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  1. Hello, Looking to join to provide my scout / escort services. Best,
  2. How would this work? Where would you actually get to see a benefit when you win a campaign if you cant carry over vessels? I think this is a topic that I haven't looked into much yet - but what will see continuous progression over time other than the passive skill tree and your personal EK? Will there be guild EKs or something like that?
  3. I understand that point - but I think a compromise could still be made to satisfy both types of players. I think there should be a middle ground of passive progression and active progression. Enabling a player to gain a few extra skill points for a few hours more of play, in my opinion, would provide an incentive for more people to play the game - which ultimately would lead to a better gaming experience for everyone. To add a little more, I know they have the sacrifice system and player levels - but I personally don't feel any sort of excitement when reaching a new level and adding three attribute points.
  4. I dont think OP had any mention of daily quests. He mentioned "online activities", but that doesn't necessarily equate to "WoW level" of daily quests. I believe he is stating something I agree with, which is that there needs to be an improved form of online progression - through activities such as performing the skill you want to gain proficiency in (instead of the alternative of logging in to spend points that were gained while offline). I believe skill points gained in your specialty - while performing those tasks - is actually a good idea. It would allow them to keep the same skill tree and provide some additional incentive for people to log in and play the game.
  5. *wave* I am a recovering ShadowBane player. I had some great times with that game - one particular instance was infiltrating the overreaching tyranny known as Ebonlore and stealing a world tree seed from their capital.
  6. Thanks everyone! I see some possible parallels to the Shadowbane experience, namely the crafting concept to guild locations / castles ; a focus on character differences and options ; and finally, an open world for unrestricted adventure and pvp. Shadowbane had this, and despite the games difficulties, it was a memorable and positive gaming experience. That is really what we are all hoping for in a new MMO. With the latest MMOs, and korean imports, this really hasn't been a positive experience in the MMO market, and I think that is a reason people keep returning to and playing WoW. I am hoping for the best for this game and want to try and contribute to its success.
  7. Hello, I am new to Crowfall and just downloaded the client and began the game. I am very excited to see what Crowfall will become and to help it through development. I have been playing many MMOs, RPGs, C-RPGs, and many other games throughout my life. One game I enjoyed when I was younger was the game Shadowbane, and I noticed that the Creative Director was on that project as well - which makes me even more invested in seeing the success of this game. Looking forward to staying in touch. - iLogos
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