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  1. well, that gives our members some freetime. now lets see what we will face tomorrow, hope those nightowls keep it even, wouldn´t be a good start beeing behind from first Login...
  2. … for starting the Campaign EU after local midnight? Well this will fix the NAs farming a few hours in spring @EU thing.
  3. KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    KDS.Prophet went to the crypt and started his mantra... again. Lets see what he will come up with...
  4. i liked the stream from tuesday, but the stream of today was a pretty awesome one! thanks alot @ACE and @zybak! if u missed it, worth to watch!
  5. KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    still would love to have a campaign with the gunicean army thingy
  6. KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    I have heared the KDS.Prophet had a new inspiration? Curious where it leads us... lets get the next campaign started!
  7. but still 3 questions, so lets choose wisely
  8. Health Regeneration

    have a healer with u or skill & gear up that way. if still not enough maybe they tweak it.
  9. generated ek, first time in all plain white, after a while u die. when getting to crow zone loads normal. after that i am locked to this ek until i get into a campaign and unbind after that. if the character is fae it wont die due to not getting falldmg so stuck to plain white environment.
  10. EU Bardshofen seems to be very laggy and people are having teleport backs
  11. Hallo Walter, die mussten die Pläne bisschen ändern. Aktuell wird LIVE für 5.8 vorbereitet und ist nicht verfügbar. Alle Accounts haben Zugang zum Testserver, dort laufen kurze Kampagnen um 5.8 weiter zu verbessern. Zum spielen also TEST-Client runterladen und nutzen. Grüße, Markus
  12. logging out near a keep claimed by other faction. respawn on logging next to teleporter to balance porter (i am order). Bardshofn EU Will there be a Siegewindow on EU today?
  13. feels bad...

    lets call it LIVE-TEST on TEST
  14. as most of the crafting stuff is for free, could you add mushrooms, apples, pinenuts, bloodworms and hunger shards to the free chests for those who want to taste the Chef?