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  1. No, they didn't. Apparently the latest update to their legal terms back in January kinda conflict with the statement from the launcher I read, but it's pre-alpha so not everything is accurate I suppose. Like I said, I can cope.
  2. I did, but unfortunately all my requests were denied. It's fine though, I can cope with it. The biggest concern was that I needed the money for upcoming holiday gifting and such but I'll manage. That, coupled with the stress of election this week kind of made me panic about everything, but I've come down from that since then. Welp, I'm stuck with it now, so all I can really do is hopefully enjoy the game when it's fully released, and if I don't, I'll just try to get the trusted trader thing to work in my favor.
  3. I'm aware it's an unpopular way to go about it. I'm actually very sorry for bringint it up in the first place. I'm afraid today's been very stressful on me and I was trying to cope as best as I could. I absolutely don't want to cause a scene or anything, and it's not like there's some sort of big conspiracy to delay me for just a measly 100 dollars when there's plenty of other players currently buying into the game. I've been contacted about it from support however and they're doing their best to look into it. Thank you for your well wishes and your concerns. I'm hoping it all goes well.
  4. I have been having a back and forth with the Support after trying to conduct withdrawal for both myself and a friend I purchased the game for, as I was dissatisfied with my purchase, and while I received a prompt response at first, I still have the right to withdrawal within a 24 hour period. However, all communication with me has ceased 4 hours ago despite my repeated attempts to reach out and reactivate the ticket. I'm concerned this might be a stall tactic of some sort. "your Right of Withdrawal, if not already expired, will expire in 24 hours. Please click the check-box to show that you acknowledge this and agree." My right of withdrawal will expire within 3 hours, and I'd very much like to get my 100 dollars back before then. Is there any other means of contact outside of the support ticket?
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