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  1. My personal expierience in the first LIVE Dregs-Campaign (EU)... What I liked... there was always something todo even 4 am I was not safe, yes most unlikely to get ganked while doing a Pigrun, but it happened (7 Players online ^^) after getting stomped alot having a good fight really boosted moral, emotional rollercoaster is nice if there are not only downs not ideal decisions in city building costed a lot of more work/time, lesson learned, choices matter building connections with other Guilds setting and achieving goals together theorycrafting about divine favor and executing plans with results having a lot fun and laughing besides some salty tastes What I did not like... having a too strong, well trained and executing enemy / not a gameissue still too low playerbase on EU / not a gameissue fotm frostweaver doing so much dmg and screwing performance not retaliateable status bug in some situations strange portings in the keep too clear information in EVENTS-Channel, I think spawnannouncements & guards under attack should be enough information too much too good geardrops out of chests no uncommon minordiscdrops no detailed information about how divine favor points are generated Overall it was a great expierience and I have to thank ACE once again for bringing up an EU-Campaign. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully soon! Special thanks to Caldera for having us as Guests for this Campaign, Vanguard and Nordic Marauders for beeing strong and sometimes fearcausing enemies that are not unbeatable, 4g_Guys for the cooperation that worked pretty good, all my Guildmates for the good time, @jtoddcoleman for giving us an EU-Campaign, the ACE-Team for the relentless work! Now lets get prepared for the last fights tonight...
  2. Sad to read that... take care, thx
  3. Always dreamed of a little Guinecean Army
  4. I would appreciate a split between "we want to tell new people about our game" and the "Monthly Q&A with ACE backer reward". I am someone inbetween those 2 groups so I have to be grateful for whatever I get. But at the moment and for the time I have been here the Q&A´s have always been a mix. And imo that mix makes them unpleasant. A new player still has no clue after watching a Q&A, he/she/it maybe got a hint on a specific topic. And some (or most?) of the testers are annoyed by all the - for them - irrelevant stuff or so called fluff. Evading the Questions the testers have doesn´t feel good. That opens pandorras box of assumptions, what leads to missinformation followed by bad reputation. As there was no "massive reveal" when 5.110 was released on testserver it was not about marketing holding back informations inbefore, my guess it was JTC who wanted to present the thing as a bundle, as he also said. So what is it this time not beeing able to talk about alliances & guildbanks? Also the Questions should be answered specific/detailed. Telling us the long story about how lootdrops work and in the end not answering the question made me really upset.
  5. also an idea for shadows? shadows all blue and dregs all purple+?
  6. there seems to be some confusion about those mails... @Pann
  7. hmmm, guess we are still something away from beta. you got this mail today after making your account today? just trying to clarify the situation for me.
  8. silly exact respawntimers
  9. numbers on crafted vessels are all over too much detailed
  10. @Angelhearth @royo check your passive basic exploration again, you might need more than 1 pip to get the trait... ARTIFACT-Tables don´t work!
  11. sumptuos pot pie gives atm 0.25 Experimentation Points, not 1 as in Tooltip
  12. shredded 18 tools now... 3 soul essence so far 🤪
  13. I would appreciate a tiny bit higher dropchance for adv. gathering souls
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