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  1. We need guild banks. We need you to fix the durability hits from statues. We need you to make QoL improvements. i.e, inventory management especially! Make chests for EK or something for storage PLEASE! Having to use my entire account to store all the individual crafting resources, discs, books, artifacts and anything else cause way too much to damn list here. Fix Specializations for the classes that need it. Druids not being able to heal before level 16?!? They are a support class let them support and not have to afk until level 16. So many more issues need fixing and this is not another thread about faction balance so please don't make it one!
  2. NecroSin stated it hit him 3 times so this is confirmed.
  3. Deaths are reported double if you crash while dead. Due to loading zone bug***
  4. Ramp in forts if one side is repaired and the other is not when using F to teleport in you teleport in under the ramp.
  5. Perpetual Loading Zone on every zone. Alt F4 Log in Play for a while. Blink - Loading Zone Alt F4 Log In Loading Zone Alt F4 Log in Loading Zone Alt F4 Log in Finally get in Dead.
  6. Druid Blink - Loading Zone - my party stood next to my vessel that was ALIVE - Alt F4 because of loading zone bug - load back in DEAD. 30 Durability hit on items because of this bug
  7. T-pose still happening on druid log in. Removing weapon makes you invisible to self if T-posed., which is better than T-Pose.
  8. Bugs: De-syncs is only cleared on full relog. Once you are out of sync with the server you are still able to target (as they look like they are just standing there) heal/buff those people that you are out of sync with even if they are far away. Recall returns to starting area - not sure if intended or bug. (No Release Notes) Pixie: Wee One/Pixie Dust does not show ground target menu to cast, casts on player not reticle. Gaea's Wail seems to be hitting targets. Yay!
  9. I am here you called? I am no board warrior and @Andius does not speak for the whole of TRA or the whole of order. This thread needs to die. I am not going to feed it anymore and no one should honestly.
  10. You need to have crafting vessels and PVP vessels. Don't put necromancer's out of work.
  11. This would be amazing! I don't think they need to be visible to everyone but there definitely needs to be color change for earhtkeepers and archdruids. Druid bombs are exactly the same regardless of friendly or foe.
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