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  1. A duelist slayer is fun , but he is by far the weakest of all classes. I'm hoping you guys can revisit his skills and tweak him to give him a better chance to survive , even thrive. He can use better skills as well maybe some rooting skills. As it is right now a slayer has no place in a team or in the game . has to be with 23m range, most rooting skills are within 30m . fessors 30 m , archers 30m , slayer 23m . I think slayers need reevaluating to have a chance . especially being a leather wearer.
  2. I find these videos funny , reminds me of those videos with tide pod eaters, lol. I get it though , a victory is a victory , whether by 10 players or by 100. Although 10 makes the victory sweet
  3. You know this talk is moot ? you guys won . the 2 guilds that left to go under winter blades wings was about 3/4s of order population ? Why are you so proud to win keep with overwhelming numbers ? And then turn around and try to pick fights with those same people, you fought along side for months. Anyways congrats Balance on world domination . 😆
  4. We may have lost but our small force came to fight and did great on the first push they attempted. But in the end was just overwhelming forces. New alliances was forged on this day !
  5. Damn hijackers ! My original post is to gather what remaining order there is and fight for ours . Maybe devs can make a new thread called daytime soap operas and we can move this to there ! Who said what , why he is mad at her or how come whatever , doesn't matter , the fight still needs to be fought.
  6. You guys ruined my thread ! This is a call to arms for my fellow Order ! Not a soap opera !
  7. Frustrated a little when you think game time ! Then you realize , least resistance path is the way to go . I'm just hard head the hard way is my path :/lol not to mention 2-3. Guilds deciding the fate for entire server , that sucks a bit , but we move on .
  8. I like you guys , good group , I don't blame you guys one bit for what you had to do.
  9. Maybe I'm just stupid ( lol ) but I just have a code I live by r/l , games , makes no difference. Trash talk , stay loyal to my Guild and friends , unless they do me dirty. Let's just say Im old school . Chips are down , but i gotta believe 3 guilds not the server and we can put up a fight or else what is there. We most likely will not win , but we gotta fight for something , better than laying down for nothing.
  10. Yea , I get about 4 hours a day to play, then you add the time to explore , time to get from point a to point b, then die 4-5 times to enemies ,leaves me with even less time to do what I came to do. Passive leveling is great for players that can't spend 10-12 hours a day , just to bad now spend all my time trying to farm stuff to be stronger 😆
  11. All big guilds in balance , fight hard all we got is us !
  12. I don't care who you are that's funny!
  13. If this is gonna run like siege ? I personally don't get to play siege it's on the late side for east coast.
  14. Well it's a catch 22 , harder for people and small guilds to farm It's all the same ,as every game big guilds get their main players geared up ,then they go out and harras smaller guilds, individuals to slow the progress. If they made pve servers there be no easy kills for big guilds 😆
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