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  1. and still open for new players
  2. so the starting value should be 1 there to have an impact of attention to detail?
  3. when will be the end of EU and the start of the new one EU, because article yesterday and today don´t match in times?
  4. 0/0 imports/exports for example would have made a long campaign a bit more spicy. also a journey to EU or NA wouldn`t have been that easy, but doable. of course I would have complained then about the ganks, but all those transports... so embargo-system will change a lot there already, guess we will just have to wait.
  5. its just about what happend to the EU campaign, and it is just not a good feeling fighting against something you can`t do anything against out of your own. i think a few players are also not happy how the NA campaign went, guess the players of NA capping the whole map all night/day long without anyone fighting it are also not looking for more of that. So the question is would a modified ruleset help? should it be like that? what is the core issue and how to make more players happy?
  6. oh, you open that box?... well not a problem if all factions would have had near even numbers of "visitors" or "refugees" or just players.
  7. strange things happen, all the time, all over the world
  8. i was not part of that, so i can`t say anything about it, but i think it is a difference if there are more enemies to fight or things just are happening while you are sleeping or @ work. your primetime is for most EU players the time to go to bed or be there already. it is part of the game and if it is intended like that, well we will have to make alliances, lets make 1 server where all got bad pings and lets do 3 or 4 siegetimer.
  9. Thats how it looks like every morning for us, so is this having impact on the EU campaign? We are fighting 2 timeszones. And as "catch up" mechanics are more like "dont fall too far behind" mechanics we only could do 24hrs gaming or ask NA Guilds to defend for us. So lets quit all our jobs or at least be online the next 29 hrs ^^ Even after release this is not worth it. Next campaign like that? Oh i see dark clouds. Just not good if you have the feeling that all your work is for nothing because NA players cap the hole map and so in our case atm chaos has all the nice points for about 15 hrs/day at least. So no way to fight that.
  10. all the good fighters could use the help of a dedicated crafter
  11. the ones good days are the others bad days, but the people that could join the zone had good fights, thx
  12. looking for a better quality version... done.
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