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  1. just a clientdownload away... most likely 24/7 availability. atm no campaign running...
  2. thx for the answers, didnt try with different beneficial amount stats, so i didn´t see the increasing of the crit chance while buff is running, thx!
  3. so no direct influence on the outcome of a final harvest? @Zirone
  4. thats beneficial harvest - my question was about the beneficial harvest power. so is the loottable only influenced by crit harvest amount or is that also influencing rolls on crit table or is there a beneficial table?
  5. has the passive points changed from 3/10 to 3/5? had that feeling but checking proved me wrong, still feels a bit faster good start, but not enough yet for a new player joining a guild.
  6. I can just tell you that a number of the new players I see are gone inactive within the first week. And I am pretty sure the passive like it is atm is an issue here.
  7. Hey Crows & Devs, I have sad feelings when I see a new Recruit very ambitious starting his Crowfall-Career - especially those who are interested in crafting & exploration - knowing that soon will come the time when they realize that they will have to wait until the next passive wipe, and most likely go inactive. A guild can get a new Player in a decent pvp-setup, but the posibility to contribute in needed materials is limited to cutting grid, foodstuff, wartribefarming, grunt for mlruns, and limited more. I know you are planning on catch up mechanics for that with release or when needed. Here is my suggestion how it could be until then... To be at least not really bad and able to achieve sth. like a full trained account with reachable goals on passive training pre-final-prerelease-wipe could be pushed for every account sth like that... (I hope you have the knobs to do that) Combat training could be maxed Combat Basics, Armor & Weapon. So you still have a way to decide and some good starting passives. Crafting could get a bit more push then just Crafting Basics, maybe x-amount of free on every profession. Exploration could be maxed on Exploration Basics, Excavation & Reaping - also still some progression ahead, but reachable. (Exclude Command maybe) So Crows, what do you think? If we get a good discussion and ideas we could @jtoddcoleman and @thomasblair - oups
  8. alchemy tool has dropped now, others still missing
  9. can anyone confirm drops of treated steel tool alchemy tool haste tool ?
  10. bit pre trial training...
  11. of course not tested and just imagination... if the upcoming campaign will be R9+ (like it is on TEST now), the step to craft epic vessels out of a common vessel will be huge and the first "upgrade" outcome might be just crappy. so i hope there will be lower ranked graves for those who haven´t been fast enough!?
  12. may we get some information on what is not in the actual GR compared to last one please. I don´t like to look for stuff that is not in anymore! just graves? @ACE_FancyHats @ACE_JackalBark
  13. a roadmap doesn´t necessarily need dates, but small and big milestones and a finish line.
  14. for now it is the old system with a new makeup, so you can still bank anything everywhere. changes are the import/export into/out of the campaign. so for example you can not place your crafter in a keep (campaign) and trade stuff in ek to that account (other vessel) and then access it with your crafter, because you need to leave campaign to import from vault. but you could do that trade still in temple (campaign) and then access it in keep (campaign). if i understood correctly they want first have in that "safe bags" so you won´t drop all of the gathered stuff before making it not accessable anytime.
  15. they always do that short to release to live, and its on live now
  16. there we go with the right perspective. it is about what they want tested. guess to care about the poor new backers who feel worthless in the pushed gameloop until next reset is another perspective. but even on TEST they wouldn´t be able to taste the " favor of testing out fully tricked out characters with all powers in the 5.100 cycle "
  17. @Pann maybe a thing for the july q&a? might be too late there, so maybe someone takes that to a higher level?
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