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  1. I'm getting frustrated when I've been following embargo changes for 6 months but it seems like it is going in the wrong direction. There should be consequences and limitations on what can be brought and carried around the world, and reasons to make risky endeavors to travel with resources between captured points. Now, it seems that there is a noob island that allowed up to R8(???) farming and people are still allowed to access a global bank at any point in the game. This is still discouraging me to play because I've yet to see any reason to develop my character when there is no sense of conflict and reward (these "trial of the gods" are just not enough and fortunately they are going to run out of gods soon) Edit: I understand some of the reasons for allowing this for now - mainly because it is a testing environment. I just wish they were more open with their development process because otherwise I see this game taking at least another two or three years.
  2. That's crazy that they are allowing up to R8 resources for "noob island"..
  3. Unless its had some significant class changes i think Myrmidon fits this profile. They were the most annoying to try and kill because of their self heals and lots of HP.
  4. Hey Blaky. If it is still the same from a few months ago, you have to drag it off of the slot off the inventory screen. It will remove and destroy the discipline. There is no way to keep the disc after it is removed like this.
  5. Thanks Duffy. This statement you said here was what I thought the "embargo" changes were going to be. I guess we still have some time before that is in place.
  6. Hmmm I guess I just have to log in and see it, because now I am more confused. Before it was local banks for the campaigns and the spirit bank that was tied to the account. It looks like they still have the same thing but they are just calling it something different?
  7. Thanks. I guess my misunderstanding was that embargo changes meant that in campaigns you won't be able to access the world bank from anywhere. I haven't been able to see if that has been implemented or plans to be implemented in future campaigns.
  8. This could be a good argument for not having a roadmap, but I don't think its very strong. They should really have some transparency on where they are focusing their resources rather than leaving it for Q&A sessions and the very rare "announcements". Take Camelot Unchained for example, they do a very simple readout of their main development areas and what progress has been made if any. This isn't a way to criticize their development (which shouldn't be taken negatively!), but a way to have transparency in the investment players have given to the game.
  9. Do these embargo changes mean that they have done away with the spirit bank (storage that can be accessible at any time)? To me its not really clear how "The Vault" is different from the spirit bank other than its UI and sorting. I wish they would make this more clear so I don't have to dig around on other websites for information!
  10. ilogos


    Sorry but a wipe isnt what is needed to bring new people in. In my opinion they haven't had any significant changes since 5.9. They need to bring in Dregs, do away with spirit bank, fix the gold and trade economy, or some other drastic change (having named a few) before I am returning. These cosmetic "God Trials" are just not appealing enough. See the posts from before like "If I were Todd, what would I do to get people motivated again", or the "What would bring you back.."
  11. I agree with this approach of fewer, more substantial, news posts. I would like to see distributed attention to ongoing programs and their development progression - i.e. development tracker reports on known major bugs, key development areas, etc. This would fit better in the blog post format.
  12. First I was going to come here and say that I don't like the idea of a free-city auction house because it would reduce the movement of materials around the map, however, thinking about it more it might actually improve it. As you said, harvesters would be more inclined to travel to the free city if it meant there was a potential profit. And if the spirit banking is removed, then those same persons would have to transport that valuable gold back to their storage in their nearest town/safehaven. I like it! I feel like that should be the only place for an auction house though (i.e. no faction-only auction houses). That said, not sure how all this will be relevant for Dregs, unless there was a neutral city for trade. (Edit: Weird, just after I wrote that I read the post above and it related to what I was saying about a neutral trade city).
  13. It would also provide further incentive to actually engage the War Tribes. Not sure if that incentive currently exists in the game so far.
  14. Not sure if I am answering your question right, but you may just need to unequip or "drag off" the discipline first. Then it should leave an empty slot to drag the new one in..
  15. I think they pursued it for the thematic reasons so it would be strange to take it away completely. They want to have a perception of scarcity, cold, and hunger near the end of their campaign - this could help add to that aesthetic.
  16. I honestly thought those chicken legs were just a placeholder for an improved hunger mechanic. My small voice in this wants to say to remove the chicken legs and instead just have a few status indicators for hunger (e.g. starved, satisfied, full, and well fed). This would remove those gimmicky chicken leg icons and still add value to avoiding the "starved" condition and staying "well-fed".
  17. Yeah agreed! I wonder if they will decide to implement the special discipline mobs.
  18. Hello, there has been a lot of posts and new topics regarding disciplines, loot drops, and RNG. With all that I have read the discipline drops are currently available from vendors (white quality), and there are plans to introduce disciplines in the future through RNG loot drops. There has been some debate on this, but it appears that there is consensus that this isn't a good way forward. I wanted to start a discussion here on tying discipline drops to war tribes and specialized discipline mob drops. This isn't my idea, for one it was something ShadowBane had and mostly worked, it combines some of the initiative with War Tribes, and also brings together a thought floating around in a few other posts. Thanks for any feedback! (For imagery, the War Tribes would roam around and occupy certain parcels, and in that "pack" of PvE npcs there is a named mob that drops a discipline 100% of the time. To make this work the War Tribes would have to happen a little more sporadically to keep a constant flow of disciplines in the economy. I feel like that would be exciting and would encourage PvE and PvP.)
  19. Also known as "Zerging" or "Zergs" I saw this as a big issue with Albion Online, and not so much of an issue with ArcheAge. Both of these games had open world, free-roaming, PvP in a sense. I think you could compare these two and see how Zergs became more of an issue for one and not the other. I think part of it has to do with giving more options to the player in terms of what is available in the environment. Basically, in ArcheAge nothing was focused to the point where it bottle-necked the players (to some extent). You could create your own routes to trade goods and capitalize on rare resources and the world was large enough where a Zerg couldn't be practical to interrupt that trade mechanic. In Albion Online, it was flawed because you had to use certain entrances and exits in the map, and people would follow and gank you nearly without constraint. All in all, I think it would be wise to diversify the world map where those alternate routes, trade ins, and rare resources are located, and allow the horde of players to gravitate towards city centers, War Tribes (for Discipline farming), and portal passages.
  20. I've seen this discussion on the "Item Rewards" thread as well. Todd said they are re approaching how disciplines appear in the game and doesn't like the RNG system. I think doing a War Tribes + Special discipline dropper is a great idea! It would provide more incentive to hunt these tribes down on the map, and keep the disciplines in the market that isn't entirely dependent on RNG.
  21. That failed beautiful game.
  22. I think it has potential, they just need to rework the active ability trees some more; Make them more relevant, and add only specialized class skills behind the skill tree instead of some of the "basic" moves.
  23. Another point that I like this change is that it will make open world PvP a little more exciting when you encounter an opponent who has been out there farming PvE for Materials, Disciplines, or whatever. Instead of just finding 10 stacks of 100 white cobble stone we can sort through and maybe find some decent items. I agree that crafters should and will always have advantage, so please everyone give us this chance to not be so dependent on you all. Lets get these items into the economy, focus on the development of Dregs and the economy, and start putting to use those vendor stalls (and hopefully an individual player trading system) to work.
  24. hmmm... roaming bands of human pirates and brigands?
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