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  1. We can test with AI not working corectly, that is not a critical problem.If the game launches and lets us go around seeing the new stuff we will be happy to test.
  2. Yesterday was not the day but today for sure it.
  3. With today being Super Tuesday will we have a super Noon today with many alliances being formed and wars being waged? Maybe we miss understood the signs from ACE and its not Thursday at noon but Tuesday at noon.
  4. Is it going to be a stream-a-thon with 5.11 as the patch?Cause that will change some of the guilds marketing strategies.
  5. Yea an mmorpg article with the patch notes
  6. With a list of all the buildings aswell.
  7. I wonder if the MMORPG article will be about FW or Dreggs.FW might get more attention than Dreggs.
  8. I already put 2 days of holiday at work for Thursday and Friday,its gonna be awesome.
  9. The coming Thursday at noon is gonna be the last one from February guys ,start the hype machines.
  10. we wouldn't be disgruntled if ace treated us the same way they did at the start.and people need to see they treat us like poorly made socks
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