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  1. Thank you for both of your reply's, any contribution is welcome.
  2. Cheers for taking your time to reply I am glad other people are seeing the same issue, and looking forward to 5.8.
  3. I have been playing Crowfall about 8 days now pretty solid, both Test and Live. I mean the game is exactly what I am looking for all the gear is player made, the crafting system is aggravatingly satisfying and 5.8 looks like PVP is currently being pushed in the right direction. Rewards for pvp for a sandbox game are always very important, and after talking to some of the veterans of the game I am seeing a gaping hole in PVP rewards on the battlefield. In open field during the levelling process or farming process the players inventory is a great drive to kill someone. However after that I have been told the amount of export you get from your spirit bank will be the reward for winning a campaign (this is awesome). This causes a huge issue with the losing factions wanting to log in with no DAILY CARROT ON A STICK. Now the lads and lady's here at crowfall may already have a juicy daily carrot on a stick which will allow a underwhelming faction to earn something in pvp for time played/ players killed we do not know about. My example would be, Faction Rank (titles), Maybe pvp levels (unlocking bar slots for juicy Utility) extra cap / stats, not to much but little carrots. I know if I was in a losing faction but I was battle siege master grand daddy Radical3d, with 2 extra bar slots and able to optimise my gear because I got an extra 20 stat points/ stat cap in whatever I choose I would feel more comfortable logging in with a group of 6 - 12 against overwhelming odds knowing that the xxxxx amount of hours spent, would make me stand out in pvp for my faction. Player driven goals are always nice, aiming for a title to show off in your community/ guilds, going through the hardships that come with it sometimes can be the building blocks of something bigger in games. Thank you for Reading Radical < 3
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