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  1. Right, because I am the one that started the fight? How come when a person becomes a target and lashes out to defend themselves, it is then their fault no matter if they weren't the ones that started it? I guess this is your EvE player mentality? Make the target to be the bad guy, they don't agree with you so you force them out? Great way to have a player base and treat other players. I am very glad that you all only play these types of MMO and stay away from all the others. You would make playing any MMO garbage for everyone else.
  2. Sorry that I don't see this system as being something that is going to make the game better. Maybe because I have and never will play Eve or any other type of MMO that has a system that is close to what they are talking about. I see other ways that can be tried before resorting to making a character some throw away item that has not actual value. Maybe they should have shown something that represented what they want to the game in visual form so it could be better understood for people that have an issue with it. How it actually would potentially work and look like in the game, concept art, something more than just words on a page. I get that people are trying to explain it, but none of what anyone is saying shows me how and doesn't quail any of my issues with not having a character and not having an normal identity as in every other MMO that isn't EVE. Personally I don't want to play an EVE clone with a fantasy skin. The idea that they pitched the game as to having ever changing campaigns with a persistent over world, the character and class customization where all things that I very much want. But not with this vessel system. But it doesn't really matter much now. Clearly the game is not what they made it out to be in the kickstarter, and clearly people in this game are going to be just as horrible as people in LoL. It's strange that you say I want something, yet everyone else is just doing the same thing because they want this game to be like a game they already play. Why can't there be a middle ground between them that isn't so extreme? Why can't this system or something like it be only in the campaigns that are super hardcore? You and others are being just as stubborn as I am, but I don't resort to making attacks and bullying like you all do.
  3. Waterfail or whatever your name is. Sorry you of people telling me what you think it's going to be like, reading the post does not make my issues with it any less worrying. You say I can just say in the EK? That is not even the game. I am sorry that I just don't get this system, on paper it just sounds horrible. Maybe you all have played games that you don't care about your character, I am guessing eve or other space MMOs work like this. Would this game not having this system at all be any less appealing to you? You really want this game to be so knich that there are only say 1,000 players playing it? That doesn't seem very fun if there isn't enough players. Why would you want to alienate players that if there wasn't a system like this, would otherwise be happy to play the game? You seem to think that this game is going to have some massive player base where this system is just going to be accepted. I don't see that happening. Why treat players that have a different view like you have? Just because you can, you think its funny? You don't have to be a Ahole, or get your other guildmates to gang up on others. Is that what you do in real life? You just go to class or your job and if you don't like something someone says you belittle and bully them and if that doesn't work you call your friends so you have strength in numbers of dbags? Why can't you just accept that people aren't going to want a system like this? I guess that is too much for you to understand? Or maybe you just want this game to be a game that only people that you want can play it? Honestly, It was a fine discussion till you all decide to be a bunch of Dbags. There was no reason for it and I do hope that you get punished and banned for it. It is unacceptable behavior.
  4. Good to know there are horrible human beings that are on the level of Trump in that are going to play this game. You whole guild is a bunch of thugs. Just because someone doesn't like something and has a different opinion doesn't mean you can be a awful person. It doesn't matter what anyone says I don't care for the system. There are too many cons, sorry that I want to play an MMORPG and not a moda. Don't really see why you need to attack and now gang up on me for having an opinion. You also don't need to belittle and talk down to others to make your point. I was done talking about the issue, yet you two had to make it a person thing. I really hope that you both get banned for your treatment of other people. There was no reason for it.
  5. Yea, because I the ignorant one that makes attacks for having a different opinion and belittles others to make them so upset that they don't want to play a game. I'm the only bullying others, I love how I have an opinion and get attacked, for it lash out to the bullies and I'm the bad guy. Cool. I hope you are all happy. Have a good old laugh at the retrud in the connor. I don't really get why you seem to want to attack me for an opinion? But you seem to be finding enjoyment in it. I never once said that I want this game to be a Nob game, which I don't even know what you are referring to. I just stated an example of something that an MMO can have, not all MMOs need an Economy that is based on player deaths. I have not seen once the benefits to such a system. Yet you seem to think that is something that I want for this game? No, never said that. I don't care for the vessel system and I have an issue with not having a character that makes up your in game identity. I do not understand how that somehow makes you feel the need to attack me and belittle me? Great you think you're super smart and know more about everything in everything. Cool, why do you need to attack me for my opinion? What does that do? Get me upset? Through the thread off, make you look like big man on campus? What are you trying to do? If you want me to not play this game, good job. You succeed, not going to play it. Why would anyone want to play a game where there are people like you play it? I guess you just like to make sure this game is only for you and no one else. I hope you get what you want. Maybe throw more money at them and they will eat up every idea that you have. Have fun playing your game.
  6. Cool, you think you're better than everyone. Good story. Not going to read your post, you don't understand where I am coming from yet you want to make it known to everyone that you think your the best and smartest in the room. Good for you. This is also not what I would call a "hardcore PvP game" It has permadeath in two of the X amount of campaigns so how is this hardcore? You want this game to be EvE and to hell with anyone else that wants something more than that. This isn't Eve and if you think that this game is only going to appeal to the people that only play Eve you live in some dreamworld. You have a boring MMO like Eve to play, why do you want this game to be a clone of it? Games can do different things that is fine. I don't like this vessel system for reasons I have already stated, Yet you refuse to actually get the whole point of why, and go off on your own little tangent. You are the standard Epeen Eve player. And the reason why there are no new players ever coming to that game. You do this crap, to make sure you completely piss off any and all players that don't share you opinion. Keep it up and you won't have this game to play if you continue to be your actions. Though that is likely want you want to do, if no one likes they way you want to play a game then kill that game. Your way or the highway, right? I love how you think talking down to someone is a good way to make a game community. You fail to understand any point but your own. Is anyone saying that they want a game that is for new players? That is just a clone of another game that is your cookie cutter MMO? (well other than you wanting this game to be a clone of eve) You seem to not get the point of any other MMOs but EVE, maybe StarCitizen if that game actually ever is an actual game and not just a bunch of demos. You seem to think that I am the only person on this that has my opinion and I am the only one that has the issues with this system. You being a complete Ahole about it does not make anyone went to play this game if you are going to be its player base.
  7. Ok? I have only been having a discussion with others about the system and the issues that I have with others that do not. An MMO does not necessarily need an economy that is ran from player deaths and having a character be something that is just a throwaway thing. You fail to see the whole point of having an Identity in an MMORPG and what that actually means to some players. Maybe it isn't the same for you, but you are being completely ignorant to that problem. You seem to think that your opinion matters more than others and sorry this isn't the show about you. You don't need to make attacks on another just because you don't care/understand at all the others point of view. Or you think that they should make a game that one you want to play. Sorry the game is also not only for you. Or do you think it should be because you paid a higher amount to back it.You making attacks is derailing the thread so why have you done so?
  8. I don't have much of an issue with the gear decay, tho I really do not understand why all MMOs nowadays have to have this and honestly why they all feel the need to have all progression be only based on gear. In an MMO that I would make gear would not be the end all be all, it would only add to your class skills, possibly add different effects both active and passively. The game would be all about what you want to be as a player and your own personally skill level. Kind of like how SAO is made up. Gear decay or any stupid system that takes away a player's time from what is the actual point of a game would not exist. Tho I very much doubt anyone would actually play the game that I would enjoy. But having to deal with a gear decay system is fine, it is just not acceptable to me to make a character not your identity and also making it an item that you can just throw away is not at all something that I want to have any part in. I guess the reason I am so upset about this is that there was another game that tried to do this very thing and it was disgusting. It only punished players for playing the game and it got to a point that if you were X class and you didn't have X other skills from another class. You could never get a party to progress further into the game. It was a system that did nothing but completely destroyed the player base of the game. It became so competitive and toxic, the players that did make an argument for the system to be removed and gave suggestions on systems that could make it better. But the dev team only banned them from the forms. They became so ignorant they saw themselves as better than their player base. They were making a game that only they wanted and it was going to be that way or no way. Which in a few posts on here, they devs of this game are echoing those devs in their way of thinking. Maybe they will see the issues that others have brought up that are a hell of a lot more better worded than I could ever say. Address them and make changes to their thinking so the game has an actual chance.
  9. Not necessarily, there is nothing to say that there couldn't be crafters and that would be their archetype. They would go out in the world and find mats that only they as a crafter would be able to find. The more they find and craft they progress in their skill as a crafter as one would in RL if you wanted to be a blacksmith. You could then specialise in making say daggers. You would progress to a level of dagger crafter that you have the ability to craft the best in the world. They would have unique properties because of the level and skill that that smith has achieved. More combat archetype players would need a crafter like that so they can hit things harder and progress further. So their would be a need for crafters you as a player would pay them in possibly assisting them in getting to an area on the map or a campaign that they couldn't be able to get to on their own to gain some crazy rare mat that they could just to make an even better weapon that some other player would want. Or you pay them in food or some other mat that they need. Lol, I guess people just helping others to help them and have a cool story/ maybe made a friend is lost in MMOs these days.
  10. I mean why do MMOs even need economies? The whole point is to make a character, play a class that the player enjoys, interact with others in the game, experience the game and fight monsters. Your gear shouldn't be something that is needed to do any of this. I guess that is why I liked PSO so much, it was much more about the social interaction and experiencing the game with others. There wasn't anything to get in the way or make you waste time to be able to get to the core enjoyment of the game. I guess CF is not going to be a very social MMO since you are now just a faceless crow and not an actual character. I guess I didn't interpret their concept like that. I saw it as players were going to be in ever existing overworld and there was going to be campaigns that players could go into that had different rule sets. Players would interact within the campaign to achieve a goal together as a group against other groups of players trying to do the same thing. Once the campaign was over you all went back to the overworld use their items, craft, build up their own piece of land in that overworld, share in what they gained. Then group up maybe with the same players to enter new campaign. But it seems that isn't what it is about, the game seems at least to me to be extremely competitive and everyone is only out to gain things for themselves and your identity, character is just a means to gain more. Not to just have interactions and play what the game has to offer.
  11. Characters were not crows, they were characters and the archetypes that you choose. That is what was persistent. There is not anything stated previously as to your character being anything else. You also seem to be missing the whole point of what a character is in an MMORPG and the identity associated with it. If they want to try and redefine that fine, but as of now they are not making a good enough case to me that this is something that needs to be done.
  12. See you proved my point, you are just a horrible troll of a human being. Sorry that I don't write like a college professor, it is very sad you have to belittle others.
  13. No, guess you never played PSO or PSU. There are other ways of building an ingame economy without having a decay system.
  14. How is making characters items not a complete change from the vision that they pitched to get the game backed? Your character was persistent and the campaigns where the things that changed and you went into them and out of them bring your progression and items from them back with you. There was never anything said about the characters changing.
  15. No, I just won't be interacting with you since you seem to think your opinion matters more just because you paid more money to back the game. Honestly, you are the type of person that is much to competitive, has zero compassion for other people and think you are better than everyone else. You likely love to troll people on a day to day bases to get others angry and laugh about it. You make playing any online game unfun for everyone else. Nowhere in the games pitch on kickstarter did they say anything about characters being items and your account is more like LoL and you are controlling archetypes. Sorry this was pitched as an MMORPG not a moda.
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