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  1. Awesome! I was hoping the game would be a pay once thing. Considering that, do we have to pay for beta? A lot of people are wondering that it seems. I personally think beta should be free so we can decide if it's worth playing, ya know? The game seems awesome but we still haven't gotten to even play so it's a little early to be throwing money in without a little bit of a test run. But that's just my opinion.
  2. I'm honestly going to assume there will be some sort of character customization with our looks, I mean, they're going through all the trouble to make each world/area/realm- whatever you wanna call it- completely different land forms, so why not the characters as well? It only seems logical, unless their going to make it one of those games where one part of it is completely amazing an then they got lazy an shook off the other stuff, but yea, I think it's safe to say there will be to some degree of this customization, if not, it would be strange to see copies, especially in totally different worlds.
  3. The Assassin is pretty sweet so far. c:

  4. I'm starting to quite like the Assassin character, not set in stone on it but I'm leading towards that being my favorite as of now, excited to see the others!
  5. I would love to be able to send some money in to help fund but sadly I can't at the moment. I will be totally willing to give feedback an such to help though! That is always fun, I love leaving some comments here an there an give my opinions on ideas. c:
  6. Great idea! I hope they take this into consideration, I'm an animal person so I love having in-game animal stuff like this!
  7. I like this idea. Will give me something to do. ;P Besides, the game will be more realistic with this, though, yes, safe-zones, maybe you can pay gold to protect your house from being burnt? Have some type of alarm system to help prevent thieves? Pay for guards?
  8. I once played a game where if you left the safe-zone, you could put up to a certain amount of items in a "locked backpack" sorta thing, when you died, those items were saved, but everything else could be stolen. I feel like this is a pretty good idea, then some things will remain safe but say you have lots of other stuff in your backpack as well because you're on a journey to deliver something or what-not, you might have food, money, you have to keep the item safe so maybe you have to take out part of your armor to keep that safe, you're risking all of that stuff while the few items are still safe. You will end up losing something, but still keep stuff, therefore the kill player will still benefit but it won be as bad for the dead player.
  9. This is a very good idea! It will also keep players busy if they lose some XP. Though, it might frustrate lots, they will learn more in this process an help them become a better player than before.
  10. New profile pic.<3 ^-^

  11. Awesome! I'm so excited! Everything I've seen so far looks great! You are all on the right track of making a sweet game!
  12. Honestly for the game, I'm hoping beta will be free, or the entire game, I'm not really worried about money rn but, hopefully not too expensive since I play wiz an that takes $60-80 a year. (Depending on discounts an sales.) I think paying $20-30 dollars is enough to play a game, but I do love wiz. c:
  13. Excited, sounds cool the stuff you do. Anyways, never done any beta testing, this will be a first, but since I'm very active on games, watch out for me. ;P
  14. Awesome! Now, going to point something out, if you look at who owns the town, the king, it should be, king/queen, otherwise, your saying girls can't rule the land! I'm worried about this, yes, it would be realistic but, honestly, I feel that'd be really unfair.
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