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  1. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    I'm not sure what your trying to say..... But that last part accusations , don't make it true , I don't care if it's order, chaos or balance , as I said before , just because someone says so don't make it so. Truth is what I see is people just getting burned out. All the fort flipping,outposts, sieges everyday. At some point the numbers just drop off. Now that I said what I think , doesn't make it true still. It's just my observation.
  2. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    Where's the proof ? , there is a lot of things going around these days. Just because someone thinks it is so , doesn't make it so. And yes I can only speak for myself. But I can tell you I haven't heard about any " collaboration" between order and balance.
  3. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    Fake News , we don't collaberate with Balance to fight Chaos .......
  4. Instead of friendly fire....

    Not everyone want to make their ek PvP ,so my idea is better
  5. Instead of friendly fire....

    Yes I'm lonely , as a big smelly cow Jerk no one wants to be around me ...but my problem can get washed up , can your ignorance 🤔
  6. Instead of friendly fire....

    Simple you don't invite, you just go in and fight with others that invite themselves. Must I really explain every little detail. I thought the general idea of having someplace that's just open like the beach where people can come and go as they please was self explanatory. It's a suggestion . There is 10-12 randomly generated worlds , adding a world with friendly fire and training dummies would not be hard to do. Where you spawn 10-15 m away , where you don't lose durability and there is no death sickness.
  7. Instead of friendly fire....

    Yes you can go through the trouble of bringing it online , inviting others , or u can out of comfort just jump in an arena when you feel like it
  8. Why not just make an training arena , a place each faction can go and practice with their own faction fighting , any thoughts ?
  9. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Why wouldn't you ? Protect gathers long enough , because what are the chances you will run into someone not wearing their best , that's not gathering resources. Anyways it's just a thought I wanted to share . if others like looking at the screen 95 percent of the time while they chop wood, mine ore,pound rock , but that's not for everyone is my point.....sure I can live with current progression , already do lol . just a thought maybe to add a little more durability.
  10. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    That's basically what I'm saying , work hard and long to get the good gear . but I feel like it's to hard , so by adding durability it can decay slower. Same idea different ways of doing it.
  11. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    So your content having 5 million dollar mansion and staying in your trailer in the trailer park , to save your mansion from wear ?
  12. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    The idea of that is great , the reality is who wants to work so hard to replace legendary every 2 weeks or so. Especially if it's for a Guild of 100 players , then adding codependent to other crafts to make this equipment. That's tall order.
  13. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Lol no legendary here , just a what if .
  14. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    Yes , which the best gear you will never see unless you make it . I think it would benefit everyone to make armor and weapons last a little longer with some like repair kits , that could also be sold in player venders.
  15. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    That's a lot when takes time to gather the resources to build legendary equipment. I do understand the concept of the game , hense repair kits to prolong the life of the equipment , not make it a permanent fixture that keeps armor around for the life of the account