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  1. I would also like to report anyone resurrected on the same parcel as Maeve Sentinel instantly dies again due to the de-buff and resurrection sickness. No sure if there is a fix for this other than just not using resurrections.
  2. I thought at first it was because of the Maeve Sentinel at Glorb The Gooey being the reason why I was logging in at half health, however, today I logged in to Duke Chronic to the same thing with no sentinel present. Not sure what is causing this and after asking a few people it seems to be quite common in Jerrith. Could the Maeve Sentinel be causing zone wide de-buff?
  3. We have Merged with another guild and are now known as TTK.
  4. You can press Map on the campaign before joining and this will allow you to see the scoreboard by clicking on leaderboard on the bottom right.
  5. I'm still waiting on a scrap and purchase of Unreal Engine.
  6. Nueby


    I can see why some like the passive tree vs a grind tree. People have played games like ESO where it's rng on getting certain crafts. People have done it the wow way where you level it while crafting. There are many way to level crafting to get to master, but I think crowfall implimented passives in a bad way and it definitely needs a rework. Hard gating anything is a turn off to a lot of the playerbase. Crafters should not have to wait to be viable. Mineral costs for adding stats to armor is rediculous and most won't even bother unless it's for a crafter. This needs to be ch
  7. Change kick alliance from the menu to invite, trade whisper. I feel like this could easily be fat-fingered even with skinny fingers. My suggestion would to just have it in the T menu currently and removing num-lock 4 option.
  8. Check your last tab on settings to change this.. unfortunately it's not on by default. Confessors are squishy and have amazing DPS already, their ultimate is for survivability not more DPS.
  9. This will get you lynched by the Centaur, Minotaur and Half-Giant races. Consumption does nothing in the game but piss us off. Remove the chicken tickers!!
  10. Have you met this community? If it is not in writing then it's done regardless of how bad said bug is. It will be forever a semantics war among the trash talking forum trolls until something is in writing about them.
  11. Guards pathing is still buggy. Nvidia cards seem to be having issues with people being invisible. Reinstalling client and removing old driver and then updating drivers seems to have fixed the issue. (Can't confirm as it was high population when the errors occured and is no longer. I will edit if no change tomorrow.) Icecaller ice placement still a bit wonky. I can have my reticle on my target and it will go behind them, in front of them all around them, but not at their feet unless I'm in their face and looking at the ground. Icecaller frost armor still creates visual noise i
  12. @Tiggs Why can't we get 24 hours notice at least. Mid-Week and little notice and you want activity, not gonna be as active as you think. A 7 day campaign is also a deterrent. If it wouldn't have been for the recent wipe, I would have probably said screw it.
  13. Thanks @Tiggs! You have been the best thing/person to have happened to Crowfall!!! You don't have an easy job by any means. Welcome!
  14. I feel like with this patch you are basically giving the middle finger to all your backers that spent thousands and thousands of dollars to build EK markets for the general public. You are really shooting yourselves in the foot and face with this one. Reconsider!
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