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  1. i don't understand. why do we need a catch up mechanics? I like this time based skill training. I've played eve for years and never had a problem with it. If you feel that you will never be as good as someone else pvp/crafting/gathering wise just because you have less points, it is not true. You will eventually max out a specific tree related to what you are doing and will be just as good. Sure, it takes time but you will be just as good. If you want to wait 10 days to become efficient at something before doing something is more of a waste. I'm a gatherer/crafter and I can gather / craft lots of items in that time even though i'm inefficient at it. Once you hit level 30, you can craft decent green gear. If all you want is PvP, just buy green/blue/purple gear off crafters and get right in and pvp.
  2. since it is a bug, please post in the testing forums to report bugs. hopefully you will get more actions that way.
  3. this seems like a support issue rather than a suggestion...
  4. problem with that is that you are meant to have a different import / export points for each campaign. you are providing a solution to a known broken system which already has plans to prevent safe farm.
  5. i have no problems with buffs, but i don't think harvesting needs tweaking. if you want to buff combat, go ahead. I know very little when it comes to combat so i'm not going to comment on what would or would not be nice to have as I don't really know.
  6. I would like to say it is not necessary to be in a guild, however, it is necessary to work with others. They could always just create a discord server, spam it in zone for the guildless, and have a gathering of guildless people.
  7. if you would like them to be able to put it into a guild spirit bank even from campaign, then you would have to hope that they allow export of items out of campaign during a campaign and not only at the end. If it is only at the end of the campaign, then having a guild spirit bank where they can access in EK instantly bypasses what is possibly the vision of how spirit bank works. Guess it is just a waiting game to see what the final version will be like.
  8. I think OP needs to realise that in future they don't need to gather. Right now, they have to gather due to the fact spirit bank is not working as they want it to as its still a work in progress. Once spirit banks can no longer be use out in the field, they will get a lot of materials from PvP. that removes the need for gathering materials themselves. Secondly, they also don't need to craft. They can just find someone to craft the item. But right now, with the way spirit bank is, they need to gather materials, build up their gear etc. If this version is not fun, stop playing and wait till the version where spirit bank is fully implemented.
  9. Yes, we all want it to be successful and fun. And yes, it currently is not as fun as it could be. Having stealth as a passive skill training for everyone is not how i imagine fun would be. And while they had stealth stuff in Passive skill tree previously (although i'm not too sure since i never trained combat), it did not unlock any skills. Skills were still specific to class. Previously, it would require passive training to improve effectiveness. Now, talent does that and it allowed players to get to lvl 30 in under a day and be good at pvp'ing so they can have fun straight away. This game has classes for a reason, and that is to lock people into specific skills when they choose a class. Assassins and duelists can stealth, clerics and druids heals, knight and champion tanks etc. This game is not designed to be a classless game where anyone can be anything. You choose a class, you get specific skills.
  10. Let me start off by saying I don't have a lot of info on how Thralls work. But from what I've seen, a crafter will be able to create a blueprint, and this will be installed into a factory where a thrall or multiple thralls will craft whatever is the blueprint. Now, if I create a blueprint and hand this to a non-crafter who has a factory set up, will they be able to pump out items as good as a crafter? If so, will this mean that crafters will become obsolete in the future once blueprints are made?
  11. If you do not enjoy testing pre-alpha, don't play it. wait till a better version comes out. They are not trying to make it fun yet. They are trying to make it work. Do not ask them to make things easier for new players for the sake of fun in pre-alpha. They need to ensure core mechanics are working and tested. Heck, I would prefer they fix performance over you farming things easier so you can do things quicker.
  12. Guild bank: When you say accessible in EK, do you mean that guild banks are an EK thing and not a campaign thing? You should know that exporting of goods from campaign to EK is planned to occur at the end of the campaign (at least from what i've heard). As such, there should at least be a campaign version of the guild bank and a EK version of the guild bank, both of which are not linked in anyway.
  13. I agree with Arkade. The passive skill tree is there to improve on existing skills, not to unlock skills. If you are suggesting to unlock skills via passive skill training, then there would be no point for a class. If you are suggesting that passive skill training is to improve on stealth or anti-stealth but to unlock it, you need to have certain class/talent, I'm fine with that. The devs have moved a whole bunch of racial and class specific stuff out of passive tree for a reason. Part of it is probably complaints about how slow it was to get into combat. Putting things back in is reversing the situation back to what it was before.
  14. why should they when it's in talents? what is your arguments for it about from "should"? You may not have noticed, but I don't think anything in the passive skill training for combat is skill related. it's more related to damage or control etc.
  15. from what little i know about combat (and i do know very little since i'm a gatherer / crafter), most people have high mitigation to physical damage and possibly piercing as well when going against the guards. if you find a way around that, you can probably do some good damage.
  16. I would like to propose that we have the materials used to determine the colour of the armour. Right now, if we used different materials to craft things such as metal bars for example, the colour of the metal bars are different. If we expand this so that different materials will change the colour of the armour, this would be nice. If i create an AP weapon using iron as the main mat, the weapon would have whatever colour the metal bar is for iron. If I used another bar for AP such as copper, then it will have that copper colour. Having different colours for the same weapon allows us to look different but also allows us to identify the type of player the person we see is. For example, someone in an iron/copper coloured armour will be AP. someone in silver / gold may be SP etc. A mix of different coloured bars will have different colours.
  17. in response: Skills - stealth based tree. This was removed and put into talents, so no, they will not put it back into passive training. Travelling - I don't see the point to this. They cannot make it so you go super fast. the fact that you get mounts to increase your travel speed seems like it's more than enough. In fact, you get 2 versions of that. A normal pack pig, and a swift mount. More mounts may be added at later time but that is after core mechanics is in. Harvesting class - I'm all for that, but it depends on what racials you give. Although from what you show, it seems like you are combining both gathering and crafting. As it is now, racials already give crafting. You are probably thinking of talents which provides gathering bonuses instead. I'm all for a gathering specific class, just not your particular suggestion.
  18. That is a pvp issue and could probably need balancing. Seperate issue but maybe you could also answer the following questions: What level are you and your friends? What gear you wearing? Naked, good/poor common, uncommon, rare etc? Are all of you spec for gathering or only 1 is and the rest are spec for actual combat? Are you familiar with PvP?
  19. or the conversation can go along the lines of: "Hey fellas, where you ganking at?" "sweet! an enemy adventure zone. i'll farm there since you are scaring their gatherers away"
  20. i'm not going to be gathering much if i go solo. which is why i would just go in groups. having said that, i go farming solo without dying quite often. i just keep changing the way i do things. *edit* I should also add, when it is live, there will be multiple campaigns running at once. Just jump on the quieter campaigns.
  21. i've argued against this multiple times. There is no need to boost harvesting. There is suppose to be limited resources. not unlimited resources. This means resources should be hard to get. A fully skilled gatherer can already have 5 pips in winter which is essentially the same as harvesting in spring. screenshot of pip in winter Here is a link to a screenshot i took. i currently have 1 pip in winter. This is with discipline (+1), and excavation basics (+1). If i use a potion and food buff, I'd be at 3 pips. If this was silver, I'd be at 4 as at the time of the screenshot, I have already trained the first node in silver for plentiful harvest. i'm about a week away from the last pip. You can't get more than 5 pips. So I don't see a need for a buff. If anything, the mechanics should have a de-buff for people farming in areas you don't control.
  22. i'm a gatherer / crafter and i disagree. they don't need to run back every 5 minutes, but they shouldn't be able to bank in the field period. For example, they can farm for the duration of a tool or buff (15m-30m period) then bank. and repeat process.
  23. or get smarter in terms of how you play the game. if you went out there at lvl 1 with no info and farm and get one shot killed, then yeah. that is your fault there. If you went out there, gather information like where pvp is happening and where stuff is, and which area is quieter, before you start farming, that is smarter. It doesn't mean you won't get killed, but it helps. if you start levelling and gearing up, it also makes you a harder target to kill. If you farm for 4 hours and die and lose all your stuff, that is still your fault. there are people in my guild who did that and I have to educate them to not farm for so long without banking stuff. there are many ways to reduce losses. Blaming it on yourself being killed and then farming in temple as crap game mechanics is not the way to go. I'm a crafter / gatherer, and in pretty much all combat situations where i am solo, I will be dead in a fight, and yet, I still manage to gather materials i need. Gather info, think smarter than the gankers!
  24. wouldn't limited rewards fix this? instead of providing rewards to everyone, the top performers gets decent amount of rewards, and the ones who didn't perform as well gets poorly made socksty rewards (such as a wooden spoon). This would mean that all who jump on the bandwagon of the winning side might not necessarily get a lot, and those on the faction with less people will have a better chance of getting more rewards due to the fact that there are less competition for said rewards.
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