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  1. Why not simply going the other way arround? Make basic ones having more lootprotection of the ressource (maybe 50-60%) and decrease it by ~10% with every upgrade. You get a certain risk vs reward system. Better ressource gain by better quality means more risk in loosing more ressources.
  2. Do you think that comparison is in any way fair if you compare one spec of a class to several full classes, by even listing stuff they dont have in their tankspec but would have in their healingspec?^^ Atleast you didnt forget to mention stuff...oh wait. Confessorult is not listed.. makes sense... adds nothing to sustain I guess
  3. Ya I agree with the bowargument for the same reason I would let the quiverslot untouched but there are ways to fix issues like that by adjusting the vendors for such scenarios. The same thing goes for "slashing weapon required -> dont want piercing" Vendors can be adjusted to that and these trashy salesman in the keeps would eventually get buisness going Barrier bonus.. dam that hits hard. Yes, it does exist but yet I have to find a scenario when this stat is more than just endlevel minmaxing... or did something suddenly change in the past 2-3 months? I'am well aware that any MMOR
  4. A few cents from my personal opinion regarding "geardropps" The mainissue I can see is that the current playing faction feels that the gear is to hard to replace. The %-chance and the number of items do not really matter in that discussion, since every piece has some kind of value and if you regear, you usually would regear fully and also those numbers can be tuned or changed. Its all about -> Should gear drop at all. It is obvious that newer players coming to CF would rather vote for Geardrops, while the experienced part of the community would most likely vote against it. Wh
  5. Just waiting for someone to realise that those ESO-Vids are on console. Case closed 🙈
  6. Kann euch voll und ganz verstehen. Von der ursprünglichen Vision eines "Hardcore Nischen - Noch nie dagewesenen - PvP MMORPG" ist kaum was über geblieben. Plötzlich musste man alles Casualfreundlich machen um vllt doch mehr als eine kleine Nische zu füllen und Ideen für Content wurden aus allen anderen Spielen so ziemlich kopiert und reingepflanscht ohne Sinn und Verstand. Ich musste so lachen als ich die Skillnamen des Assassin-revamps gesehen hab. Wie du gesagt hast wurde mit dem Entfernen des Passivtrainings wohl nochmal einen Schritt weitergegangen wenns um gearing geht. Absolut läch
  7. Thats literally what that short line of text says^^ "AND warriors brave and bold, who hit the leaderboards!
  8. Beside from pumping that postcount, I dont get the reason for it. How can you throw something aboard if it isnnot balanced in the first place^^? Enlighten me
  9. -All Ice-related visual and stuck bugs from 6.100 on live still exists (was reported there) But we have something new on top: Stable Ice isnt visible at all anymore
  10. At one point you have to stop your witchhunt and go on with your life, we can agree to disagree on that one, but you should think about it.
  11. That might be true for 1on1 and ultrasmallscale, but who cares about that? The game isnt balanced arround that..atleast ppl claim that. So who cares? You cant just roll 20 Slayers or Templars and co. without the other components to a setup in Groupplay, no matter how much they can cancel. And yet I have to see how templars are considerd 1on1 beasts even with the "insane amount" of cancels they can do 😄 For me these mechanics are adding fun to these classes and some kind of possible improvment in gameplay by learning how to do it right, but they are not broken balancewise because of i
  12. Its a sign for literally nothing and you should know better. Otherwise I could claim that Orbs of druids arent supposed to exist in this game because they break every other patch in some kind or form. But thanks for your educated input
  13. I believe its a bug related to the attempt of "fixing" rapidfire... alot of systems broke with this patch and iam confident to see them being fixed soonish. Flashcasts are made for animationcancel, they are literally the definition for it and you want to have this if you want any kind of skillceiling in this game.
  14. The game is crashing alot with an Unity-Error. Different ppl crashed 1-2 times in the timeframe of 1 hour and a few even 3-4 times. Frostweaver related stuff -Coolice, Stable ice and Frigid Ice disappear visually after a few seconds but still work (already stated above somewhere). In addition to that, Stable ice stays for the same duration before it disappears like the others even if picked up already. The instapoppers (volatile and refreshing ice) are also weirdly delayed... and stay to long. Plz dont let this become the next druid orb 😕 -Using Ice Weave Ability is missi
  15. Iam still covinced that DAoC's "Best PvP-Game ever blabla" had alot to do with the realm rank system. It was a fun and rewarding system that worked out pretty well.
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