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  1. Why always a video? Can't I just read an FAQ for 10 seconds? Ugh. Other than that, yeah. Pretty much what I expected.
  2. "Meet the Assassin" All things considered, I'd rather not... I doubt it would end well for me.
  3. Jeez Pann, you could have left me with my delusions! But no, burst my bubble. PKer.
  4. Been a while. Catching up on lore and the like. Just read this one. https://crowfall.com/en/bestiary/muskhog/ A Guinecean named Barlot, huh? Interesting.
  5. Then I read blixtev's blog post on harvesting and got disappointed in that too. It's early. It's early. It's early. It's early...
  6. The more I think I'll be almost exclusively crafting. Huh. Was not my intention when I signed up.
  7. Step 1: Stop using Reddit Step 2: Watch as the intelligence level of questions goes up by a measurable percentage Step 3: ... Step 4: Profit
  8. Any chance we'll ever be able to redeem some of the "filler" in our KS packages like soundtracks and art books for something useful?
  9. I come back to the forums and I find Mal trying to ressurect this thing. *sigh* Oh Mal...
  10. Burrow "mode". A simple iframe? Could there be a new power tray when in this mode? Just a 'port wouldn't make sense in calling it a "mode"...
  11. I've been playing it every night for a week and have yet to leave my starting system. I'm quite enjoying myself. It's very zen.
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