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  1. I rly just want to see some creative abilities. Now that you mentioned the confessor,Id like to see something more creative than a fireball and a meteor. Maybe some kind of a flame breath or flame erruptions.
  2. So you want everything served to you on a silver platter.
  3. So now that the KS campain is over,how often can we expect to get updates on development?
  4. Eh why does everyone think that only rangers and druids should have pets. Why not a knight with a direwolf?
  5. Hmmmm I wonder what kind of pet would sync well with my brutish nature. A playtopus bear! Yes !
  6. Jesus Christ....1month ppl....1 damn month headstart....what p2w?....you cant wait a damn month to create the damn class?
  7. Wonder what the next stretch goals will be This one will get knocked down today i think.
  8. So tax-free parcels huh? Just a quick question then....are they backer exclusive or will we be able to buy them via cash shop later on?
  9. So ive seen a lot of posts about the lack of character customization in the field of faces,body and things like that. Now I can look this over,coz of all the promo classes and masteries but if they want it soo much why not. I strongly belive we can go over 1.4 mil,so why not add a stretch goal for somewhere around 50k that adds deeper customization of characters. Now i dont mean sliders for your cheeks and lips,that sucks,but simply to add more hairstyles,skin colours,faces,beards,maybe some tattos etc. If we get at least 20 hairstyles,20 faces and so on,there is very low chanse t
  10. Id like to see a class that switches up the playstyle of the confessor. Making him/her male dmg.Something like using flame with fists or gauntlets. I mean seriously,no mmorpg has this kind of "Mage" class.
  11. Food is the answer my friends. The only consumables in my opinion that should restore hp is the food. Wish i could see somebody daring enough to make a BBQ in the middle of a castle raid. Well you know that actually isnt a bad idea,warriors fighting on the walls and the druids making a BBQ in the back. Warriors: We are hungry! Druids: Coming right up! Dig in boys!
  12. Imagne a 12 year old kid relentlessly spaming your chat for 10 min coz you killed his damn pig! It aint easy to focus with all that garbage
  13. I didnt tell anyone to blindly support the devs.I just refered to my self coz i am getting a bit desperate with the mmos coming out these days. Out of all games this one hits the spot for me and that is why I support it
  14. My skin is plenty thick.Its just that im worried about toxic community turning off potential players,thats all
  15. Whats up all of the sudden,you getting to hardcore? The devs say they rly,RLY! want to implement VR into the game as it is the part of their vision,and you guys all of the sudden start teaching the devs on how to distribute their recourses. I am here personaly coz I love the concept of this game and im gonna play it,and the devs have my full support in whatever they do.Its just, the attitude of this "hardcore" community gets out of hand sometimes. I know,we all payed and we all want to get our moneys worth,but this wont help them.WE need to support them damn it! And besides,its a bac
  16. Indeed,it would be actually impossible for a solo player to survive if this wasnt an option. I certanly dont want to be the newb that seeks out the strongest guild ingame the moment he joins a campain and says "Hey there fellas,thats a pretty good guild you have there,mind if i join ya?" Scratch that i want some strategy here!
  17. well a large underground castle is not what i had in mind,more like a cottage with few beds
  18. Do you think this will be possible? Now hear me out on this one.I at least think it should coz it would open up a lot of different playstyles.If you were to dig a big mine and and build a small cabin at the end,it would basicly act as your EK in the campain coz it would be extrimely hard for ppl to find you but it would also mean that you cant really take and hold any crucial objectives on the map thus not claiming a bigger chunk of the rewards at the end of campains. It is actually very necessary for ppl who want to challenge themselves. I would personaly like to play solo or with a sma
  19. I think i wont build any castles in this game....Il find the biggest mountaini can,then I shall dig a mine in it and will hide in it and only come out at night to pillage stuff! Dergs for life!
  20. It was a surprise to say the least. I didnt think that the promotion classes could change the entire fighting style of your archetype.
  21. Cmon i didnt mean a creation of Black Deserts calliber. Just more hairstyles,beards and such.
  22. So every single piece of info indicates that we will only be able to change the face of our character.That means we only get to change our hair,skin colour and maybe smaller details like eyebrows and eyes but i doubt it. Now some ppl are concerned about not having the option to change our body with sliders,but you shouldnt forget that in this game there is bodyblock.Now this could be balanced,as in scouts making a smaller body and tanks making a bigger one but it would be a hell to balance. So i suggest that if we are only to get face customization,give us a lot of it! A lot of ppl do
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