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  1. Hi! Not sure what I'll end up playing but where do I sign up to join the guild?
  2. Lord of the Rings Online had an interesting combat mount system (because Riders or Rohan!), but it's not something a programmer can implement in an afternoon. Animations, collisions, charges and jousting are a complex affair.
  3. This archetype desperately needs more swords. Insufficient swords detected. P.S. I like swords! P.P.S. Welcome to Corneria!
  4. It's feasible with some animation systems to "mirror" all animations without redoing all the work. It just means that an engineer has to sit down and fiddle with things for a couple of days to make sure that every character ever can use the system to be either a "leftie" or a "rightie". That being said, those couple days of engineering could be used on something more important, like latency optimizations or better timing for visual effects to coincide with weapon swings.
  5. I have a very personal question for Dave Greco. This is a make or break question for me, please take it seriously. Which of these is a sword?
  6. Plate'n'sword, plate'n'sword, plate'n'sword, plate'n'sword!
  7. I play an elf with a sword in every mmo ever. Even in mmos that don't have elves or swords. When there is a will, there is a way. Can I rename my battleship to be ELFSWORD? Sweet, I'm in. I have three criteria about value of any game: 1. Does it have pvp? 2. Does it have swords? 3. Does it have elves? Right now, Crowfall is tracking to be 3 out of 3, but I'm not sure whether elves get to wield swords. Because if they don't, I'll be sadly disappointed. And if they do, I know what I'm playing. Say it with me! OVERCOMPENSATION! P.S. Please no sporks. I'm all
  8. "My friend is a dev and gives me free stuff in-game all the time!" - I've never seen stuff like this actually happen. Surely, we all heard stories. But that's what they are, stories. Developers have their own private server to test things on, they don't have admin access of any kind to live servers. Customer Support reps do, but their powers are limited, within reason, to help customers. When a bug is reported, the devs and qa testers confirm it and fix it on private servers, and verify the fix over and over until they get it right, before the patch is pushed to live servers. Customer data
  9. Even games on steam that feature co-op often sell themselves in packs (Gauntlet, Divinity: Original Sin, Dungeon Defenders). This game should be doing this too. Because friendship and community!
  10. My solution: backed both projects. One of them should turn out okay, so why risk it?
  11. I noticed something odd when I pledged. There was no pledge tier that would allow you to get multiple copies of the game (for friends and family) or extra beta invites for your people to draw them to the game. Why not? Surely such a prospect might get Crowfall more money for the campaign, if priced accordingly?
  12. This is a really complicated design problem. In real life, you recognize people by their faces. In a first person shooter, with a first person view this is valid - if the models are distinct enough. You could recognize, for example, the members of your crew in Mass Effect series, by their faces, "if you zoom in close enough". That's the problem here, is that when your camera is third person, way behind your shoulders, you, in most cases, can't recognize another player by their facial features alone. You'd be looking for the silhouette of their armor, the dyes, skin and hair color, silh
  13. A couple points. Bot farmers who do this sort of thing for a living never pay for accounts or game time. They use hacked accounts instead. Players trying to do 'social justice ganking' against bots will fail without support from the dev team. If there are enough loopholes in how much the server trusts the client, you won't even see the bots, as they teleport between farm nodes to collect resources and vanish at the first sign of trouble.
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