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  1. But why shouldnt ppl which put more effort, time and skill into the game get punished? Hopping inbetween campaigns to win "all of them" cuz of a pointsadvantage is limited by imports and exports and especially on the rules if it comes to this. If a group of ppl is really pushing hard enough to play multiple campaigns at the same time, farm and craft stuff to be competitive against ppl who play only one layer at a time, and still are able to win fights, they deserve to win...imo
  2. The difference to other games is, that this will not end up in one big Campaign. There will be several running at the same time depending on the population of the game. So these "hardcore's" cant win everything everywhere. You also should think about other gamemods beside from the currently exisiting 3-factionwar. Most ppl are looking forward to the GvGvGvG with actuall "throne-war"-mechanics and they cant stick all together, since there can only be one winner in the end. Its not a singleplayergame after all and smallman "group of 3-4 rl friends"-guild will not be able to participate successfully in this for the most part. But why should a small party even be able to claim the throne against overwhelming odds? I saw your posthistory and I get your point, since you clearly stated a few months ago that you are not the person who wants the dependence of joining a guild to play a game. Maybe this is the wrong game for you ?
  3. Not sure if you know how seasons and points distribution works at this point.... This mechanic would completly destroy the current system by doing as bad as possible in archiving points in the beginning to have a super easy time in the end of the campaign. Imagine a campaign would last several weeks. If one faction would have 100k points and the other faction would have like 500k in the beginning of winter, the leading faction would get stomped for several days without any chance and could also just log off until its somehow even again. Harversters would be screwed even more by getting oneshotted before they see what even hit them. I guess you should put some time into the game first and figure out how it works and is supposed to work in the future, so you are able to imagine how bad this idea actually is.
  4. GF, could you be so kind and share the number of your nurse?
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