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  1. It will be yet another vertical progression. I did read something about horizontal progression in Crowfall. Why people always ask for more verticality when it is what they hate in the end? System is set in way that you are going to reach end of skill tree upon certain limited amount of time. Imagine, that developers have that time as target and ensure that "grinders" will not get there sooner... Smaller passive tree XP gain? And yes, it does not matter that there is no NPC telling you to cut down 40 trees. If it is activity with daily reset, it is form of Daily Quest. People do those things because they do not want to be behind others. It's not fun to run around and just chopping Trees for XP. It is fun to do it for certain deliverables which you can present to others. It is fun as group activity because certain resource requires more players to be mined. Think about things in Crowfall from Fun and Horizontal progression perspective. It is PvP-Sandbox, and those are real pain-points. OP complained in another topic about being bored and having nothing to do in game while waiting for next Passive tree unlock. So he created substitute problem which would force him to do something in game instead of having fun. Enforcing that on whole community would be ... People should be thinking about methods which would improve their stay than enforcing it via penalization for not being online actively.
  2. Vocal down-vote: "I did not come to do yet another form of daily quest." I want to play/do activity because game/activity is fun, not because I would fall behind if I did not.
  3. Mindless time-sink is mindless time sink. State exactly what is meaningful Tree XP bonus over passive Tree XP for you. Is it 10% ? 20%? And if it is gained through repetitive activity like mining, crafting arrows, will you do that activity because you enjoy making 50000 arrows every day, to because there is that 10% bonus? This is a game, not work. Wanna spend extra time, then it should progress your character, not Tree. It would only damage game in long term. And no, no need for new topic. I think they have seen this enough of times.
  4. Having Active gain of XP for skill tree would lead into mindless time-sink. Imagine that you can have 20% more Tree XP from crafting. - Kids with time rule them all - Reason to use, therefore make bots I think current sacrifice for character XP is demonstrating more than enough that as long as mindless activity brings some result, people will make tens of thousands of arrows. I would replace this XP gain for gain from doing. So for you, mining, skinning, crafting, dealing damage/healing in PvP, ... No reason to bring arrow crafting/sacrifice mechanics to Skill tree. If you have free time at your hands, but nothing to do in game (no-friends online), use that time for something else in RL.
  5. I'll write about it from perspective of someone who plays games for 30 years. Who spent tens of thousands of hours in 8-bit times. Tens of thousands of hours in MMO games. And is not playing SP games anymore unless they are damn awesome. Here I intend to be mainly focused on support role even while I am damn good PvP player and close to top in fps games like CS1.6/Toxikk/... As support, I would be pretty disappointed if someone other who focuses mainly on PvP part of character could as easily do my supporting role. I would feel like fool for giving time and effort into it as it would be to no benefit. I can't imagine what would active Artisan/Warsmith/Maestro in Lineage 2 feel if all those PvP classes had same crafting abilities. I am not playing Crowfall for long, actually for one week now. And my time in game was not plenty outside of running around in group and being killed by those who leveled PvP since last reset. But I can read, Explore provided information in game/web. And ideas behind game mechanics are great. Implementation quite good. Please, don't take it badly @idoll . But you want Crowfall to be just another generic mmorpg and those fail. I have seen and played dozens of small, yet unique games which were not generally appealing to wide audience, but had their loyal player base. And all of those which died, did so because they went to copy some similar and popular game. Turning into that popular game will not steal players from it, they are already too deeply involved, have community, friends. Those changes do exact opposite. Loyal players feel betrayed and quit. Crowfall can actually fly instead of falling, because it has solid ideas different enough from mainstream. Yes, there may be adoption of some wise strategy like GW1/2 team has: "Is it Fun? No? Then it should not be in game." - But this is "Sandboxed" PvP-MMORPG. You are not going to feel awesome all the time. Do you know what was so appealing on Lineage games? Adrenaline from PvP over something. Hundreds of people battling over some tiny thing. At end of each of many frequent clashes, there was always more losers than winners. But even in defeat, everyone knew that they were important in one way or another. Do not think supports will thank you for making it easy.
  6. I was kind of thinking why framerate is so low considering there is not so much on screen. (Ryzen 2400G APU having ~40fps on medium settings 720p; RX-580 having just above 60fps on high settings 1080p. And people mentioning much lower fps in chat from time to time.) And as I was running around, I realized that game uses really high quality lighting system. Casting of light is magnitude more accurate than quality of shadows. I would like to propose either adding setting to tune quality or allow players to disable it (if engine allows it). Then I noticed that Shadow quality "3" is actually better than "4" which not only is much more blurry, but shows shimmering as it does not have sufficient resolution and trees/light source move.
  7. Selecting lower resolution than native (screen) still keeps game on native. At least for borderless-full-window. So, there is no reason to reduce UI resolution with game resolution. Separating those two will greatly improve playability and comfort for players on weaker PCs.
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