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  1. I'm actually totally fine with temporal campaigns IF the EK's are tweaked so that they matter. As the EK's stand right now, I'm pretty much going to ignore them. I was drawn in by the "Play to Crush" motto. I have little interest in building things for the sake of building things and while I understand the Stanley Cup vs the Participation Certificate trophy analogy, I don't care about the Stanley Cup either. Sorry. Here's what would grab my interest though: If the EK's were tied to skill gain, crafting, or the throne war. Also, I would like the other EK's to be discoverable and invadeable with some advantage gained by holding more territory while becoming increasingly difficult to hold. Eve Online has had this model for the last 10 years. Seems like it could be done.
  2. Did anyone else notice that Gaius skipped leg day at the gym? xD
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