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  1. Just seen this. Been a long time since I visited these forums. RIP
  2. kil_2k


    Can I haz beta naow pls?!
  3. Probably the same people that spent $10k on pre-alpha Crowfall!
  4. TSCCC have quite a few members from the UK, including myself. http://tsccc.com
  5. An excerpt from the book might help. Currently, we have no idea whether it's going to be something we're interested in reading, or a book filled with the ravings of a half blind raging spastic, like 50 Shades of Drivel.
  6. Same thing happened to us at the start. After a few days of there only being 4-6 of us logging on, I made the decision to switch to ARAC and our numbers doubled within days.
  7. kil_2k


    There will always be a place for you guys, mate. Even Fanch, who is so ugly he once killed a horse when he smiled at it
  8. Hey mate. Four of us in TSCCC are from the UK. We're a mix of EU / NA, and have been active in Shadowbane, Age of Conan, Darkfall, and several other MMOs over the years. Check us out at http://tsccc.com if you're interested.
  9. kil_2k


    It's helping to pass the time though!
  10. Been quiet in this thread for a few days. Surely you can make it to 100 pages - gogogo!
  11. This was the main issue for me with Darkfall. Well, this and searching for hours for PvP, and being "forced" to macro every hour of the day we weren't active just to stay competitive, but I digress. The downtime could be HUGE if you didn't have a large supply of decent gear in your bank. First you had to farm the ores to craft the armour, bow, staff, 2H weapon, 1H weapon and shield, then you had to skin the materials to enchant it all, then you had to farm the reagents for all your spells. Oh yes, you needed to farm bushes for a mount too. And food. And pots. If you didn't have one item you needed for PvP, you were screwed. If you weren't carrying the right gear, it could put you at a massive disadvantage. After all of that farming / crafting, a few of you could run around searching for hours to find someone to kill, only to run in to a group of 20/50/100 heading to a siege, or just out looking for people to gank. I have no issues with full loot, as long as gear is not a chore to obtain. Personally, I think Shadowbane had it right. Perhaps something like the Shadowbane system, with irreparable gear, could be the answer. Full loot did give me a buzz, and enhanced the PvP aspect, but it was such a ballache to replace items that we ended up spending far more time crafting / farming than PvPing.
  12. The Seal Cub Clubbing Club will be here. We formed in Shadowbane, but spent two years in the original Darkfall [from Beta to its death], and are currently active on SBEMU. Rotahsi SealStabber was my name. Drunkenly spamming /race chat was my game.
  13. I'd advise taking a break form the forums and coming back when the timer is up! Up until that point [or beta], all we can do is speculate
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