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  1. The UI is very busy, in my opinion, and could possibly be corrected if you only showed the icons for the status effects on the right side instead of both the icon and title of the status. If you changed it to only show the icon, it would clean up a lot of space, and you could add functionality to hover over the icons to expand the title or more details of the effect.
  2. Am I just viewing this wrong or did they add loot crates into the game?
  3. I don't like the idea of daily PvP quests - or any "daily's" at all. Even a ranking system seems out of place for what should just be an organic PvP experience overall - shouldn't have to incentivize PvP with ranking when defending resources, escorting caravans, etc., should be enough.
  4. My play time as Frostweaver felt very lackluster for two main reasons. (1) I didn't feel like I had enough in my arsenal to keep my fighting gameplay interesting. I went into the plate wearing Frostweaver and my character has only 6 or 7 skills. A suggestion I would have is creating a more powerful single target damage skill and possibly put it on a discipline, or consider putting ice block into the power tray rather than having it as a "Q" ability. (2) Second reason is that as a solo player, after leveling to 30 and crafting a couple advanced weapons, I didn't feel much of an incentive
  5. -ice block couldn't even sustain taking damage from a minotaur marauder or whatever the class is.. they were able to out damage my healing from ice block. shouldn't it make us immune to damage while we heal? -can we get an out of combat sprint? -invalid resource combination for stiched leather... was using hide from wolves. I eventually figured it out by buying and using different hides but it took me awhile to understand what to do. -while crafting ... clicking the item to see whats required to build the subsidary item would be helpful. for example, clicking casting aperature
  6. I think Forts should be vulnerable 24/7 . Thanks for adding this to suggestions it's something I've also mentioned in general discussion for a while.
  7. I particularly agree with points 2 & 3 about solo or small group play. I think they should remove siege timers off of Forts - maybe that will draw more people to PvP ? I really appreciate all the hard work the Crowfall Team put into the game, but the last two big changes with talent trees and passives were never my top concerns for the game. It's more about the game experience relating to what I can accomplish as a single player in the game while having fun.
  8. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like this community outreach that this Post is doing. Collecting the data from the testers is a great way to find the best feedback and apply it to the game. Thanks! I like the disciplines, although I think there could be some more of them (or allow for more cross-domain disciplines). For example, I miss having the escape artist and some mobility disciplines and I'm not sure my class has access to it. I like the idea of Free Cities and hope it expands to allow more player vendors & construction. I li
  9. I would totally even buy a white crafted vessel at lvl 30 that's how bad I don't want to have to relevel my character because of a misplaced talent point 😅
  10. I was wondering what the heck hit me when I faced you in Infected Campaign. I am still learning so I its good to see some of the druid perspective.
  11. I recommended that they take siege timers off of Forts but keep them for Keeps. What do you think of that? That might encourage more group PvP.
  12. If there was a way to purchase an in-game item with gold that would reset talent points I would probably keep playing. I don't want to level up another of the same character just because I wasn't happy with a discipline choice. I understand not having this item in release, but for testing phase I hope that you allow us to swap out talent points without much effort...
  13. Ideally these are systems that should happen organically in the game. In other words, resources will be in demand in order to upgrade Keeps and Forts, Caravan traffic would be common in order to bring materials back and forth from Free Cities to Guild Keeps, war tribe pathing could run into Fort or Keep NPCs, Risen spawn more frequently around Winter crystals, etc. I like the ideas, but I don't think they would be best implemented with quest objectives, but would rather be better incorporated by improving systems that are already in place.
  14. Thanks, definitely in regards to character customization I see your points. Also, the gameplay as in the collision detection/movement/and all of the above looks a lot smoother in the trailer than in the current build. Hopefully these are some things they can polish before release. I think they have considered adding perks back to character creation? And I think it is worth giving your time for the feedback if you haven't already or if you do find time for it - I haven't particularly given up at this point on CrowFall and I think if they do push the release back to 2021 (Which I hope they
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