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  1. Heero


    Yeah I should have done what u guys always do =D. LoL
  2. Heero


    .... português, sério? If you want to expose your opinion you should try posting in English. Also the game is in a pre-alpha state, therefore you wont have those quality of life changes.
  3. No surprises there. What bothers me is that the communication between ACE and testers is very shallow. The information they gabe us almost a week after the CW is something that everyone expected since test was like that. Maybe next time an announcement like this comes place the date for the new trial/ wipe. Ty❤️
  4. Jah, please, stop complaining about everything that u cant be the only one to exploit. Balance for almost 5 campaigns now havwe always have the most important resources for pvp and vesel crafting. No one bitches as much as you. Is just annoying as is tiring. We also do not complain about your spies in every faction guarding the chat or even calling our numbers, so before u complain about people using characters as banks, think about how many times u unclock a day to save your poorly made socksty mats. So stop being a child and enjoy the game you are playing.
  5. Region: SA Time Zone: UTC-3 Atmosphere: Just looking for a friendly people, that want to pvp and learn. I don't mind playing under orders or in a competitive environment. e Casual/Hardcore: Hardcore (Can play over 10 hours daily - EXCEPT weekends (5 - 6h). Focus: Gank / Gatherer Play-Style: Agressive - DPS (melee) usually playing solo (roaming - gathering/ganking) or in small groups (3 - 5 people) Faction: Balance ATM Game Experience: Albion Online Tibia, Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage, EVE(kinda), MOBAS (DOTA, HOTs, LOL) and a bunch of other games that aren't really relevant. Voice-Chat services: Discord, Teamspeak 3. Don't mind changing for guild preference Languages: English/Portuguese Early access availability - Entry Level Package(Beta 3, 2, 1, Alpha, IT)
  6. I would really love to create relevant content for Crowfal, like instructive guides or even war reportsl As a new player I know the importance of a good content and relevant, and the positive impacts that those actions have on bringing fresh players to the community. Since Crowfall Community is very supported me and so many other new comers, I don't think create a enganing and relevant content for you main target would be an issue. Just let the people engaged in the project know what kind of content does Artcraft need from them and we will do it =D. You could even take advantage of your global community and allocate the streams in local prime times with a more local cultural friendly approach. Think globally act locally. I'm looking foward to see the new content created by our this incredible community. I'm pretty sure this action will keep the engine and going for a while. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask =D Good job guys =D. Keep it up. Cheers =D
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