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  1. I agree, some of the videos I've seen have me a little concerned over the lack of PvP content, but the website promises PvP in abundance for those who want it, which is why I'm going to at least give it a shot. Because definitely, nothing bores me as much as PvE.
  2. With WildStar going F2P tomorrow at midnight, who else is planning on giving it a try?
  3. Ever played TERA? They have a nice lock-on targeting system. The devs so far have only confirmed that there will not be a tab targeting system (yay). They have not said there will be no lock-on targeting system at all.
  4. Hating on the Centaur? Do I smell racial discrimination? This is America, people... Leave the poor Centaur alone.
  5. So it looks like either there will be be a full loot system, or gear can become damaged and eventually destroyed after one or more deaths. Or maybe both, similar to what Minecraft has. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zltIihDcuQY Start at 1:40 if you don't want to watch the whole thing.
  6. ted pearl


    As everyone has said, 2GB of ram isn't going to be nearly enough. My build right now has 8GB and it's barely enough for more intricate games. Also, what graphics chip do you have? The 4400?
  7. You're drawing a distinction that the op did not intend. When he says "username" he means the in-game display name. Why else would he want to put his guild name into his name?
  8. I've played many games that have allowed this, and they've all had one major problem in common. Players would do something heinous or upsetting to the in game community, and then change their username to prevent retribution. It really ruined the fun of the game. In one game, we spent hours trying to track the name changes based on leader boards and character details, but with little success. Basically, allowing players to change their ign is a surefire way to upset the player reputation system, especially in an open world PvP sandboxy game like Crowfall.
  9. Yeah, that ZZ'Portal is pretty strong. Helps keep lanes pushed so that you can immediately take a turret when you win a fight.
  10. Mhmm, I main support too. It's the most strategically fun role out there. It's less about face bashing, and more setting up penta face bashings for your team. But I've noticed the same thing you pointed out; an astounding number of players in the 5's can't take a penta kill even when I hand it to them on a silver platter.
  11. What, you mean that's not how I'm supposed to be playing the game already? Count me in.
  12. I was kind of joking about the Bronze 5 part, although the soft reset will probably put me somewhere in Bronze. I can often do okay against low Golds, but Plats rip me apart.
  13. Bronze 5, here I come. Anyone other LoL players here?
  14. It just adds another dimension of strategy to healing. It also keeps the utility healer class from becoming OP in 1v1 matches. One problem with TERA is that the Mystic, when played properly, can win any 1v1 matchup simply because he's the only character in the game who can heal and do damage. He simply has to keep healing himself while slowly whittling his opponent down. Allowing dps classes to heal themselves sufficiently in 1v1 while still needing more powerful group heals in large battles balances out the power, allowing for a larger diversity of team-comp strategies.
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