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  1. @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair Also, I noticed during the live stream you were unaware again of tribes not being seen on the maps. The underhill and aracoix have not been on a campaign map nor are they in the infected map. The same goes for ancients. Wolves are totally missing any elder or ancient. We have had one Ancient Cat. One ancient auroch. Bears and pigs a plenty. The disparity in representation of tribes, ancients and resources needs to be resolved before beta. I believe this may also be the reason many are saying minors minors minors. The fact that the only cheifs represented in infected is embarii, then we get a campaign and there are four hour respawns on 1-3 kings for this testing population, there is no way it would support 2k in one campaign.
  2. Sometimes it's a necessity.
  3. Fine. You congratulated them then pasted pictures then insulted one of their players in this post, thus negating anything positive you have tried to say. I don't usually post on the forums, but I do read them and personally I felt like this entire thread is trying to discount their efforts because the numbers didn't win.
  4. Intended play behavior doesn't mean players will play it as intended. They will find a way to circumvent your efforts to win, regardless of how many heads you sacced. That's what makes it so clever. Whether it be political or by seeing something blatant and then choosing a different path. This was smart on the Dev's part because it allowed smaller guilds to compete. A 10 man, 20 man guild has just as much right to a win as 100 man, if they do the work. Partly because they have people that have been playing this game for years and have probably gotten used to the vagueness, Blair math and the grind, for example,(not saying they did this, just an example) skinning the same damn pigs for 10 hours even during prime time for a harvesting discipline, whereas someone new player coming in with the same skill would be just over it in 15 minutes, or else they would not be here. The reason I say deserve, it was pointed out that someone would't warrant them as part of the "A" team for DiS when they put in the work whether it be PVE or PVP. This game will not succeed if you don't have those willing to gather and craft for you. It's not about kda. This is the point I am trying to get across. I'm a crafter and harvester, but I do PVP when I have to or am gated by passive training before I am able to do anything other than go play another game, discounting anyone on the scorecards efforts for a guilds win while debating the scoring system in place, showing their kda and overall points doesn't show their efforts fully it's just pointless. I get the cards are vague, this is alpha. Most of the tool tips are also, but many of us have figured out somewhat of a less vague idea what they mean by testing.
  5. That works too, but they need to circumvent one person buying all the slots. This has been a problem since they allowed the merchant bazaar in the old CW. Now limited spots in God's reach, the Zerg just zergs everything. Each guild should have allotted slots available as the economy shouldn't be locked down by one player or guild.
  6. I feel like KGV put in the work and deserved the win. They had people working harder than DiS because they had less numbers, therefore they had to put in overtime. Your k/d/a and scoring is irrelevant here as it doesn't show the pigs they ran, the heads they sacrificed, the buildings they built, or anything else not included in the k/d/a rankings.
  7. They really need to come up with a centralized location instead of vendors everywhere. One searchable database/auction house instead. The vendors currently in God's reach that are all empty or just a waste of space and time. As if this game isn't enough of a time sync running to vendors in three temples to not find what you are looking for.
  8. Remove resurrection sickness. Why even give us a rez if you throw a debuff. If you manage to get a rez off mid combat you should be rewarded not penalized, as we are already taking the time out to cast the spell to begin with. Most healers don't even have it on their bar for this reason. Druids can because of the multibar of course, but others are limited and the circle for frostweaver rez is incredibly small in comparison. The events tab. No names should be given, if you are going to waste the harvesters/runners time by announcement of someone picking up a pig and that's it, not anytime the dumb pig gets stuck on some unknown terrain bug. Make the hunter watching the tab run even if it's not someone they want to kill or announce that maybe a guard spotted someone then the hunter can then become the hunted. It should work both ways. The entire fort and keep building system revolves around these caravans. The resource cost vs reward for fort is just plain dumb especially on 4 and 7 day campaign. Scale it to length of campaign or something. We asked for stats on gear, you added more grind here. I can see spending that many minerals on a philosopher's stone, but not armor that's going degrade quickly with heavy pvp even if worn as "Sunday clothes" Siege times. People from all over the world play this game at all hours of the day and night. Siege times need to be staggered to reflect that. I know this is alpha, I understand now it doesn't matter but beta and beyond if we get there it will.
  9. I agree the top guilds on the scoreboard all had very different strategies for getting there. I like that it doesn't have to be just one way. Although the resource costs for forts vs reward is ridiculous.
  10. TRA pulls out a 3rd place finish on our first NA Live Campaign as a guild!
  11. I don't think anyone does at this point lol...
  12. Thing is the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I guess it's just not a common enemy. Lesson learned. That was the first and the last. Once bitten twice shy.
  13. Either get rid of scheduled siege times or accommodate time zones from around the world. They have all supported/backed this game to succeed., give them a reason to continue to do so by not leaving them out of the testing process.
  14. A few of TRA have been using this quite a bit the last few days. Highly recommended!
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