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  1. any suggestions for a first timer when it comes to the actual PvP portion? I'm interested at being at range in most games but I've seen some concerning things at times about cleric on these forums.
  2. When will the people is Beta test group get to play the test server if at all? About a month? And will it be only beta players on it when the time comes?
  3. Do we know exactly what's going to be in 5.8? Didn't see a post about a teaser or ect. that is going to be in it and do we have a date for it? Like when the world essentially dies so we get a new one? Also is it even worth logging on atm? People said thins about a wipe and it's hinted at for 5.8 so... is it even worth still logging in to use up points? Never find anyone out in the world and rare to find a player in Chaos beachhead, atm I'm locked behind needing those skill points to make better stuff than intermediate gear and weps.
  4. Wait if they wipe spirit banks what happens to our items we got from purchasing the game for the EKs?
  5. I see some threads talking about a wipe? I just started and feels like it takes forever to get skill points o-o am I gonna lose all the point that we get passively? What about my EK?
  6. If I may suggest allowing Centaurs to be the Ranger class, They have the inborn movement speed and being able to attack from range will allow them to keep their AoE buff to their allies going since they won't be a heavy target like cleric or forcing them to attack you like a warrior.
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