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  1. I think this is a good idea. I think it will improve the economy of the game by adding interesting variations of loot independent from the crafters. I see that there are ways to deconstruct the loot, but are there ways for us to improve it?
  2. I agree that the economy is terrible. In the past I was advocating for lowering the entrance requirements to set up a shop. Currently most trading seems to be done within guilds and EKs. I was advocating for an individual player trade shop, where the user can sit afk for a short time (~1hr) and sell goods in designated areas like towns or keeps. I think EverQuest had something like this in the past, and with the right tweaks I think it could be viable today. E.g. Player uses command to set-up shop and their character goes through the animation designating that player is open for trading (I picture a carpet being rolled out with random objects for aesthetics) . Another player can click on that trade shop and see the small selection of goods available and their gold cost. The trade store is only available for an hour duration, and is only available again after x amount of time. Its a more of a vision, sure, but I really want to see this game develop a bustling marketplace with player created NPC vendors walking around, vendor stalls that can hold more goods and last longer, and even these individual shops where a player can join the market and sell their goods without needing to invest the time in crafting. I also like the idea of these markets being vulnerable to attack, so added security would be necessary. In this world, gold isnt just used for goods but also for security services. I'm not sure if its necessary to turn gold into dust, but instead to have a more fluid and accessible trade economy. One that isn't limited to guilds, EKs, and general trade chat; and instead allows for some ideas like I mention above, a visible local proximity chat or "text bubbles", and of course, a larger player-base.
  3. Yeah, I hope they rework the skill tree's as well. Or at least go crazy and allow people to branch into multiple classes.
  4. I know everyone comes on here saying "I want this", so this will just look like another one of those posts. However, I think it would be good for a weekly or monthly status update on big ticket items (Like the top 10). I like how they address it in the Q&A, but I think it would fit well on this website. I was taking a look at the Camelot Unchained and they followed this approach. They listed all the items of importance and gave updates as to their progress.
  5. I think in the Q&A they addressed some good topics regarding their current difficulties. More specifically, they wanted to make the testing accessible with the disciplines and remove some of those barriers with what they called "interdependency". I think with the game's release we would all benefit from the challenges with exploring the world and acquiring rare items, but for a testing phase it has seemed unsuccessful. I've seen a lot of comments with how its just too difficult to test the mechanics of the game. Moreover, Todd talked about how it is difficult to appeal to the kickstarted community. I can understand those difficulties with having your investors over such a large span of people - all awaiting new patches and a playable game. I'm not a game director, but I certainly take his word for it. (I certainly understand his prioritizing larger obstacles instead of class fixes). Finally, the information regarding the Dregs is really refreshing. Honestly that is when I see myself being involved in the game again, is when we have the ability to roam the world and place cities and destroy other cities (all while raiding and pillaging caravans along the way).
  6. I think a compromise needs to be made. Maybe have a persistent campaign that lacks R9 and R10 resources and then keep the faction 1v1v1 campaigns for big league.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation! I need to start following this game as well.
  8. I kind of keep hinting at the same thing over and over again in the posts I occasionally make. I wasn't an early backer so I don't know of any of the promises this game has made, but I was I was looking for a true Shadowbane successor. You could plant a tree and build a town around it, and people could come in and destroy that tree and everything built around it. Moreover, there wasn't any end to the "campaign"; it was a game you could keep playing and log in, and continue to make small but significant changes to the world and your character. I haven't felt that here. It just seems to be more of a 1v1v1 faction battle that became very repetitive for me. My dream, (and I understand if it doesnt become this or never wanted to become this), is a game where you could play a sandbox and lay out these structures, create npcs, and find strategic resources and develop a trade economy. Even the individual could have a part in the largest player-made cities with renting out parcel locations, etc. Who knows, maybe it can become this? *shrug* Edit: And I do think an early stage of this could be made available by setting a campaign as a "persistent" campaign and rotating the seasons. CrowFall can still have its EKs and short campaigns, but the persistent campaign is what I would be returning for.
  9. Being able to place your own forts and keeps, a sandbox world where you can build your cities; no end of a campaign where the seasons just cycle. No spirit banks until the end of the campaign (if doing campaigns) More trade caravaning and reliance on road travel.
  10. Hello, it's been awhile since I have tried the game or posted in the forums. At 5.9 there were some massive changes and it was really enjoyable to play. But it faded once I felt like I wasn't having any impact or development in the game. More often I would run around looking for pvp and be dissapointed with empty inventories (likely due to spirit banks) when I did find someone. I keep up with the news but it doesn't look like there has been many changes, and all these war stories just seem repetitive (x is underpowered, x tactically defeats y and z and captures a keep). I guess I was hoping that this game was going to be more shadowbane, but it doesn't have the same sandbox (organic) feel.
  11. I was more looking for the "connected" forts and keeps solution that has been explored on this forum. For example, in order to capture the castle you need to capture the surrounding forts - even to the extent of stretching across zones.
  12. I'm not even sure if their programming allows seasons to continue like that.
  13. Oh man! That sounds terrible... That many Gods and they can't keep the world from destroying itself? Maybe they wouldn't need to adjust the lore, but maybe have a joint effort between factions to prevent winter from blanketing the world (e.g. destroying giant hunger shards). Edit: looking at the lore, maybe the wyrm eternal as a winter pve boss would be an option. I know it's not a pve game, but that would certainly cause a lot of pvp as well.
  14. I have to agree that the bonus points mechanic is the only way that can help offset the "night capping". I cant think of any other way that would really be fair to players worldwide that have to join other servers simply because of their geographical area or latency issues. For example, I am in the Middle East and when I load up Crowfall around 6pm my time, EU server will have about 30 players, and NA will have about 130 players. I imagine that NA has more because of these people playing late into the night (which also defeats the argument for more restrictions on night capping). It makes more sense for me to take a hit on latency and play on the NA server than it does to join the low population EU server.
  15. Thoughts for a Long campaign The campaign starts with no import, no export, no spirit bank, common vessels only. The seasons continue to cycle instead of the campaign ending in Winter ( Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and back to Spring, and so forth. ) Capturing is still made relevant because at the end of Winter the faction with the most points is allowed limited import and export (Spirit Bank is made available). PvP is still made relevant because those with the highest scores (also at the end of Winter) are allowed additional import and export, and possibly a unique crafting material or title. Additional Side Notes: - I predict the cycle of seasons (i.e. a year in game) will take two weeks irl. - A unique crafting material can be made as an incentive for winning the "year" or PvP which cannot be imported or exported. This would be required for uniquely crafted items that could then be imported and exported. In my opinion this would boost the market to allow for more trade of these rare commodities that are only available in the campaign. - It may be necessary to only allow one vessel to be locked into the long campaign from an account. I feel like this is necessary to prevent people from abusing the import / export incentive at the end of the season cycle. - It may be necessary to restrict the awards to vessels that were in the Campaign for several in-game days (to prevent late joiners and leavers). - I prefer a longer Campaign than a multitude of short campaigns because of the long term impact of the economy and faction vs faction PvP.
  16. I thought it was quite ambitious for them to say that the official "first campaign" was going to start in January. Does anyone know if they still intend to start this month, or are we going to be testing 5.8.1 a bit longer? Thanks
  17. So what happened to the Zybak discussion? Did it just get wiped again without being addressed?
  18. Thank you with the very good points. I think we both agree it deserves more attention throughout alpha. I mostly was surprised that there wasnt a mention of the economy in the news article - but then again I shouldnt expect them to bring up everything about the game that needs attention.
  19. Thanks for the video - good to know that we can place permanent stalls now during a campaign. I still think there is quite a "curve" to get there - i.e. you need to train your passive skills there, have all the resources to make a vendor and stall, need to have the funds to maintain the stall, and need to be there before the other player to place the stall. Therefore, I'd still like to see a system where an individual can set up a temporary shop anywhere to benefit the "small businesses". Otherwise we are going to see a lot of trade chat spam and dependency on large/wealthy guilds. Edit: I suppose an alternate solution would be to make it so players can only have their vendor up for a limited amount of time - with a temporary lock out timer - in order to let other players put a vendor up with minimal competition...
  20. I hope they do more to fix the open world economy before adding roving bands of NPCs. I've described how it is non existent without having player-made vendors (or allowing player temporary market stands as I have posted about in the past) in these campaigns. Relying on general / faction chat, or asking guild, for buying selling and trading materials does not seem like a successful economy.
  21. ilogos


    Oh, I wasn't aware that anyone other than duelist were able to get past. Thanks for clarifying that other stealth classes were able to stealth teleport through - I hadn't known or considered that.
  22. On the last dev Q&A they mentioned a concern about people not being protected inside the forts/keeps - especially concerning the duelist tunnel feature - and said they said they will take measures to deal with security behind the wall of a fort or keep. Personally, I dislike that they will change a character and build counters to prevent that class from doing the one thing that makes them unique. Therefore, I want to provide just a couple alternatives before they just increase the amount of guards or increase stealth range, etc. - Remove the instant teleportation locations inside/outside of forts and keeps, and instead have the doors and gates stay open for a short time. - Add a Major Discipline in the game that allows a character to Passwall (similar to the tunnel ability but with a much longer cooldown). It may seem like I am defeating my own argument about why they shouldn't change what makes the duelists unique, however, I am instead providing solutions a step-ahead of changes that I already see the game designers planning to make. In other words, if they are going to add more guards, and increase stealth range, etc., at least add these above options for other classes to get on the other side of the wall, and therefore minimize the "nerf" that they would plan to take against Duelists. And finally, since every class would have access to the options I outlined above, make the Duelist tunneling more effective to make it actually be considered as unique compared to the other classes (stealth damage buff after tunneling, lesser cooldown than "passwall", etc.) p.s. Passwall was inspired by a similar Shadowbane mechanic.
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    Atlas MMORPG

    lol @ this games previous hype
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