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    Combat Log

    There's a list of buffs in the upper right corner of the HUD. It lists the seconds left. That said, I do agree that there could be some tweaks made to that some time in the future. I don't think changes to that part of the interface are a priority, though.
  2. Crafting incorporated some kind of mini game that determines the results, instead of just chance that is enhanced by passives with the passives making the mini games easier. That way the gap between new players and veterans could be closed somewhat and be based on skill with the aforementioned minigame. At least for crafting.
  3. That's not exactly how it works.. esp hacks need player information, which isn't present in the map object. However as soon as someone enters your render distance, your client will already have the information of that player, so esp hacks are already possible with the information your client already has. The map itself has no impact on that. Im pretty sure your client already has your coordinates, so any enterprising dev, could already make a map overlay kind of program. I'd like to see something official that won't get anyone banned though
  4. 1. Making opening/closing the map faster: Opening the map up takes a really long time. Just checking quickly if you are still going the correct direction This is probably because the map is being instantiated every time it is opened. Could we just have it hidden instead? If the map button just toggled the visibility without disposing the map object entirely every time, the speed at which one could open the map would improve drastically. Shouldn't take a lot of RAM to keep a hold of the object or CPU to update it in the background every X seconds. 2. Continuing movement normally while map is open I followed someone yesterday and checked the map (while keeping outrun on) to see where we were going same when I tried to get somewhere and checked if the direction is still correct. When I closed the map, the player i was following was pretty far away from me, which means you are either moving very slowly or not at all when opening the map. Could we change that please? 3. Minimap Opening the map so that all you see is that map, can be dangerous as you can't see your surroundings. An optional minimap would address this issue.
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