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  1. The thought having campaigns like that actually sounds awesome and appeals to both sides which is really cool. It makes me really hopeful, I can't wait to see what the game has in store when the game releases and the population gets bigger.
  2. I respect the opinions given on it and appreciate a well thought out response to what I said, so thank you. I do think we have different mindsets on how we want to see the game played out and I also think that's completely fine. Your way plays out more like a traditional MMO, you level up, you get stronger, etc. I guess I was hoping with the campaigns to break that mold a bit. Campaigns with varying lengths, 2-4 weeks for example with a full reset appeals to me because it allows people to race the content, bring new players in with out them getting discouraged, and essentially play it out like you would a game of rust (I know a MOBA was used as example but I think Rust would be more fitting). This is my initial reaction to the game and definitely open to change over time, but I personally can really see the benefits of a slightly sped up skill tree with full resets per campaign. I hate to keep using Rust as an example (and I'm about to speak about original rust not the new version), but when someone in the game got a new recipe, or was the only one with say Body armor in the game, his name was known, he was hunted for his gear or feared and you stayed away from them. Regardless though I feel like that could directly translate into Crowfall, everyone is in the stone ages with the common/basic gear tools, and then finally someone progresses into using decent green gear, then blue/purp etc. At this point I'm assuming when I'm getting cleaved down by the masses it's usually purple/legendary gear slapping me around. I'm not saying that's a problem for everyone, just that it fits that more traditional mold I'm talking about. With the full resets, people can feel like they have more of an even footing with these larger more veteran guilds, learn from the season, get better, and then come back next season stronger with a new strategy or group to try it out. You spoke about how it took two springs worth of gathering to get the resources needed to make your gear, it does seem though at the current rate you can get a couple blues and usually one purple off a r10 node, pretty consistently. At this rate the limiting factor doesn't seem like gathering, but more so the skill of actually crafting the items. I'm saying over the course of a campaign give the players enough points to work with these materials, have one campaign where someone decides to go Command and help everyone, have your specific gathers and your crafters. That way you can play different roles each campaign. This rant is becoming kind of long and unruly, but it's just my thought process on it at this point. Appreciate the comments back though.
  3. The game while fun seems to have missed the mark on a few topics. New campaigns should always be a full fresh restart, no old characters, no pulling things in from EK, no preserved skill trees. This would give easier entrance to newer players to the game, they could hop in for these campaigns basically like a season in an ARPG. The length of the campaign would have to be either extended slightly or skill point gain slightly tuned up, but starting fresh is key. That way the game starts, and there's always a sense of progression. Guilds could work out plans and have people assigned to different roles in the skill tree to maximize efficiency and force people to work together more. Then secondly, it seems like a lot of the large more serious players of the game all congregate to one faction in the game, I don't know exactly how to fix this, but this must be extremely infuriating from a Dev perspective. We might as well be playing Minecraft if we don't want to fight. Just my opinions, game seems amazing but with out those few changes I feel like it will really miss its mark.
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