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  1. On the last dev Q&A they mentioned a concern about people not being protected inside the forts/keeps - especially concerning the duelist tunnel feature - and said they said they will take measures to deal with security behind the wall of a fort or keep. Personally, I dislike that they will change a character and build counters to prevent that class from doing the one thing that makes them unique. Therefore, I want to provide just a couple alternatives before they just increase the amount of guards or increase stealth range, etc. - Remove the instant teleportation locations inside/outside of forts and keeps, and instead have the doors and gates stay open for a short time. - Add a Major Discipline in the game that allows a character to Passwall (similar to the tunnel ability but with a much longer cooldown). It may seem like I am defeating my own argument about why they shouldn't change what makes the duelists unique, however, I am instead providing solutions a step-ahead of changes that I already see the game designers planning to make. In other words, if they are going to add more guards, and increase stealth range, etc., at least add these above options for other classes to get on the other side of the wall, and therefore minimize the "nerf" that they would plan to take against Duelists. And finally, since every class would have access to the options I outlined above, make the Duelist tunneling more effective to make it actually be considered as unique compared to the other classes (stealth damage buff after tunneling, lesser cooldown than "passwall", etc.) p.s. Passwall was inspired by a similar Shadowbane mechanic.
  2. ilogos

    Atlas MMORPG

    lol @ this games previous hype
  3. Sorry if this isn't the right thread for this, but I've given thought to how trade or "open market economy" is supposed to work in-game as well. This is one of my main turnaways from the game currently because unless you are well connected or in a guild, there is little you can do with your inventory other than spamming chat or crafting your own items. My solution to this in a previous post was to add the ability for players to temporarily set up a site for selling goods (e.g. laying down a carpet). I understand that player trade stalls are already something that can happen, but in my opinion there is a bit of a curve to get to that point; and that while having permanent stalls is a good idea in some situations, it might also be a good idea to have temporary stalls for other situations. For example, lets say I am in my faction city and not vulnerable to other players being able to attack me. I select the "set up trade camp" ability and my character rolls out a trade carpet with some generic design decorations. Above my head there would be some kind of indicator stating that I am open for business, and selecting on my character would open up a store with the goods that I have for sale. I see two main issues with this thought : It removes the need for more permanent player-based trade stalls It utilized more server resources because more people will be sitting afk and cluttering certain areas My main solution to the above two issues is to have a timer on the temporary trade stall. For example, every 24 hours you can only have your stand open for 2 hrs total. Once 2 hrs is used, the ability will be unavailable again for 24 hrs. This can also allow people to quickly set up shop and leave if the area is too dangerous or not enough people around. In conclusion, I think this would remove from some of the spam of selling and buying goods if it was more centralized and structured like the situation I described above.
  4. I don't understand the repercussions of introducing new or advanced resources in certain "mining area", however, I think it would be safe to release a trial without having the "toast message" as stated by Todd. I am sure that a guild sending an occasional scout would be sufficient and would allow for more small scale encounters than the large scale encounters that would occur because of a server message.
  5. I consider that this is a big move for publicity and visibility of the game - In this scenario, it is best to wipe everything. If you want to consider the players already invested, then don't wipe, just make it "new vessel" only with no import/export, and keep the passive skills. Edit: Export only available to winning faction
  6. I agree on this point that outposts should have a similar "on fire" symbol whenever it is being capped (similar to Forts/Keeps).
  7. This was actually my presumption of how it was going to work when I was new to the game. Your design makes sense. My only critique would be to remove the outposts from this design and just keep it for forts and keeps.
  8. To be devils advocate - they just recently implemented Active Progression. They might be collecting feedback (in the feedback forum) on how to improve the system. I believe that hiding basic skills behind active progression is a poor system as well - hopefully, down the line they will just make it add stat modifiers.
  9. Yes, I agree on all points. I just have some speculation regarding the "curve" in order to sell your goods via a vendor stall, and relying primarily on one-on-one trades. I remember some MMOs (I think it was everquest and shadowbane), that allowed you to just set up your shop and your player sat afk for a period of time. I am not suggesting they go that far, but maybe allow crafters with stands to open some of their available slots to a "open market". For example, opening up 10 inventory slots to whoever wants to pay the deposit on the slot, and both the owner of the stall and the seller of the product receive profit.This would make even more sense if they had a "free city" where a city would be populated by these player-driven vendors. To conclude my point, I think the focus on siege warfare is great, and they made a lot of progress on that front, but I am still skeptical on the success of the player economy (which may be due to my own ignorance on the current system - and also that I am looking at the short term rather than the long term).
  10. So is that negotiation of finding someone who has a stall to sell your goods just something that will have to happen fluidly in the world? I've just never seen any economy quite like this so I wonder how well that will work. "Hey, you there! You can make a good turn of profits on this ore. It's yours for a mere 1000 gold!"
  11. Hello, Can someone please briefly explain the market economy of this game? For example, lets say I was a gatherer and just amassed loads and loads of ore - how do I sell that ore, and how do I use my money to buy products from others? So far, my experience with the game has been to mine my own materials and craft my own equipment. Is this game dependent on being in a guild where each person has their professions, or is there a free market economy where people can buy and sell the goods of others? If it is through the use of EKs, then it seems that it will take that person quite a while to construct their own market stalls to even begin that economy of buy, sell, and trade. Thanks
  12. The first official Sanctioned Campaign goes live in January I wonder why they set a hard date for the Sanctioned Campaign without running through a few scenarios of Unofficial campaigns... don't these guys want to rest over the new year?
  13. Do we need to re-download the LIVE client or will it update to 5.8 ?
  14. Live isn't up until after 1 PM CST ... https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/first-campaign-kicks-off-tuesday/
  15. I think in their tweet they got TEST and LIVE mixed up. Ill say its understandable considering the confusion of the two in a testing environment for those who are not familiar with it. Maybe they want to rename it as @Surelia mentioned.
  16. I feel like I am reading this announcement differently from most people on this forum. I read that they are taking down 5.7 LIVE while they prepare 5.8 LIVE. In the meantime people can continue to use TEST environment. Then, my guess is that 5.8 LIVE will go live soon, along with a wipe - and then they will do several campaigns in 5.8 LIVE before they declare the "First Campaign".
  17. This is a crafting and PvP oriented game. When I see this question it looks like it applies more to PvE content.
  18. Just throwing ideas out here ... but what about a unique essence that only drops from player deaths? Obviously to unlock special crafting gear from recipes found in the environment. Actually nevermind , this would lead to people creating sub accounts and farming this essence...
  19. This thread brings tears to my eyes .... (in a good way)
  20. You must have been upset when they split the Hobbit into three movies
  21. Yeah, I agree with that logic as well. I think they made that decision to support the necromancy economy - but at the expense of the reasons you mentioned above. My addition is that if disciplines are also a craftable item it may make sense to make the disciplines "unsocketable". That seems like a fair compromise that would 1) Benefit those who make disciplines and make it a popular trade, 2) Still allow necromancy to be relevant due to the improved vessel system, and 3) Still allow diversity between characters. As a final thought, they could make that compromise but still make it necessary to contribute a talent point in order to "unlock" a discipline slot - but still make it where you can change that discipline if necessary while still retaining the talent point spent.
  22. I think that takes away from the risk of having to transport your newly harvested goods if you are able to just recall back to your keep. You will take away a big part of the economy of mercenaries and thieves who capitalize on either protecting or defeating the wandering harvester.
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