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  1. Final Research on Gathering & Crafting close to done. Gonna be happy to see the fancy overviewcharts done by @Koerpermilch. The machine works as usual, we are prepared
  2. next q i got a short drop to lobby with a fast reconnect, then group window was bugged and fog was not vivisble
  3. we ended first with 5 man alive 0 deaths, but we are scored 3rd?
  4. holy symbol can also be triggered more than once every 3s
  5. is it intended for fountain of life to be triggered more when you move in the area compared to standing still (5 ticks)?
  6. icecaller - refreshing breeze is casted in movement direction instead of where you aiming at
  7. what should be tested? are we able to make groups again?
  8. try /join faction if that is not helping report is in the bugforum
  9. Es betrübt mich das zu lesen. Schade euch als Gegner zu verlieren. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja mal auf einem anderen Schlachtfeld.
  10. will we get the chance to clear out the faction-chests? we invested quite a bit even in that short campaign,
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