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  1. Shadowbane Players Where ya at?

    *wave* I am a recovering ShadowBane player. I had some great times with that game - one particular instance was infiltrating the overreaching tyranny known as Ebonlore and stealing a world tree seed from their capital.
  2. Play Testing - Session 2 Logged in for another day of testing. I ran around while hitting trees until eventually deciding I should probably learn how to craft. I open up skill tree and see that I have thousands of points to spend... (possible bug – minor) Harvest beeswax was highlighted even though I didnt have prerequisites- but couldn't select it. It was just highlighted as if available. Spending points has a one second delay when I selected the option. Seems time consuming when I have 80,000 points to spend in each track. Would like to see an instant point spending so I can quickly distribute my points. After 10 minutes of left clicking options, I am bored as I do not yet feel their significance in the game. I.e. I havent been in combat to see how these modifiers are affecting my character, and I am also new so do not know how to navigate crafting just yet. Regarding passive progression (i.e. offline skill progression) I only played the game for 1hr, but somehow I have already been able to max out a lot of the skills in the combat basic's tree, and haven't even been in a single fight. This goes back to my Session 1 comments where I think offline skill gains should be minimal. On top of that, I hope that the skills that I have been choosing are meaningful in some way. Tried to find crafting menu, but had to dig around the UI which doesn't seem intuitive (yet). I found my way into my spell book and survival tray, but can't locate crafting. I clicked around and found that it is the top left icon with the hammer. That makes sense, but it is not very noticeable with the busy UI. (Re-reading this comment after a few more days of testing the UI becomes easier to navigate over time – but coming in I was a little overwhelmed) I realize a lot of crafting items require wood, so I begin to hit more trees. This time with an axe. Addressing the UI again, I do not recognize what the two symbols on the bottom right indicate with the filled up slots - one looks like a sword and the other a shining object (I later realized this is accumulated pips while harvesting). Went to the crypt to kill myself because of a map wipe. Tried to make a new character and realized I couldnt select any skin tone or color options - they wouldnt change the appearance of my character (This was a known issue and is being addressed in 5.8) I find that I am able to venture into a more open and dangerous world through the rune gates - to be continued... Mechanics Question : What is the purpose of having weapons sets locked to certain classes? Is it to reduce the amount of character animations needed? Will this eventually be changed with disciplines like it is with armor? Design Question : Why is there a side entrance available in the forts ? Shouldn't they be a little more difficult to enter after having been captured? Can we also reward solo players for somehow stealthing past any fortified defenses instead of just having a space opened up on the side? (See Image 1. Wait.. how do I upload images?)
  3. New to the Game !

    Thanks everyone! I see some possible parallels to the Shadowbane experience, namely the crafting concept to guild locations / castles ; a focus on character differences and options ; and finally, an open world for unrestricted adventure and pvp. Shadowbane had this, and despite the games difficulties, it was a memorable and positive gaming experience. That is really what we are all hoping for in a new MMO. With the latest MMOs, and korean imports, this really hasn't been a positive experience in the MMO market, and I think that is a reason people keep returning to and playing WoW. I am hoping for the best for this game and want to try and contribute to its success.
  4. Crowfall testing notes: Day One : Initial Thoughts: - Would like to see implementation of Race and Class descriptions on character creation screen. - No idea what to do at game start. - Watched tutorials on some basic elements - have a sense of what to do. I need to chop down trees and start crafting. - Would prefer a slower skill development while logged off than while logged in. If this is also dependent on your account status this could bring bad press as a pay-to-win model. Additionally, a percentage increase for using the skill (higher percentage for primary and lower for secondary) may accommodate the "grind" game play.
  5. New to the Game !

    Hello, I am new to Crowfall and just downloaded the client and began the game. I am very excited to see what Crowfall will become and to help it through development. I have been playing many MMOs, RPGs, C-RPGs, and many other games throughout my life. One game I enjoyed when I was younger was the game Shadowbane, and I noticed that the Creative Director was on that project as well - which makes me even more invested in seeing the success of this game. Looking forward to staying in touch. - iLogos