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  1. why are we fighting for points?

    now i'm undersanding. although i didn't think winter was in the negative. i was farming in winter and +3 last campaign, and i should be at +4 in winter now. i'm working on the last plentiful harvest pip.
  2. why are we fighting for points?

    ok. i'm definitely not understanding. +1 for each 6 hours, so doesn't matter what season it is, if you hold something for 6 hours, it is +1. if you hold something for 12 hours, it's +2? I'm not sure how season spring went from 3 to 1 in summer right now but i'm assuming that is a change you are suggesting as the current system seems to be a -1 per season. So spring +3, summer +2, fall +1, winter 0 is the current system we are playing right now. What would happen if this is a long campaign and spring lasts more than 1 week? does it become a +20 somehow? Is there a cap? I'm slowly understanding what you are trying to get at. Also, is this final cap for a fully skilled player using discipline for gathering and food and potion buff? or is this for unskilled, undiscipline, no buff from potion and food?
  3. why are we fighting for points?

    Ok, lets do this. Current system right now: Spring - 3, Summer - 2, Fall - 1, Winter - 0 (Unskilled, Undiscipline) Spring - 4, Summer - 3, Fall - 2, Winter - 1 (unskilled with discipline) Spring - 5, Summer - 4, Fall - 3, Winter - 2 (unskilled, discipline, food buff) Spring - 5, Summer - 5, Fall - 4, Winter - 3 (unskilled, discipline, food buff, potion) Spring - 5, Summer - 5, Fall - 5, Winter - 4 (Partial skilled with discipline, food, potion buff) Spring - 5, Summer - 5, Fall - 5, Winter - 5 (Fully skilled with discipline, food and potion buff) Now, With your argument: Spring - 5 (Capped), Summer - 5, Fall - 4, Winter - 3 (Unskilled, Undiscipline) Spring - 5 (capped), Summer - 5 (capped), fall - 5, Winter 4 (unskilled, discipline) Spring - 5 (capped), Summer - 5 (capped), fall - 5 (capped), Winter - 5 (unskilled, discpline + food buff) Spring - 5 (capped), Summer - 5 (capped), fall - 5 (capped), winter - 5 (capped) (unskilled, discipline + food + potion) There is no point going further as any unskilled gatherer will be capped so there is no point in specialising in gathering. I understand the numbers can be tweaked, but my point is that if you have a buff that provides plentiful resource pips, you are reducing the gap between pvp'er and gatherers. People who only skill in PvP should not be able to harvest just as good as people skilled in gathering. With my argument for debuff but control added but only -1 pip (adjust numbers if you want it stackable): Spring - 2, Summer - 1, Fall - 0, Winter - 0 (Unskilled, undiscipline) Spring - 3, Summer - 2, Fall - 1, Winter - 0 (unskilled, discipline) Spring - 4, Summer - 3, Fall - 2, Winter - 1 (unskilled, discipline, food) Spring - 5, Summer - 4, Fall - 3, Winter - 2 (unskilled, discipline, food and potion) Spring - 5 (capped), Summer - 5, fall - 4, winter - 3 (partial skill, discipline, food and potion) Spring - 5 (capped, Summer - 5 (capped), fall - 5, winter - 4 (fully skilled, discipline, food and potion buff). As you can see, if we add buffs, you reduce the needs for a gathering skill tree. That's wiping out the majority of exploration and it's specialisation. There would be no reason to focus on gathering. With a debuff, you are widening the gap between pvp'er and gatherer. Gatherer's also cannot gather as good a material if are gathering in territory they don't control. This means that gatherers will be hassling the pvp'er to go fight for control which generates pvp content. If you argued for higher rank nodes when controlling a territory, I'm all for it. For example, if you are on a piece of land, and the nodes are rank 5, if you control it for a period of time, the rank increases, sure. that's fine.
  4. why are we fighting for points?

    Also, the other problem with buffing plentiful harvest pips is that this removes the need for skilling into gathering. A player skilled into the specialisation for gathering will have 5 pips in winter. If you are providing buffs, and as your second suggestion, more buffs the longer you control something, this removes any incentive to be skilled in gathering. This means your PvP'ers are able to gather just as good as your gatherers. If you punish someone by reducing the pips, then this affects your gatherers, but doesn't affect pvp'er in terms of gathering since they sucked at it anyway. I agree that to prevent flipping, you need to control for a period of time however. If it gets flipped, there are no debuffs. After a certain time has passed, then the debuff is added. I don't believe this should be a stacking debuff however, but this can be open for discussion as to which implementation would be better. You may argue that there is no incentive for PvP'er to then capture the points because it only affects gatherers, however, if your gatherers are down 1 pip in spring, they are getting lower quality materials already. Then the PvP'er will only get lower quality gear. So they will need to ensure that they control territory to ensure their gatherers are not debuffed when gathering so that they will be able to gather and craft better gear.
  5. why are we fighting for points?

    if it's hunger shards, you should look at changing hunger shards mechanics and not plentiful harvest. Maybe hunger shards should work in reverse to everything else. Start with low amount of hunger crystal spawns nodes during spring, and towards winter you get more. Each season that passes by, the plentiful resource pips will also increase. Either that or a node specifically for increasing hunger shards harvesting. But regular materials should not be changed just because of hunger shards.
  6. why are we fighting for points?

    I saw this previously and didn't think much of it because I'm against the idea of an extra pip argument, mainly because I don't think you need to increase the extra pip. A fully skilled gatherer at winter has 5 pips if they use the right discipline, food and potion. However, I do agree with territory control messing with harvest, and today it finally clicked for me, but instead of increasing the pip, I think it should suppress the plentiful harvest resource pips for other factions instead. This will actually be more of an incentive for people to control the area. If I can control your faction area, I can suppress you from getting the higher quality stuff, but at the same time, I can still get the higher quality stuff myself (without trying to increase drops from current 5.8 system). This in turns means, people will put in more effort to ensure they are not debuffed as opposed to people who already have their stuff not caring if they get an extra resource pips or not. Basically, if no buff is the baseline, I see people put more effort to make sure they are not below baseline, as opposed to trying to get above baseline.
  7. guilds & thralls.

    my disappointment with a lot of games when it comes to crafting is a lack of guild crafting mechanics. I understand we can work as a guild, and this will probably happen at the beginning when everyone is unskilled, but when the game has gone live, and enough time has passed that 1 crafter has mastered all the trade, it basically becomes a 1 player craft all item type situation. Rarely do I see a situation where a guild can come in and work as a whole (And it shows) and feel like you achieved something as a group. Sure, the guild will work together to get the materials. But it usually falls to the 1 person to get everything crafted.
  8. guilds & thralls.

    On a side note, There may also be a guild interface for contributions by players into guild storage. For example, if I donated 10 coppers, and there are 100 coppers in storage, I have contributed 10% of the copper. The would be a chart for an overall contribution of materials so officers can easily determine which order to approve or deny based on player's contribution to the guild.
  9. guilds & thralls.

    I am hoping that when thralls gets implemented in the future, there would also be a guild mechanics that would allow the guilds to create factories. In the factories, the crafters are able to create blueprints and store into the guilds blueprint library. Members will be able to order items from the guild, which would go into a queue. Authorised players are then able to accept or deny an order based on whatever their guild criteria is for providing items to players. Once accepted, players will be able to see a factory progress bars starting from materials required all the way through components to a final product. It will flag any chokepoint which is stopping productions and players might be able to see that they may be missing something like metal bars. And if they follow it back to the left, they'll see that they need certain mats and quantity, and they can then go out and farm those mats then put it into the guild storage which will then resume the crafting order. This will be something similar to EvE online's crafting menu, so players don't need to work out how much QTY of each mat is needed. It is displayed as part of the production. *NOTE* EvE production is not guild friendly, so if possible, making thralls guild friendly instead of individuals only would be much appreciated. That way, we can feel we are working as a guild.
  10. Maybe this picture might help. i'm not the best photo editor out there so excuse my poor image. What I don't want to see is this happen, especially in combat. I would rather there be a system for you to get someone's attention, then start a private chat somehow instead of speech bubble. I have no issue with trying to prevent misreads or catching someone's attention. Just not to the point where it could affect gameplay. Speech bubble sample Regards,
  11. i don't know. i feel trading one spam for another spam (which fills up your screens) seems like a bad idea. At least with general spam, that is clutter that I know is mostly unimportant. It seems that if you want to talk to someone specifically, don't use general but whispers and you'll see it in the ME window. /say should also be on the ME tab, and since that is local, it fixed your problem which is already in game. Its just that not a lot of people know the /say command. Adding a bubble feature to replace a fix that is already in place seems a bit pointless in my opinion. If your argument is that chat bubbles looks nicer and is more convenient for you, sure. That is a valid argument. But to say chat bubbles will reduce spam doesn't seem like a valid argument as I don't believe it will. People will continue using /general, you may get a /say chat bubble here and there, but you'd still need to read general. My other point is that in combat, if chat bubbles fills your screen blocking your view of combat, it is a bad thing. Regards,
  12. why are we fighting for points?

    but the win condition will provide rewards at the end right? if so, are the rewards resources? and if it is resources, wouldn't the suggestion in the opening post be a better option since you are fighting for resources. Resources gathered during campaign is the score (as in you can see which faction gathered the most resources)?
  13. Ok, so you don't like the multiple chat tabs and that should be limited to small numbers. Got it. but you also suggested it could be a simple icon with "..." which indicate there is chat somewhere. I may not be understanding what you are suggesting, but isn't it the same has switching to the specified tab with a dot indicating new chat? I think you need to expand on your explanation so we understand what you are trying to suggest so we don't misunderstand what you are trying to say. If what you are suggesting is a "..." where players needs to click on it to read what is said, i think even you won't waste your time clicking on it to read it all the time. As for chat spam, I think it works for chat bubbles too. If there are lots of chat bubbles, most people stop reading it. Its like something they wish they can turn off. Imagine in combat, suddenly there are chat bubbles everywhere. That will distract you during combat and probably require more computing resources (although i'm no expert in this). In big cities, people will just skip all the chat bubbles anyway, and if its trade, traders will spam general so more people read their trade spam.
  14. Maybe this has already be answered, and if so, i apologise for not reading about it. But this is part question and part suggestion, hence it is in this section. Firstly, I am unsure why we are fighting for points. I know we get rewards, but the rewards seems to be determined by points. What we should be fighting for are resources. My suggestion (and this links to other posts i've seen), is that the war should be fought for resources. The scoreboard should be about resources obtained throughout the campaign. How much resource is obtained by who. There are two main ways to gather resources. The first is the current way, gatherers go out, hit nodes, get materials, and bring it back to a base such as forts or keeps and craft items with it which is then use in the campaign to improve their fighting. The second (and this is the suggestion part), I feel should be where there are several mechanics. I will start from the temple. This is the end point of where resources (more info later about what this resource is) will be brought to. Once resources are brought to the temple, the resources are considered safe and secure and can be distributed at the end of the campaign. The Keep - This is the supply chain. The keep closest to the faction temple is the connecting supply chain. Resource caravans must pass through the keep before heading to the temple. if an enemy faction captures the keep, this breaks the supply chain and resources are unable to pass through to the temple to be secured. The forts - The forts in the keep area can be temporary stops for the resources. As the resource caravan travels through the zones towards the temple, it is able to stop at a fort before moving on. Forts are also routes that resource caravan should pass through. Both forts and keeps are storage area for resources. Forts will have a small storage area where once filled, resource caravans stops until the resource is moved on to the next fort/keep/temple along the route freeing up the storage. Forts can also be considered temporary storage, so if a caravan reaches a fort, but the fort gets captured by enemy faction, the resource caravan is considered lost or burned down during the fight. If the resource caravan is in a keep, it is considered as secured, but unable to move on until the keep is recaptured during the sieges. Lastly, the adventure zone. This is where the resource caravan will begin from. Players will be able to gather materials from nodes and bring to the forts and use the materials farmed to create a caravan convoy. Player can then choose where this caravan convoy will go (such as the woods, spider valley or zombie valley). Players will escort the caravan, and once at the destination, gatherers can gather resources to fill up the convoy. PvP'ers can escort the convoy and gatherers and get PvP action by trying to prevent enemies from disrupting them. Once convoy is filled, they then escort the resource caravan back to the forts then keep then temple. Once secured, this resources are distributed as "scores" or resources which players will get at the end of the campaign. Should the route be broken for the convoy (for example, the faction gathering not controlling any of the forts in the adventure zone), the the convoy has no destination to go to. As such, it will be stuck until the group recaptures a fort for the convoy to then start moving. Distribution of resources can be split into the following: A small percentage will go towards zone upgrades such as forts, keeps and convoy. forts upgrades may be things such as npc patrols. keeps could get additional guards. Keeps and forts can also be upgraded in ranks (this means starting with a lower rank keep or fort), and using resources to upgrade the rank of the forts or keeps. Convoy upgrades could be larger caravan (bigger capacity) so they do not have to go back and forth as often. A large chunk of the materials gathered will go to the guilds involved based on who farmed what or who assisted with defense of the caravan. A smaller part of the farmed materials will go to the individuals. Anyway, hope this suggestion makes sense. It's late for me so may not be written the best.
  15. Spirit Bank usable only in facction temple

    i believe what you are proposing is already planned. it's just not implemented yet. spirit bank being used out in the pvp zones is not the intention. it is just the current version of their implementation to get things going while they are working on other game mechanics. basically, it's a bandaid fix until the proper one is ready.