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  1. So those stats will move from passive training to beltstats?
  2. @thomasblair always tricky as long as we don´t see the whole picture... have you considered to make the "helper monkey, risk management & attention to detail" buffs from shrines? i would also like to see some exploration buffs there.
  3. not going to craft thousends of items to get to the crafting explorations on TEST, can we please get them in quality to test the crafting properly. also they are not getting better stats in green and blue compared to common so far.
  4. i guess we all look at the current situation. as long as campaignworlds still offer craftingsouldrops the getting a soul by doing the job is a nice +. if those craftingprocs would be the only way to get those souls it would need rework.
  5. also to mention the need to basically open all professions to get to the final node/attention to detail. hope the needed % for that is going to be canged.
  6. beeing not able to craft necklaces because missing the belt on stonemasonry is not nice new stats on tools are nice tho
  7. if there are enough thralls out there to get to blue crafting discs it is fine. had to craft >100 vessels to get those 3 greens to be able to unlock the beltslot. if that would be the only sorce for craftingdiscs that would be alot of gravedigging and ambrosia runs. hope it will not be like that. intended that there are no better crafting stats on green & blue?
  8. have you considered to raise the group size to 6, 8 or maybe 10 slots? with that much aoe abilities i would like to see more groupspots.
  9. some more information/clarification on what will get wiped for 6.2 - so far i assume vessels will need to get wiped, but i guess people also think items will get wiped? when will TEST be up again will be asked alot how was the gathered information with the unity-team, found some stuff to work on that might influence performance soon?
  10. need to check the old post here and in discord... haven´t we been exactly at this point like a few months ago? ah june 24th...
  11. you do need those two you have been. maybe the rank of the nodes you tried have been too high for intermediate tools. try lowranks!
  12. Herzlich Willkommen! Mit Nordic Marauders & Northlanders kenne ich 2 deutschsprachige aktive Gilden, mag sein dass inzwischen mehr da sind. Ansonsten darfst auch gerne bei uns vorbeischauen: Viel Spaß!
  13. longterm that would make the profession on necromancer less needed. I see the need for it on a common vessel tho, especially in the beginning you want to try out stuff without the need for releveling all the time.
  14. you have to drag & drop them outside of inventory (destroying them)
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