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  1. Eeehm could it be that the discussion got slightly out of hand? Even I dunno what is going on anymor so I go back to the topic and ask again, what do you think about the ideas/input I gave for some game mechanics?
  2. I never said that it will go bankrupt, what I said is that if the numbers they planned like the 800k they wanted to made are only random numbers and not financial calculated numbers then they will go bankrupt (you are once again putting words in my mouth). I don't think that the game will be better or good if they do it like I believe the only thing I did was giving some suggestions (definition: an idea or plan put forward for consideration) for how some game mechanics could look like. I understand the basic idea, and i've read everything on their website and watched nearly all the videos they linked, but they never define any mechanics or anything, they say like yea we want to do this and that but my question was how should it look like? If I plan to make a shooter for instance I plan how you can win (capturing points), how you achieve the neccesary tasks that are needed to win (stay on a point till it is captured) and so on. If all this things are clear than I can make a game out of it. The Alpha status means that the game has a certain status and arrived to a certain phase
  3. For the first part: I already answerd that: For the second part: Of course millions of players still play these MMOs but for what reason? 1. If you don't want to play some standard grinding MMORPG that treats you like a cash cow what do you play? old games like UO ecc. that had mor innovating game mechanics than new MMORPG -> thats why old games are played (and for reveling in memories) 2. If you don't want to play this new MMORPGs that basically are all the same, then what are the alternatives? simple there are none only the old games like UO ecc. where the graphic is basically poorly made socks, and some exceptions like Albion or Crowfall -> and thats why I said that Crowfall could safe the genre. Why I say that the genre needs to be safed? All this things that the genre is dead and so on are not things that only I have said, you know who are the once who say this things? - The player themselves Like I already said you can just google "MMORPG genre dead" or something like that and you can find thousends of players, players who played for years and experienced all kind of adventures, made friends within their guids and grew up with the genre. They post this questions in the forums of the games they've played for years and loved them (WoW ecc.) but they see that the games are only developing worser and worser. And I never meant that millions of players will join this game I simply meant that you can't plan to implement Realm vs Realm battles, castle sieges or what not if you don't have the players to do so. Of course this game won't be an Came**t Uncha**d where there are hundreds of players against each other but thats a completely other principle. And the once who play MMORPGs already know that they will need to put a lot of effort and time in it so I don't think that thas a problem. Yes I know that having and making an idea are 2 different things but if you say to thousands of backers and supporters, that have paid for those ideas, that the game will have this kind of things in it you can't simply go back on your word because they've paid for it. After all they are giving the money so that the devs can produce this ideas, and if you go back to the first part of my answer you will see that there was plenty of time and money ;D
  4. The idea is not so clear like you mentioned: You can't say so like three things like for example: its a fps there a terrorist and CTs (csgo) and thats my game idea. You need to define more or less how the game should work from bottom to top and know how the mechanics at least should look like to make the contents you've promised For example if you say EK are for showing off than why should I even bother making houses and suff if its only for showing of. Next point is territory control that could be a lot of things, its like saying skillsystem for instance, but how should it work? how does it look like? You can't get involved hundreds of players and their money and you don't even know what you want to produce.
  5. Of course you couldn't but do you think the number 800k came from nothing? If so i'm really sorry but then I MUST say as someone who studied economy that this game will go bankrupt. You may also have noticed that I said following thing: Also I never said that the 6,410,680 USD, that were more than planned would be enough for financing this game, you are putting words in my mouth, what I said was that with such a big of an amount of time and money, that the IDEA/Game mechanics/goal of the game should at least be clear and you could at least expect the status of Alpha and not preAlpha. In the link what you have sended they also clearly stated what i've mentioned and feared: The developers don't know what the game should look like themselves:
  6. So ok then let cast the hunger dome thing away for a moment, the DEVs definitly have some kind of ideas and they already stated them in videos and other announcments like the hunger thing that we mentioned. Like showed in the commend above: They have the founds and they had the time so why didn't they make all the things they've statet? Simple because they don't know how they should implement all the things they have said and promised.
  7. I already checked AoC but its more like the other casual mmorpgs even if it has some interesting mechanics like the nodes that can grow into full citys but its far away from what i've said. So yes I may don`t own the game as long as others and I don't expect any updates "out of the sky" like you said, and especially because I'm acquaintance with the early acces games, I don't expect a fully developted game (thats why I made suggestions) or a bugfree perfect finished game. But also because of the experience that I have with early access games I can say that this game has some seriours problems: It is undeniable that the DEVs have currently problems to think of what the game should look like, especially the discussion with hamon made that even more clear. Apparently they changed from some survival like game to the Eternal empire system, than they suddenly said that there are some factions you need to join. I think the signs are pretty clearly they themselves don`t even know how the game mechanics should look like or how they should work. Ok i've playd the game for "only" around 3 months but so what? When the kickstarter campaign ended on March 26 on 2015 they collected 1,766,205 USD on June 20 of the same year they had already 7,210,680 USD. They planned to sponsor the project with only 800,000 USD (from kickstarter) so they had about 9 times the planned funds that means they could`ve made this game 9 times in other words you expect that with 6,410,680 USD more than planned that it goes 9 times faster or at least 4 times faster if you plan some unexpected problems. In summary after 4 years and 9 times more financial support than planned, you can at least expect that the game is in the Alpha and not PreAlpha and that the DEVs know how the game should work and how the final game should look. So for the last point you mentioned the MMORPG genre needs to be saved, you can read that on several forums or news sites (even youtube), thousends of players have this though. There are a lot of MMORPGs thats not even a question but let me explain why with an example out of 10 new MMORPGs 5 have new ideas or are sommething new out of this 5, 2 are avaiable only for korean and the other 3 only wants to milk the cow called customer and so its basically unplayable. And that are only some reasons there are a lot more of reson because the genre has some serious problems (if you want more information just google it there are enough discussions ;D). Of course this game should aim for huge masses or at least, middle class masses because 1.otherwise how could you call your game a MassiveMultiplayerOnline game 2.how do you want to make a realm vs realm battle? with 10vs10 you can`t call that a realm battle. So I don`t know why you mentioned Fortnite, Overwatch and the other games because they have other commuitys and are completely different genres
  8. I didn't mention any endgame content or how a player shoul win, the only thing I mentioned was some ieas for game content because, currently the only things that are updated are bug fixes and not content updates. I said that what players expect in a prealpha is not that the game works fluently or is completed but at least that there is some content to test or some intresting game mechanics. Of course I somwhat disgressed from the original plan, but from the things I heard from you the developers made that themselves.
  9. Yea I admit I generalize a bit the definition because otherwise you also need to mention Realm vs Realm and so on. An I know that what i've written in the hidden comment is somewhat already implementet but 1. its not a fully developt content and 2. it was only an example for showing that the things I mentioned weren't so far from the principles of this game
  10. I never seeked any BR game (I hate them all to say the truth) and i didn't even mention any kind of content like that reasembles a BR game. And if you say that this is aninterpretation of mine than what you "envisioned" is your opinion. With all kind of respect, but I think your answer sounds more like some kind of excuse than a actual argument against my answer. Because a lot of the descriptions that the DEVs made on the homepage overlap with the things i've written. What I seek is exactly what is written above: the possibility to grow as a king and see the development of my char
  11. Ok I now get what you mean but now it is like it is they practically changed the complite game principle, but basically in the ideas mentioned above you could have this kind of this situation to. If your kingdom suffers under famine you can go and snitch it away from others and so on. Also wouldn't a game like that be only a other survival game like rust or dayz ecc. where you can trust each other and help or betray and so on
  12. But like I mentioned above in the answer to Cosian they have a complete other idea of how the game should look in the end, you can also go to the website where they write their impressions of how the game should be: https://crowfall.com/en/what-is-crowfall/
  13. Sorry for my ignorance but what is OP?:D I do have experience in this kind of games its more like sanbox than MMORPG. And all of my suggestions and thoughts are surely not some kind of new project or single player game because the developer themselv wrote this things on their website (under Game -> what is crowfall), here some example: This sounds a lot like what I`ve mentioned above, in case you can go look it for yourself on this page: https://crowfall.com/en/what-is-crowfall/
  14. I understand your point @hamon but why implementing the ethernal kingdom and all the other stuff, if the content that they want to have in the final game is the one that you mentioned above it makes no sence at all. So thats why I asked myself the question do the developer know what content should be in the final game, or had they only this idea of some GoT like game and began a project whitout knowing the goal they want to achiev? (if you understand what I mean with that)
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