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  1. Why always a video? Can't I just read an FAQ for 10 seconds? Ugh. Other than that, yeah. Pretty much what I expected.
  2. "Meet the Assassin" All things considered, I'd rather not... I doubt it would end well for me.
  3. Jeez Pann, you could have left me with my delusions! But no, burst my bubble. PKer.
  4. Been a while. Catching up on lore and the like. Just read this one. https://crowfall.com/en/bestiary/muskhog/ A Guinecean named Barlot, huh? Interesting.
  5. Then I read blixtev's blog post on harvesting and got disappointed in that too. It's early. It's early. It's early. It's early...
  6. The more I think I'll be almost exclusively crafting. Huh. Was not my intention when I signed up.
  7. Step 1: Stop using Reddit Step 2: Watch as the intelligence level of questions goes up by a measurable percentage Step 3: ... Step 4: Profit
  8. Any chance we'll ever be able to redeem some of the "filler" in our KS packages like soundtracks and art books for something useful?
  9. I come back to the forums and I find Mal trying to ressurect this thing. *sigh* Oh Mal...
  10. Burrow "mode". A simple iframe? Could there be a new power tray when in this mode? Just a 'port wouldn't make sense in calling it a "mode"...
  11. I've been playing it every night for a week and have yet to leave my starting system. I'm quite enjoying myself. It's very zen.
  12. Not sure if you were joking on that second part or not...
  13. So.... what were their answers? I don't see them written there under the video where they belong.
  14. bairloch

    Get Good

    This seemed like it fit the community so well, I had to share it.
  15. This is pretty damn insulting to those of us who got a "government education" but didn't need a refresher in the Constitution. An education is more what you do with it, than where you got it from.
  16. I believe, though I can't remember where I read it, that vessels and other items decay on use, while parcels decay over time. Different class of object, I think.
  17. Meh, my smug attitude only comes out when someone else goes out of their way to make not-nice. Of course it's not infinite. No one said it was. Once I'm done exploring, I'll move on to something else. Other folks will be defending the resource fields I discovered. I might pop in, but that's not really my thing. I'll help contest them on occasion too, but I can help more elsewhere. I got snippy because you assumed too much about me based on too little information. I've got nothing against you personally, it was an honest reaction. I just respond in kind.
  18. This is funny. I like this. There's this guy who goes by the handle JTodd who has said exploration will be a big part of the game. I plan to do that. If that makes me special, that'll be swell. If not, I'm still going to do it. That throw off your rant a bit?
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