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  1. Hey all, I am looking for a nice large guild to join to participate in, from mining, skinning, crafting etc. PvP I occasionally do, however my near maxed runemaking skills have been required over this in the past. I am also working on Ore mastery Current Vessels I use: Green Half Giant - Basic blacksmith crafter Green Hamster - Advanced Runetool Maker Blue Half Giant - Champion - PvP Blue Fae - Assassin I am not on all the time and the time I am online I like to be out there, doing mineral runs, stone, generally contributing to the collective, while not having to defend my play style. I do like to the 'this is a game' aspect and try to keep it so. Been playing 5 months now, What I am looking for - A large guild, to be able to craft and contribute to crafting with the social aspect of gaming. Kind regards, Daz
  2. That's not helpful and not addressing the point.
  3. Or until a method like you have suggested be implemented, the hard line cost of pips reside at a 2pip minimum, maybe even 3. Keeping the player base happy, consistant and then they will have a really good viable method like that raised above. If you want Beta to be popular, or even alpha, then it would seem irresponsible not to change it to make it popular for all
  4. See there you are bringing up what I would call more issues. I do use pots, food and the discipline, the training I haven't got that far ahead, that's weeks of training again, leaving people unable to hit high pips. Still resulting in them now wanting to play in the late season. Still none of this addresses the solo lack of functionality, we can train for the weeks to get that in that specific area or even months if you want to do it across the board. You still can't do anything high level like getting minerals and so on solo. So much restriction on what you cannot do. If I were a solo player without a guild, I would be more likely to put the game down and not pick it up because of these mechanisms
  5. perhaps the idea of minor pips of the pvp/e types done in such a fashion would really bolster this, rather than it being vague
  6. Illusionist Bard Or for my Champ swap Illusionist for Blade Master since the loss of Destroyer -- Nerfing my play style which relates back to the major changes happening so frequently. Had the change in this example to this specific discipline, I would most likely have dropped that point, but we are now where we are. Cheers Daz
  7. It has not, minor disciplines which actually play a much bigger part of what you're doing at the time, like the reaper etc etc, I see where you are coming from, but it's not quite right, you still need to fit major disciplines for gathering to fight PvE mobs opposed to PvPing. Completely different in their own rights.
  8. Hey all, This will most likely have a lot of hate or repeated post points, but I have been around a while and not really put anything on here. Forums are somewhat oldfashioned with the likes of Discord and other communication methods. This Campaign has come as quite a shock, my hopes would be that lessons would have been learned and changes to be made to counter the more widespread continued points raised, so here goes: Seasons, gathering, pvp and so on: Well after all the campaigns we have had, we have said all the time that the seasons where out of whack, each forcing a player base to interact with the game in ways they do not like. Spring and Summer, favours the gatherers, crafters and yet still allows for decent pvp, even to the point of farming the gatherers. With pips altering each season to enforce their gameplay in from PVE to PVP in winter, this campaign we wind up with 5 days of almost forced PvP and a literal penalty to gathering with PIPs making it illogical to do any form of gathering. To be honest, I do both PvP and PvE, but for 5 days I do not want to log in as I am unable to assist the guild and other players in to new gear over the winter and fall. I genuinely think such a monumental issue (and yes I do believe it to be a big issue, as do thousands of other posts) which needs addressing before beta and trials keep going. 'We are working on it' mentality and no reasonable adjustments, should that happen in a production environment in a normal IT department environment would result in serious consequences. Gathering in general: Well, let's ignore the issue above as it seems it is being already, a lot of people want to do more solo, it is possible to do a lot solo, but the important stuff such as motherloads for gems and minerals to make vessels, jewelry and so on, that's again stunting a playerbase or forcing interactions with others. For people such as me who do a lot on early hours of the morning when nobody is online, I can't achieve anything of worth in that respect. Again, I can put hours of work in without the rewards required to further myself. Ganking: This should be a part of the game and in that, I hope you all take this with a pinch of salt. It is far too easy at the moment for a couple of players to wipe out a group of 5 or more people who are gathering because of the disciplines equipped. A mechanism or some thought in to balance here would be much appreciated. 1v1 I understand, but 2 people breaking 5 people seems a bit much imo PvP: Well, I wont go in to too much detail as I know this is the primary focus of a lot of changes always happening. Honestly, this changes so often I don't know what to put, other than, please keep this at a pace, such big changes so often and breaking classes when disciplines are about to because a massive deal, going forward, changes at a pace like now will be beyond that of alpha in to beta, I could keep going and going, I will probably serve most use replying to points raised. I would rather these points not be taken as horrible remarks to moan for the sake of moaning, but to take on board the feedback and in return offer some good feedback to these comments. Kind regards, Daz
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