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  1. We need guild banks.

    We need you to fix the durability hits from statues.

    We need you to make QoL improvements. i.e, inventory management especially! Make chests for EK or something for storage PLEASE! Having to use my entire account to store all the individual crafting resources, discs, books, artifacts and anything else cause way too much to damn list here. 

    Fix Specializations for the classes that need it. Druids not being able to heal before level 16?!?  They are a support class let them support and not have to afk until level 16. 

    So many more issues need fixing and this is not another thread about faction balance so please don't make it one!



  2. 3 minutes ago, Phr00t said:

    Confessor-Inquisitor talent "Enables your Hellfire Tornados to hit targets up to 4 times" does not appear to be working with the new change to tornados. Even with multiple enemies in melee range, only one instance of damage is showing up.


    This is likely due to the new character controller. I would like to see a different talent in place here anyway, as this one always felt unreliable and out of place.

    NecroSin stated it hit him 3 times so this is confirmed. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Phr00t said:

    You were there too? wow.. Yeah this is a bad bug. Guildie couldn't see you two either, we both only saw those three.
    I also think I was getting hit by an invisible templar in the initial stages of the fight, I was getting sin stacked on me but saw no confessor and nobody in melee range. 


    Wolffang2 was the Templar he was visible. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Phr00t said:

    Players can appear invisible but still do damage, died to abilities from Thalenax but no player named Thalenax visible. You can even see the hurlbat appear out of thin air. He was chasing and doing damage to me for quite some time, not just the end of this clip. Never saw his name, model or anything



    Also it seems I was invisible taking your head. 

  5. Bugs:

    • De-syncs is only cleared on full relog. 
    • Once you are out of sync with the server you are still able to target (as they look like they are just standing there) heal/buff those people that you are out of sync with even if they are far away.  
    • Recall returns to starting area - not sure if intended or bug. (No Release Notes)
    • Pixie: Wee One/Pixie Dust does not show ground target menu to cast, casts on player not reticle. 


    Gaea's Wail seems to be hitting targets.  Yay!



  6. 6 hours ago, Angelmar said:

    Who is Andius, again? His tears apparently garnered a 13 page thread.

    As chroma pointed out, he doesn't speak for Order. He is just the Transcendence lead Diplomat and @Nueby's spokesperson?  Perhaps this is just Nueby showing off TRA's new culture.

    Surprised this thread is still going.

    I am here you called? I am no board warrior and @Andius does not speak for the whole of TRA or the whole of order. This thread needs to die. I am not going to feed it anymore and no one should honestly.   

  7. 11 hours ago, Xanderxavier said:

    Ok so i played enough now to get a handle on how it works, and yeah got a bit of a concern, your limiting folks to 6 character slots, and atm your making us choose between a char good at combat or good at crafting, well that sucks comes to mind, each char should have 2 combat major discipline slots and 2 crafting major discipline slots, not just 2 slots to share between both, it means those chars I spent my time lvling and turning into crafters are now nothing but pretty lawn ornaments if I ever want to use them for anything but crafting, thanks.... yeah bad design, if you had unlimited char slots then sure make people split em if you want frankly even then you shouldnt but hey its bypassable, but limited char slots dont be douches, you shouldnt have to sacrifice multiple char slots to crafting and make the characters have a disadvantage vs those who became combat only, this seriously discourages the average player from engaging in the crafting system, which is a bad thing, a tiny number of crafters and few gatherers will end up with a horrid economy of high priced crud that only a few big guilds will be able to afford as a matter of course forcing everyone else to be equipped with lousy gear all the time, and no one likes dying cos their gear sucks cos they cant do crafting cos the game itself doesn't allow you to do so alongside combat in the 1st place.

    Frankly your whole system is in need of changing, neither minor explore or major combat disciplines  should overlap with crafting, and visa versa, you shouldnt have to sacrifice your ability to craft to fight or visa versa or frankly gather to craft etc also, given your extremely limited char slots , if this stays as is its heading for a bad road come release.

    You need to have crafting vessels and PVP vessels. Don't put necromancer's out of work. 

  8. This would be amazing!  I don't think they need to be visible to everyone but there definitely needs to be color change for earhtkeepers and archdruids.   Druid bombs are exactly the same regardless of friendly or foe. 

  9. One night of my guild farming and turning in this morning 




     Can you please make these stack as this doesn't even include the other items that dropped. Body parts, ore, scrolls and the like. Take the numbers away from the scrolls also please as its just more bloat.  I have to have banks for every type of resource, as there are so many items and they really need to stack more than 1 or 20 on any of those items, especially necromancy parts since the goggles are no where to be found. 



  10. 9 hours ago, thomasblair said:

    @Soulreaver The Higher the rank of the NPC the higher the quantity and quality of loot, this has been a promise since day one.

    You are playing in God's Reach, and the NPC's are much lower rank in God's Reach than the Campaign worlds because we want to encourage Campaign worlds.

    @thomasblair farmed wartribes for over four hours not one single belt item dropped and no minor disciplines. Another one of our guild mates finally got a minor discipline and it could be purchased in the temple. Why institute this patch with the drop rates and % on the particular Minor or Major so low that most people will give up and quit the game.  Four hours and not a single drop is rediculous no matter it be rank 5or rank 10. Also killed the new spider and boar boss to get 9 dust and five dust, either fix this or people will leave the game in droves as it is a major issue. 

  11. Other PVP games have succeeded with a PVE zone and dedicated PVP zones. The problem we are facing now is the population is so small that people are having trouble finding PVP so therefore they don't like the dedicated PVE zones. I get it we all are bloodthirsty but gating new players to be constantly ganked by vets of opposite factions is leading to a barrage of problems in growing the population and maybe ACE is trying to fix that with God's Reach but no one is willing to give it a try. 

  12. 1 hour ago, PopeUrban said:

    Yes. Please add a system I can use to farm hunger shards with zero risk by killing my alt accounts. Its entirely too much work to go out in to the world, risk getting ganked, and actually train the harvesting lines.

    Killing sockpuppets is a great way to encourage people to PvP and won't be abused in any way.

    Unfortunately a sytem to negate this abuse would have to be implemented. 

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