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  1. day 7: we sieged balance at pleonast keep, they managed to defend there. afterwards Caldera & Northlanders secured aetradahl while KDS delayed balance at everin´s echo siege. the final fight of the evening went then in our favor.
  2. more like a summary of what has been implemented so far
  3. actually i think they gonna change it how faction are called, but i think you will keep it in your dark soul day 6: we defended order keep but were taken down as balance took the third banetree at chaos keep. retreating from that loss we got reeinforcements and took balance down open field. maybe out of tactial reason or just to be generous balance didn´t defend their keep in the end. once again good fights!
  4. ancient mobs and wartribe elites+ drop good sacrifice values for rare and above. so if in grp i would hunt for them, solo farming the lowest rank that gives xp would be my choice.
  5. we are still pre-alpha, even if it often feels like after release. stresstest with that numbers are still far away i guess.
  6. guess all already in pipeline, just not that 1 server thing, because with different timezones for siegetimers and PING issues that wont work. 2. factory crafing 3. currently in the work , with many things still in flux tricky call to invest there 4 & 5 QoL which will get relevant near release
  7. day 5: we had a nice defence fight vs balance at our keep, on sieging balance we got snacked nice fights guys, thx
  8. and they are usually unusually fast in personal responding
  9. upgrade is maybe the wrong word here. As most of the items Vessels in Crowfall have a quality. Dependend on quality the starting attributes and the Statpoints you get on the way to 30 are increased. The common Vessel we all start with has some base stats, getting a green or higher vessel is a huge boost of stats and overall outcome. But you can´t "upgrade" a Vessel, a Necromancer makes you a new one which starts again on Lvl1 and needs - dependend on quality lvl - more xp to get to 30 then.
  10. no, just more workload if you want to have a higher vessel than blue, at least atm
  11. Regarding Balistas and their impact on Sieges... Is the Players affected by Balistashots capped or is it Groundtarget and will hit all? Is it intended that all Factions can place Balistas or should it be only the defending Force? Can we get back some clear visual Groundtarget so Player can get an Idea of why they are dying?
  12. day 4: we tried to attack balance keep, but with close to even numbers and r9 guards against us + another balance force taking chaos keep from us we decided to defend our last keep. some nice fights, thx balance + visitors!
  13. day 3: scoring stayed almost the same, some smaller fightattempts with balance, but as we all seemed to have not our prefered setup pushing into guards left us with a few deaths & kills
  14. some now land on top of the motherlode and are unreachable, also some loot is just lootable by 2nd/3rd player
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