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  1. Well it is, by my count, the 4th thread on this topic and none of the others got a comment. So good luck with that.
  2. Why do you think this thread deserves a comment from ACE?
  3. Doctor, you've made some very intelligent posts, as usual. But you have consistently dodged the issue of cost and priority. It was said well above, and it still stands. With a limited budget, this should not be a priority. It is for a subset of players, not the whole, and so should be back burnered. Whether it is included eventually or not, whatever. As you say, I can turn it off. But it should be far, far down the road in the development calendar because of the niche quality of the item. One correction though, you said Crowfall will not have an IFF indicator. On the contrary, the
  4. And, as has been stated, in the middle of combat you're going to waste a button press on Mute? I don't in PS2. I just turned all of it off. The idiots, on my team and opposing, were too stupid to deal with. Same with every game I've played with this feature. It is a waste of time and money to develop. You dev team's talent doesn't matter. The playerbase does.
  5. No, you misunderstand. The people here that want to use it for normal purposes will be annoyed by the griefers. They will attempt to use it, it will get to the point of frustration, and they will turn it off. Yes, it's an assumption, but one based on quite a bit of experience.
  6. Oh, I didn't say it would solve it. Not even close. Text chat can be funneled as well. You only have to see what you want to see. But that isn't the point, is it? You go through the effort and financial cost to integrate something like this into the game, then the only people that can use it are the jerks. Everyone else shuts it down to avoid them. That seems like a good use of funds, doesn't it?
  7. Your analogy isn't the one I would have selected. Instead, try "Just because we could kill people with stick and rocks, we should NEVER have invented the gun?" To which, it could be argued, the answer should be yes. Because of the amount of griefing and unwanted interaction that PVC (not polyvinylchloride, apparently) opens players up to, it is more apt to use a weapon as your analogy. Does this have any effect on your opinion if viewed this way?
  8. Me on voice coms: SomeGuy: He's still playing but he hasn't said a word in 2 hours. OtherGuy: Bairloch! Are you even there!? Bairloch: No.
  9. You put a mike in front of people and they all think they're comedians. For the record, you aren't funny, and I don't want to hear what you have to say. No to proximity voice comms.
  10. Hilarious because doesn't know the dev himself created the thread.
  11. Hello Gordon, Thanks for the info. Just want to point out one thing. I still can't smuggle. Do you think Crowfall will change that?
  12. I was a smuggler (still am) and I'm aiming for Duelist, if the avatar didn't give it away.
  13. I was on Starsider eventually, after Radiant was closed. Those names are, unfortunately, not familiar to me.
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