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  1. Hi! Not sure what I'll end up playing but where do I sign up to join the guild?
  2. Will every archetype have a promotion class granting access to melee weapons? If yes/no, will Frostweavers get to wield Greatswords? How much money do I have to throw at the screen to make this happen?
  3. I have a hard time getting used to Zbrush UI. Ended up using other software for a personal project. How long did it take you to learn to cope with how anti-Maya, anti-3d, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom the Zbrush UI is? Any advice on coping techniques? I know I'll swallow the bullet and deal with learning the industry standard, but why, Satan, why? Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. On the subject of animation locks, they affect melee characters more than ranged characters. It's harder for a melee toon with short range to complete a "locked" animation and still land a hit on a moving target than for a ranged toon with a longer range to do the same. Ironically, most toons in League of Legends are animation locked. But the attack animations are super cartoonishly fast, which makes them okay.
  5. It does. It is the whole reason I didn't play Tera to begin with. That's how immersion breaking it is. I only played Tera that one weekend to make sure I understand the combat model. High heels absolutely ruined the world of Tera for me. Most importantly, high heels ruined Tera for my -wallet-. There is no greater way they could ruin a game for me. This video is funny. But even as you watch the dancers, they do a lot of motion with their upper bodies and their hips, and most of the motions are ankle-locked straight down. There's no argument that stiletto heels are not restrictive in
  6. Definitely the second one. User experience is king. At least, for me. Because it's my experience, as the player, and not some guy watching a video I made on youtube.
  7. See I knew I was missing the big picture but I didn't want to slog through the game for a week or more to discover what the end game is like.
  8. I have an ulterior motive. I want to encourage devs to implement a a archetype/promotion class/discipline combination that combines elves with swords, because that's what I play in every game ever.
  9. This wall of text comes with a disclaimer: there's a TL;DR at the bottom. You can skip to it and get the cliffnotes. There were some threads here about combat this and combat that and how people hate Wildstar telegraphs and how people love Wildstar telegraphs and how people hate each other in principle. And then a couple times Tera combat was mentioned. Having never played Tera, I decided I need to educate myself, so I downloaded and played it this past weekend solely based on the mentions in this here forum! Besides, this game has elves, swords and pvp (3 out of 3 in my personal crite
  10. Lord of the Rings Online had an interesting combat mount system (because Riders or Rohan!), but it's not something a programmer can implement in an afternoon. Animations, collisions, charges and jousting are a complex affair.
  11. For your consideration, this problem came up in a recent game, Shadowrun Chronicles. I love that game! This is its only weakness. During character creation, and during advancement, you make some irreversible choices (race, background, skill tree path), and you have to lock them in before you try them. This is an awkward situation because on one hand, hey, once an orc, always an orc, you can't suddenly "evolve" into a dwarf, that'd be silly. On the other hand, problematic design forces you to make a decision before you have all the information you need to make it. Here's two squirm
  12. Hell no to active skill training. Do you want to see bots face-planted in every corner of your kingdom, jumping up and down with AFK signs above their heads? Well, do you?
  13. Aiming telegraphs like League of Legends. http://www.gamingcfg.com/img/347/lol-ashe-volley.jpg These would help you line up your skill shot. In most cases, only you (the person aiming) sees them. Once you fire them, the visual effects act like a telegraph for the enemy. Some projectiles fly (or erupt, or come down) slower than others, and this gives some latency-dependant wiggle room for counter play. So the enemy never sees your aiming reticule (as in that screenshot) but they see the particle effect that indicates where the pain will land. In some cases, the enemy effects are di
  14. Woa, woa, telegraph system confirmed off? Why? Where? I looked, but I can't find a link with a dev quote on this. The search option is awesome on this forum, but there is a lot of chaff and telegraph hate to dig through to find a dev response. I liked wildstar's telegraph system. The only thing they nailed in that game.
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