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  1. We have Merged with another guild and are now known as TTK.
  2. I'm still waiting on a scrap and purchase of Unreal Engine.
  3. I can see why some like the passive tree vs a grind tree. People have played games like ESO where it's rng on getting certain crafts. People have done it the wow way where you level it while crafting. There are many way to level crafting to get to master, but I think crowfall implimented passives in a bad way and it definitely needs a rework. Hard gating anything is a turn off to a lot of the playerbase. Crafters should not have to wait to be viable. Mineral costs for adding stats to armor is rediculous and most won't even bother unless it's for a crafter. This needs to be changed to allow them to be viable day one. Gating any of the harvesting skills when I can go just level a guinea to 30 and run pigs to get better resources than I can harvesting for hours is another turn off. Turn up the harvesting nobs please, because currently it's just not rewarding. This game was supposed to create a sybiotic relationship between pvp, crafting, and harvesting, but in reality all it did was make people buy multiple accounts.
  4. Have you met this community? If it is not in writing then it's done regardless of how bad said bug is. It will be forever a semantics war among the trash talking forum trolls until something is in writing about them.
  5. @Tiggs Why can't we get 24 hours notice at least. Mid-Week and little notice and you want activity, not gonna be as active as you think. A 7 day campaign is also a deterrent. If it wouldn't have been for the recent wipe, I would have probably said screw it.
  6. Thanks @Tiggs! You have been the best thing/person to have happened to Crowfall!!! You don't have an easy job by any means. Welcome!
  7. I feel like with this patch you are basically giving the middle finger to all your backers that spent thousands and thousands of dollars to build EK markets for the general public. You are really shooting yourselves in the foot and face with this one. Reconsider!
  8. We currently have openings for all classes, but especially need Crusader Clerics, Archdruid/Earthkeeper Druids, Paladin and Fury Templars, Secutors and Swordsman Knights.
  9. Speak for yourself. Some of us do care about crafting. This was supposed to create a sybiotic relationship between the warriors, gatherers and creators. The problem is that for some reason a generation of gamers wants to come on here and "do it by myself" sounding like entitled brats that want everything handed to them with no effort on their part. This game was not intended for that. Yeah maybe they could figure out how to bake the crafting passive training into the game somehow.
  10. Resources and building materials...so those of us that stockpile waiting for a good patch get custarded again if they resource wipe live.
  11. @iconlyblue joined TRA, and I will be honest with the current systems and his review with the information he gathered on his own and not influenced by me. Iconlyblue asked questions of everyone and stayed up until 6 am almost every night gathering footage for this video. Yes some of the information he stated was wrong, but there is not one particular place to find a cohesive walkthrough in game of the systems or on the crowfall website. He had to dig through the numerous links I have posted in discord whether they be spreadsheets, websites, or images proving it is extremely and unessarily confusing for a new player coming in. I get we all want this game to succeed and we all want to white knight and tell them all the systems are in place, but how can we really continue to make concession for this game when they continue to complicate it more patch after patch, decline to post the loot tables, crafting combinations, just the pure math behind these atrocious tooltips, and continuing to support an "Uncle Bob" game loop with siege times, zone caps, and map sizes. I have always tried to support the new players coming in by answering questions, trying to point them in the right direction and honestly hand holding some that just don't get it. This video just proves that everything is overly complicated and not even remotely ready for general population of gamers in 2020.
  12. Crowfall was nice enough to invite us to their stream-a-thon this weekend. I figured I would share it here to give you an idea of some of what we have to offer. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/704507932
  13. You can also use discord. If you take a screenshot with the windows clipping tool you can paste into discord then just copy link and paste directly into the forums.
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