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  1. Surelia


    Diese Bücher enthalten sozusagen die Anleitungen für den Bau runenverzierter Waffen (momentan beste Waffen im Spiel)
  2. question is can you takeover the pig carrying the "ressource" and redirect it or do you just slay the pig and you can´t transport the "ressource"
  3. Not my expertise, so i can only have a personal feeling... Atm. I feel like marketing is more relevant than (investors/backers) active testers. I am pretty sure some well placed articles and "massive reveals" will attract people to this game. But I play this game because of a friend who told me about the game. Not sure what is more worth in a close to alpha state, the words spreaded by the community or some articles on websites. In the end a new interested player, attracted by an article or the community, will come to the community and get the feelings of the community. I am not disappointed by the missing details, I shouldn´t be dissapointed at all, as i am not one of "those who earned the Monthly Q&A with ACE backer reward". So in the end I should be pleased with what we have got. But for me it feels like a kind of deal... "we want to create this game for you and with you". So I invested a small amount compared to others to see a pre-alpha state and help in the development by giving ideas and feedback to the current version. Some of those ideas will be heared and mybe get an agreement, others will be wasted lifetime. So in the end it is a trade, I get sth to test and give feedback. The only important thing for me atm is not what I get exactly to test, but when. Over a year ago Pann said in a Q&A that she is surprised that people are actually planning their lives after the game. Well yes some of us do. I do. So for me it is just about not knowing when to come back to the game. ACE decided or needed to change their milestones, 5.9 was once announced as the last built before alpha, now we are waiting for 5.110? If other gamers ask me atm about crowfall I am way not that hyped than I was a year ago and I say that it is promising, but not there yet. And the transparency I fell in love with @ACE seems to be gone for the sake of marketing. Sure they need to plan for a future, but not even giving an educated guess about a timeline leaves me with a need to "Escape from T....." Pretty sure all our complaining won´t change the marketing strategy, so in the end we will have to wait. Sure there would be a better way.
  4. educated guesses for a timeline... when will 5.110 hit TEST - will there be steps of accessibilty (pre-alpha 1/2/3..)? when will 5.110 hit LIVE? when will it be called beta? will there be a sanctioned campaign pre-beta? still waiting for that call the banners campaign bit more details on dregs settings for alliances would be nice.
  5. just a clientdownload away... most likely 24/7 availability. atm no campaign running...
  6. thx for the answers, didnt try with different beneficial amount stats, so i didn´t see the increasing of the crit chance while buff is running, thx!
  7. so no direct influence on the outcome of a final harvest? @Zirone
  8. thats beneficial harvest - my question was about the beneficial harvest power. so is the loottable only influenced by crit harvest amount or is that also influencing rolls on crit table or is there a beneficial table?
  9. has the passive points changed from 3/10 to 3/5? had that feeling but checking proved me wrong, still feels a bit faster good start, but not enough yet for a new player joining a guild.
  10. I can just tell you that a number of the new players I see are gone inactive within the first week. And I am pretty sure the passive like it is atm is an issue here.
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