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  1. Oh man i didn't think i could ever get this disappointed from a stream, and we had monster month.
  2. So no stream this week either that means, best case scenario, next week.What's the reason this week?
  3. Btw in case you forgot, you also didn't give us even a war story last week.So you even failed on giving us the fluff news.
  4. Even if his attack land, if he doesn't get visual/audio feedback and he feels like he is missing that is still a problem.
  5. Can we have a more hardcore version of this map? Without the siege maps? only the middle map, and with full looting? please.
  6. Because im a paying customer and if they don't meet my expectations i will leave and spend my money somewhere else??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? same with most of the comunity ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
  7. @Pann Why don't you guys get CC to make an article ,with numbers, about how big the marketing push of 5.8 and how much it helped.Its been almost 3 months since we actually got news so i assume you are trying to push the same concept again.If she would write that we hopefully would understand why there is a news drought and also get news.
  8. they did for 5.8,but that marketing push was more "you don't get info for a month " than marketing.
  9. Which one i can't find any recent good Q&A streams.
  10. What do you mean we had a news blog post .........on JUNE 11TH,almost 3 months ago............................................yea...............MONSTER MONTH more like MONSTER QUARTER am i right guys?
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