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  1. try /join faction if that is not helping report is in the bugforum
  2. Es betrübt mich das zu lesen. Schade euch als Gegner zu verlieren. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja mal auf einem anderen Schlachtfeld.
  3. will we get the chance to clear out the faction-chests? we invested quite a bit even in that short campaign,
  4. maybe put some r2 craftingstations in there so smaller guilds could craft with thrallbonus
  5. make outposts linked to open a siegewindow on forts and don´t let forts drop any quality materials or dust/gold
  6. @thomasblair Another painful clickingnightmare later... May I ask for full Stacks of Mats on TEST-Chest next time? Leatherworking to 10 Discs 132 Armorpieces (1/2/11/18/27/49/52/63/94/132) Weaponsmith to 5 Discs, because I didn´t want to spent more Lifetime, 22 Weapons (5/11/12/19/22) I think my Idea about tokendrops would need too much time & needed resources of devtime, the idea with having a recipe for each profession with a guranteed souldrop seems best for now. To get to compareable craftingstats as we have on LIVE now I assume an epic disc is needed. To get the
  7. To get 10 Disciplines I needed: On Alchemist a total of 215 Harvestingpotions (Drops on 1/14/79/90/103/120/123/132/213/215) On Necromancer a totl of 33 Vessels and 396 Ambrosia, used all flawed Bodyparts (Drops on 3/11/16/17/19/23/24/25/32/33) A possible Solution to get rid of the RNG could be for example a token system + a Trainer or a Questline if you want to add some Pantheon. So each final Assembly or Nodehit is bound to a valued token drop and Crafters and Harvesters could use those tokens to trade them for disciplines. Same System could be used for the Domainthralls and w
  8. well i think valid feedback, just want to say again, especially in the beginning the gate to get the belt is really a pain. double res needed especially for ambrosia & bodyparts hurts alot.
  9. active Player in EU timezone? still alone out there? join us!
  10. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). EU Times are not that great, here are some suggestions: should be +1-2 hrs How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see different with them? Would like to see more Gathering & Crafting Cards after Forts & Caravans don´t drop Qualitystuff anymore. Would like to see more seasonal cards in one season, especially in longer campaigns. So have 2-3 cards active at the same time per power/wealth/glory. Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and
  11. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like the basic concept of the Game. Eternal Heros in dying Worlds. I like the mix of PVP and PVE, especially PVE provoking PVP in Campaigns. I like the TTK not beeing seconds most of the time. I like the Strategygame (Campaigncards/Alliances/Keepsieges). I like the Craftingsystem in general. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? I dislike Qualityresources from Forts & Caravans, th
  12. yeah we figured that out too and of course messed it also up 🤣
  13. Campaign-Rewards are not tradeable? What should I do with my Gems if I can´t give them to my Jewelcrafter?
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