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  1. Oh OK, although I find that a little strange? It feels like instead of adding more customization it is limiting the choices we can make - i.e. limiting which disciplines we can choose? Unless their plan is to add more Disciplines? Unless the goal was to instead encourage specialization, then it does make a little sense.
  2. Do we have an idea of what this means? I can't find much information on what the domains actually do. Is it a separate skill line?
  3. Yeah, it's mostly because of CrowFall that I am hesitant to "invest" in any Early Access games now. I put in the $250 or something package around two years ago because I thought the game was going to reflect something like their early videos and vision (sure, I had a few suggestions at time as well, but mostly I was on board.) Now, the game feels empty to me, a chore more than something to enjoy, and I don't have any confidence that they will have a releasable game in 2020 - which I think was their initial goal in early 2020 prior to the pandemic. (Despite all that, I do still have hope though
  4. I don't really remember the name of the server. This was back around 2003 or so when it was first released and I recall playing for more than a few months. I understand the concern about the one guild or power dominating the server, but won't that happen anyway even if worlds only last for a few months. That powerful guild will still be more powerful and seek to control the game. What I am saying is there can be safeguards in place whether or not the world is set to destroy or not, and that shouldn't limit the idea of a campaign lasting longer if not "indefinitely". Most compelling reason for
  5. pressing leave feedback kicked me from game after first character creation space bar or enter to skip text combat seems to stutter when fighting? switched to lower graphics should be a quick auto loot button (space or F twice) buy meat in temple but have to search for awhile and cant find? craft a knife quest should be first to harvest meat. very bad framerate - 30fps sky is very boring. lacks depth and detail. cant look at UI while running? too much junk in my niventory should be an auto sort instant log off in safe area the map is rarel
  6. Wow, you made me just watch a video from 2015 😂 about Dying Worlds. Anyway, Im not the one to talk since Im the one who brought up ShadowBane. I know the purpose of Dying World is to prevent the idea of one guild or faction taking over and monopolizing the content. I also saw that in ShadowBane (although I had good experiences attacking the large guild as the resistance xD). However, I'd like to see a "world build" with towns and cities as they are able to be built in Eternal Kingdoms. Placement can happen anywhere, as long as there is the placement of a tree of life (this is basically wh
  7. I would like to see a Dregs campaign with a length of a year (if not indefinite) that has open guild rules (create, leave, disband, etc.) with the ability to create and destroy forts, homes, and other structures. Basically, shadowbane.
  8. Does this mean Dregs is on LIVE server? If so, is it what we have been waiting for? I.e., town and city building, caravan raids, open world crafting and pvp? I know its subjective, but I don't know what to expect after having not played for a year now.
  9. I'm liking the new changes. I hope they also did away with the chicken drums for hunger and replaced it with something else. My previous recommendation was "Well Fed, Full, Satisfied, Hungry, Starving, etc."
  10. I'm getting frustrated when I've been following embargo changes for 6 months but it seems like it is going in the wrong direction. There should be consequences and limitations on what can be brought and carried around the world, and reasons to make risky endeavors to travel with resources between captured points. Now, it seems that there is a noob island that allowed up to R8(???) farming and people are still allowed to access a global bank at any point in the game. This is still discouraging me to play because I've yet to see any reason to develop my character when there is no sense of confli
  11. That's crazy that they are allowing up to R8 resources for "noob island"..
  12. Unless its had some significant class changes i think Myrmidon fits this profile. They were the most annoying to try and kill because of their self heals and lots of HP.
  13. Hey Blaky. If it is still the same from a few months ago, you have to drag it off of the slot off the inventory screen. It will remove and destroy the discipline. There is no way to keep the disc after it is removed like this.
  14. Thanks Duffy. This statement you said here was what I thought the "embargo" changes were going to be. I guess we still have some time before that is in place.
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