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    Surelia reacted to Dryadon in Deutsche Gilde Pankration rekrutiert   
    Wir, die Gilde Pankration, wollen die beste deutschsprachige Gilde werden, unser Ziel ist es, beim PvP ganz oben mitzumischen sowie unsere Handwerksfertigkeiten auf den Servern zu verbreiten.
    Wir sind eine sehr hilfsbereite Gilde und stehen euch bei fragen immer gerne zur Seite.
    Auf unserem Discord Server findet ihr Guides und hilfreiche Tipps, um euch das Spiel näher zu bringen.
    Wir begegnen uns auf dem Schlachfeld!
    Mit besten Grüßen Gildenmeister Dryadon
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 6.520 Live Update Notes for 5/17/2021   
    HungerDome Gameplay Change - In Testing
    Based on player HungerDome feedback, we are making a change to the rules on LIVE for all matches: when one team eliminates another from the match, the players on the eliminating team will receive a stacking buff that provides a 10% resistance to the Hunger damage.  As such, teams that attempt to win the match by avoiding engagement will now be eliminated more quickly by the Hunger than teams who actively engage in competition. 
    As noted, this is in testing on LIVE as we look to test how this changes team and player behavior across multiple matches.  Please log in to our HungerDome matches and check it out, and let us know your thoughts!
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in HungerDome: Monday   
    Hey Crows,
    In support of the ECS Tournament, there is now a Tournament Server available for the official ECS Tournament matches featuring the ECS Archetypes. Teams applying to or registered to compete in the Tournament, along others interested in HungerDome, may access this server for pre-tournament practice play. This Server will only be available during specific hours of each day - available hours will be posted on the official Crowfall Forums and Discord. 
    Please Note: On this server, you will ONLY be able to access and play in the HungerDome Arena.
    Don't forget to Find Your Five and Stay Alive! Crows who sign up to compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes by participating in the ECS '21 Series can get rewarded! The Gods are offering a powerful new reward to teams of five, who apply by May 4 (last chance to apply for one of the six Qualifier Rounds) - the ECS Sigil. When equipped this regal Sigil adds an additional +25 to your Attack and Support Power! A powerful new Sigil from the Gods can mean only one thing, a rare reward for Crows. You’ll need to move fast to take advantage of this bounty. Join the battle in HungerDome(™) and rise as an Eternal Champion!
    Monday, April 26 HungerDome Schedule 
    NA Times
    1 PM - 3 PM CDT Tournament Server 4 PM - 7 PM CDT Live Server 8 PM - 11 PM CDT Tournament Server EU Times
    8 PM - 10 PM CEST  Tournament Server 11 PM - 2 AM (April 27) Live Server 3 AM - 6 AM (April 27) Tournament Server To report any issues with HungerDome please visit our bug thread.    We'll keep you updated in discord and the HungerDome lobby when we'll be activating HungerDome, see you there!
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in HungerDome Testing on LIVE - Now with Archetypes   
    Great news, the ECS Tournament Archetypes are on the LIVE Server in the HungerDome arena.
    Players can play with the tournament Archetypes or a Level 30 or above character  Join the battle on LIVE (TUES - FRI) 1 PM - 3 PM CDT (8 PM to 10 PM CEST) 8 PM - 11 PM CDT (3 AM - 6 AM CEST) New to Crowfall? The Eternal Champions Series is a Twitch Tournament event that offers a $50,000 prize pool in cash and prizes. Players apply as a team; Qualifiers are open!
    SIGN-UP FOR ECS AND GET REWARDED - Find your Team of 5 and apply to compete by May 4, to earn the ECS Sigil, when equipped adds +25 to your Attack and Support Power!
    For more information visit: Crowfall.com/eternal-champions/compete
    You can check out the daily Schedule for HungerDome here.
    Good luck, Crows!
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in HungerDome Snap Test - April 6th 2 PM CDT / 9 PM CEST   
    Hey Crows, 
    We'll be doing a Snap Test for HungerDome at approximately 2 pm CDT (9 PM CEST) today.   We'd love to have you join in and help us test some changes we've made.  You'll need the Test client which you can download at https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client
    We'll keep you updated in discord and the lobby when we'll be activating HungerDome, see you there! 
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    Surelia got a reaction from SJNG in 6.510 TEST Bug Reports for 3/31/2021   
    holy symbol can also be triggered more than once every 3s
  7. Sad
    Surelia got a reaction from SJNG in 6.510 TEST Bug Reports for 3/31/2021   
    is it intended for fountain of life to be triggered more when you move in the area compared to standing still (5 ticks)?
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    Surelia reacted to Tyrant in HungerDome snaptest on TEST at 4pm Sunday 4/4   
    crowfall.com/en/client if you don't have TEST installed on your machine yet
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in HungerDome Testing Update   
    We want to give a huge “thank you” to all of you in the Beta community who made time last week and over the weekend to join our first round of Crowfall: HungerDome testing. Your feedback was exceptionally helpful, and we are extremely grateful for your support -- especially on such short notice. 
    For now, we have all the feedback that we need and we are already parsing that feedback into actionable tasks for the team.  Rather than share specific feedback/focus areas, we hope to have those interested play the next release when ready, and again, share feedback on the quality of the experience.  We don’t have an ETA yet on the next round of HD testing, but we’ll be working hard to get it scheduled and announced as soon as possible.
    As always, our priority is to deliver the best game that we can, for and with the help of our community. Your support is a critical part of our success, and we appreciate your engagement and support.
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in HungerDome: What You Need To Know!   
    Hello Crows!
    Beginning this week, we will be running intermittent Snaptests in HungerDome.  
    HungerDome: What You Need To Know

    TEST Client
    Currently to access HungerDome, you must have the TEST client which can be downloaded HERE.  Please scroll down on the page and you’ll see where you can download the latest version of the Test Server (for the most updated version)
    You can form a group in the lobby of up to 5 players, called a “Murder of Crows”.   Use the button in the upper left to invite other players to join by account name.  The person who does the inviting is the “murder leader”. A guild crest will be used to identify everyone in your murder, also in the upper left corner of the lobby.  Right click each crest to manage the members of your Murder. Joining a Murder will add you to a Murder chat channel.  Only the players in your Murder will see messages here. The “Murder leader” needs to hit PLAY to queue the group (Murder) for a HungerDome match. When the match starts, all participants will be added into the Team Roster screen automatically. Please Note:  In the future, we will allow players to go to other worlds while waiting on a match, and page them when the match is ready.  At this time, everyone in your Murder needs to be in the lobby when the match starts; missing players will not be added after the match begins. 
    Team Roster
    The Team Roster screen is where you can select your character for the match, see your teammates (and their character selections). Murders formed in the lobby will be added to a match, all players on the same Team.  Random players (or smaller Murders) will be added to each team to ensure a team size of 5 for all entering the match. You will have a small window of time to pick a character.  Select one of your MMO characters, or you can pick an archetype from a small selection of pre-generated character classes.  Characters must be 30th+ level to participate in the match. Teams can field no more than 2 tanks, 2 support, or one of the same Promotion class.  When the Team Roster timer expires, your Team will be taken into the match. Starting the Match
    All teams will be assigned to one of the 12 gods.   God crests will be used to differentiate players of different teams.  (Guild crests are also shown in the lower right, for convenience). Your team will start at the designated Sanctuary for your assigned God.  Once you have entered the match, you will be automatically grouped with your team, and given a Group channel.  This is different from the Murder channel, which includes only the players in your Murder.   Note: At this time we don’t have voice chat set up for groups (yet).  We strongly suggest sharing a discord link for your group members if you feel comfortable doing so; we have found voice communication to be a significant advantage for teams. There is a 2-minute “pre-game” timer, to allow all players to load into the match, review their powers, configure power trays, etc.  Players cannot leave the Sanctuary areas until the pre-game timer expires. All characters start with new player weapons, a mount, and a beheading axe. When the pre-game timer expires, the Sanctuary will be unlocked and the match will start. Match Rules
    The match is broken into 4 seasons (quarters): Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season includes one night (4 minutes) and one day (4 minutes).  An additional +2 minutes is added at the end of Winter.  The HungerDome fog starts on the outside of the map and will continue moving towards the center.  Stay away and be mindful of where the fog is at all times.  Villages allow for scavenging.  War Tribes (and random loot chests) offer equipment.  A few vendors are located strategically around the map.   Hold the TAB key to bring up the mid-match Scorecard. Each Sanctuary serves as a respawn location, until the end of Spring, for the team starting there. There are 8 Forts, which can be captured to serve as a respawn point until the end of Summer. There are 4 Keeps, which can be captured to serve as a respawn point until the end of Fall. The Castle can be captured to serve as a respawn point for the first half of Winter. If a teammate is killed, they are not eliminated immediately, as long as their team owns a respawn point OR has at least one living player.   Dead players can fly (as a crow) to a God Statue owned by their team and get back into the fight.   Once every member of a team is killed AND they do not own a respawn location, that team is eliminated.   Eliminated players can remain in the match as spirit Crows to spectate… or log out to join another match. The Last Team Standing wins the match.
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in 6.500 TEST Patch Notes for 3/9/2021   
    Beta Build 6.500.0
    If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
    To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback
    Fixed an issue where you were unable to harvest some Knotwood trees Powers
    Stealth tray is once again usable after a stealth blocker, like Faerie Fire is, removed from you.
    Implemented quest changes to better guide the player from Gods Reach to the Infected Crows should now be able to accept group invites
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    Surelia reacted to jtoddcoleman in Next Q&A + Dregs   
    Hey folks,
    I mentioned in our last Q&A that it might make sense to do an off-cycle “bonus” Q&A session this month -- but given the severe weather in Austin this week (with power and/or water being out for more than half of our team) that doesn't really make sense any more.  The next one is only a week and a half away (March 2nd), so I’m going to suggest we hold off and cover everything then.  
    A lot of you have also been asking about getting a Dregs campaign on Live -- we were hoping to do that this week, but that has been delayed, as well.  There are a few more issues we need to iron out.  The freeze is supposed to be over tomorrow, so hopefully we can get a Dregs campaign running on Test in the next few days and push it to Live quickly once we know those issues are resolved. 
    Sorry for the delay.  The important thing is that the team is safe and things are moving forward again.  Thanks for the concern, and we appreciate your patience.  
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    Surelia reacted to Kratnog in German   
    Dear all,
    here are some of wrong german translation on Page first:
    erweise deine Freunde zu Crowfall Kratnog
    Chaque ami que vous parrainez et qui s'inscrit avec votre CODE CROW bénéficie d'une réduction de 10 % sur l'achat de tout pack de partenaire financier !
    The fat made part is the wrong language ^^. This is france not german. The at the My Guild Clan Members (Clan Mitglieder) there stands Bewerben if i want to Promote a member ^^ The right word would be Befördern.
    In Game i got one i am keep in mind and this was the distance is as example 900 min but it should be 900 meters means in german 900 m. Then all text at the tech tree is english. 
    If we cut down trees or collect stones there is allways info from XP and it is always 0 XP. 
    Think this is all for the first time. There are more fail translations but i would like first to get in game and write some down again. Hope that i can help you a bit that the german communty comes more to this game, because it is not that bad as the translation at the moment ;).
    Kind regards,
    Kratnog from Twitch.tv/planlosezocker
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    Surelia reacted to ZYBAK in Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread   
    Courtesy of @Chillmate
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    Surelia got a reaction from Jamin in [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders   
    Es betrübt mich das zu lesen. Schade euch als Gegner zu verlieren. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja mal auf einem anderen Schlachtfeld.
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    Surelia reacted to MacDeath in Join the ACE QA Live Stream January 5 @ 11 AM CST / 6 PM CET   
    POST Q&A <Question>
    Please make sure that ACE management understands that almost all of their testers are now putting testing on hold until you can inform us if the inventory / vault gets wiped in 6.4.
    We have little incentive to grind 6.3 if it all goes poof.
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    Surelia reacted to Fefner in Call the Banners! Dregs Inguzelan Campaign War is Rising!   
    Well EU will be a dead campaign unless you can tell us what will be wiped and what wont be. No point crafting/harvesting if there is a full wipe but if it's just a vessel wipe I think players would be inclined to still play to gather resources and make items.
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    Surelia got a reaction from Mogres in [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders   
    Es betrübt mich das zu lesen. Schade euch als Gegner zu verlieren. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja mal auf einem anderen Schlachtfeld.
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    Surelia reacted to Mogres in [GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders   
    Another guild turns its back on crowfall. In my 2+ years I have seen many guilds abandon Crowfall and sadly it is now my own. We had a lot of fun in crowfall in the past but the developments since 6.3 rob us of any motivation to invest a lot of time in the game. Changes to the progress system now strongly favor large masses guilds. You have to harvests a lot to get your Crafters forward instead of pvp if you want to be equally equipped. The pvp balance favors pure Aoe skill spame in long-range combat without any skill, only mass counts. The performance is still very bad and zones crash with 35 players in combat. Very low fps values even in small fights and the culling bug currently where you can see objects 5 m does not make it any better. Instead of building on a territorial system, scoring cards are used with pve and pvp content, which can be exploited very easily with agreements and fake guilds. There isn't much left of their former promises. We would have loved to play this game, but it keeps evolving away and still has massive technical problems. I thank our allies and enemies for the fun and hope ACE regains its senses, since 6.3 the game has been getting worse and worse with every "awesome great change".
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    Surelia reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Opening Konveryn EU Campaign today to allow Item Removal.   
    For our all Beta Testers and Backers that joined the Konveryn EU Campaign yesterday on LIVE, today we will re-open the Konveryn Campaign for a 30-minute period at 1 PM CST (8 PM CET) to allow you to claim items left behind. We appreciate your support in beta testing and your understanding of the challenges we face in the process. 
    Please note, we will also be opening the Campaign again on Saturday December 19, for 30-minutes at 10 AM CST (5 PM CET). 
    As always, thanks for your support!
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    Surelia got a reaction from Rhuddlan in Crafting Progression Item Drop Rates 6.200   
    well i think valid feedback, just want to say again, especially in the beginning the gate to get the belt is really a pain. double res needed especially for ambrosia & bodyparts hurts alot.
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    Surelia reacted to SAM_BUKA in A PVP game made for carebears   
    We'll wait for another 5 years for JTodd to realize that loot chests suck, as well.

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    Surelia got a reaction from Aedius in Weekend play testing plan for TEST - December 4th   
    and it is announced for 6.400, so be patient
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    Surelia reacted to Narak in 6.300 TEST Feedback for 12/4/2020   
    I did not know Mogres was also writing a feedback post and in most parts our post will probably share a lot of content, but since I already wrote it, I will post it here:
    Although me and my guild understand why you got rid of the passive training system. Almost all of us are unhappy about there being no proper replacement for it right now. A lot of us played and tested the game for more than two years without taking break a longer than a week or two. Buying CF it appealed to us that our crafters could take a two weeks vacation and we would not be behind the gear curve when they return because of the passive training system.
    Of course the system had its downsides and was not much "fun" in some parts, but a least you had a progression which was not related to grind resources over and over. Most of us wanted to play the PvP part and also liked a bit of character and gear progression on the side (otherwise we would play MOBAs).
    I know you want to replace the 6.3 system eventually, but the current placeholder system got most of our members pretty demotivated. I want to iterate about why that is and what we think is the biggest problem:
    I know you try to balance the new system so that on one hand it will give everyone a goal to work for and on the other hand will not frustrate players, because they have to build lots of useless stuff and waste countless stacks of material to promote a crafter. The problem with that is, that you can simply not balance it right for most of your players.
    If we compare a small guild such as ours with between 15-25 active players and different amounts of time they can spend playing compared to a guild of 100 players. With the passive training system we could not compete in numbers with the larger guild, but we could at least compete in smaller fights where they would not bring all of their members. Their crafters were gated by time just as ours and we could craft equipment of the same level. It took us more effort then them (because of their ability to hold more forts/ run caravans easier with their bigger number), but they also had more members to which they had to distribute their resources in form of crafted gear.
    With the new system the larger guild is not gate by anything, but their activity. Since they have four times our numbers they will reach each crafting progression step four times as fast or even faster because they will get more material from forts/caravans and block good farming spots with their players. If you now balance the system around our guild so we can progress at a decent speed, the large guild will be through with their progression far too fast. The other way round we would have to compete against much better equipped players for an even longer time. If you raise the dropchance high enough to prevent this, the harvesting/crafter progression will be reduced to a tedious act you have to do with new players/character just like the NPE to get battle-ready. Also since you can grind harvesting discs in the Infected and white material for a lot of professions in Gods Reach, the newbie zones will even more be overrun with veteran players, because it is the easiest way to progress and in almost all cases players tend to take the easiest road.
    I understand that you want to get rid of the passive training system, but even if it was not "fun", we do not think this system is more fun and the game deviates more and more from the vision that was presented when we bought it several years ago. If you must replace it, please consider to develop a good not-to-grindy system first, where smaller guilds can still compete with larger guilds regarding gear standards.
    tl;dr: The new progression-system benefits larger guild too much and is far to grindy. We would have rather played with the passive training system until there is a new system which fixes these issues and not have development time invested in a system which will hopefully be replaced soon.
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