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  1. I hate to open this can of worms as i said I would stay out of it but it's not any one person or guilds fault this occurred, pointing fingers and placing blame is not going to solve the issue at all and it will continue to cause is animosity among the population, so what if two guilds that are more organized are on the same faction, the game design allowed. You can't blame them for it, they just did what they wanted as guilds. Its not their job alone to balance the factions. Pointing fingers and placing blame on bad design is not going to solve the issue.
  2. I think as a community we should work together to help the new players gets started even if they are an opposing faction. Say you see someone out in basics.intermediates and you know you well out gear them ( I know this is hard as we all are out for blood) but maybe leave these new players alone or help them out somehow. It will build the population even more. Of course alts not withstanding here because names do get known pretty quickly if you are active. Just my thoughts on the matter. Unfortunately Sins are built just for this the ganking of new and un-experienced players but it is still alpha and we want people to get geared so we can have these epic fights on the battlefield.
  3. We appreciate the fights as we are learning more every day no matter win or lose.
  4. I tend to agree here, what about the farmers, crafters, and the other support doing the busy work for those that focus on PVP. Should be guilds or something else that determines rewards besides capture points.
  5. The forums have been more interesting than the campaign to be honest.
  6. Nueby

    Grave Spawns!

    You may like it this way but limits on exports will be live. Eventually there will be no exports for certain campaigns, why not fix the imbalance now as it stands. There should be all races accounted for of every level each new map. They have nodes of every other type on the map fix the graves too.
  7. Each Race should have a high level grave site each campaign. Especially if you plan on having 6 Month Campaigns.
  8. I was thinking about the issues with the lvl 1 capping at start. Separate the regions of the 9 PVP zones into different factions. Start say 3 zones/maps closest to each faction would be divided with forts, keeps and camps all for said faction and the points would start on an even playing field and you would have to actively enter those maps and take the forts, camps, and keeps in order to increase your factions points. Or... Put aggressive NPCs in all in forts, outposts and camps until taken by a faction. Also maybe add a miniboss in the fort like a sentinal for instance to keep just solo/duo players capping forts.
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