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  1. Greetings, I've been playing the game and it has been a great time for me! I have some suggestions about XP, pets, chests and tutorials, though. When fighting the enemies I think we gain a little less XP than necessary - I thought it would be good to gain more XP with enemies because leveling up is a little too much slow and it could make gamers give up the game in the beginning. I think we could gain XP while doing our collecting of wood, rocks and minerals. It could make the play time more fun and enjoyable. Another thing I think could be useful is adding pets like companies of the players - the players could find the pet while playing and exploring the game world (maybe capturing the pets while playing) and the pets could evolving together with the players. The pets could have equipment too and getting stronger with that - maybe the pets could be sold too, but with special coins through official store of Crowfall. About chests - I like the idea of chests with items, but I think it could be better with another items and not only fruits - I was thinking about equipment - armors and weapons. I really liked playing the game these days, but the beginning was very hard - the tutorial wasn't clear enough for me - I think it's necessary to explain better the differences between campaign and eternal world and make more basic tutorials about the mechanics of the game. I'm not a native English speaker so maybe the problem is because of that, but I think a more detailed tutorial in-site and in-game could help the players to play the game.
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