE will come play crowfall, then we'll have mutliple ruleset servers where one guild will own 80% of the playerbase and the rest of us plebs in small/med sized guilds will be roflstomped and yelled at for having no skill This keeps me up at night, literally UP ALL NIGHT having nightmares about. Also, Spiders, I fear spiders
  6. We appreciate your patronage. Stay Tuned for more classic choose your own adventures presented by Rage Quit.
  7. This has really got exciting, 21 pages and counting. Here's to the next 20! go go go
  8. Ya burito, it will be amazing to see the 451,322 players that play crowfall (based on the rough numbers outlined in random posts in this thread). I'm particularly excited that literally all of EvE will be playing, which I've heard before in other games, but never seemed to materialize. Should be fun, regardless. Lots of targets
  9. I'm glad that's all you see, makes it more fun for us. No one expects the rage quit inquisition
  10. What Manel is trying to say (sorry, he's not a native English Speaker, it's like his 4th language or something), the servers where horrible in terms of lag. So you had these great, large maps that fostered long running pvp battles including both big zergs, small fights, etc, but servers that couldn't handle it. So, you ended up with giant slide shows, skill lag, etc. And then, the normal, run of the mill, OP skills, bad passives, under-developed classes, etc. Could have been a contender, but ultimately flopped.
  11. Ok for real, I was trying to be polite earlier. But you are seriously bad at this. You need to stop. You're embarrassing your guild at this point.
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