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  1. Beside from pumping that postcount, I dont get the reason for it. How can you throw something aboard if it isnnot balanced in the first place^^? Enlighten me
  2. -All Ice-related visual and stuck bugs from 6.100 on live still exists (was reported there) But we have something new on top: Stable Ice isnt visible at all anymore
  3. At one point you have to stop your witchhunt and go on with your life, we can agree to disagree on that one, but you should think about it.
  4. That might be true for 1on1 and ultrasmallscale, but who cares about that? The game isnt balanced arround that..atleast ppl claim that. So who cares? You cant just roll 20 Slayers or Templars and co. without the other components to a setup in Groupplay, no matter how much they can cancel. And yet I have to see how templars are considerd 1on1 beasts even with the "insane amount" of cancels they can do 😄 For me these mechanics are adding fun to these classes and some kind of possible improvment in gameplay by learning how to do it right, but they are not broken balancewise because of i
  5. Its a sign for literally nothing and you should know better. Otherwise I could claim that Orbs of druids arent supposed to exist in this game because they break every other patch in some kind or form. But thanks for your educated input
  6. I believe its a bug related to the attempt of "fixing" rapidfire... alot of systems broke with this patch and iam confident to see them being fixed soonish. Flashcasts are made for animationcancel, they are literally the definition for it and you want to have this if you want any kind of skillceiling in this game.
  7. The game is crashing alot with an Unity-Error. Different ppl crashed 1-2 times in the timeframe of 1 hour and a few even 3-4 times. Frostweaver related stuff -Coolice, Stable ice and Frigid Ice disappear visually after a few seconds but still work (already stated above somewhere). In addition to that, Stable ice stays for the same duration before it disappears like the others even if picked up already. The instapoppers (volatile and refreshing ice) are also weirdly delayed... and stay to long. Plz dont let this become the next druid orb 😕 -Using Ice Weave Ability is missi
  8. Iam still covinced that DAoC's "Best PvP-Game ever blabla" had alot to do with the realm rank system. It was a fun and rewarding system that worked out pretty well.
  9. The Fae-Race is still able to infinite fly and gain altitude by doing so. Its different than before but still works by abusing the mountingfunction: In the same way I would like to ask if its intended that faes are able to doublejump midair after every dodgeroll they do... its feels odd to me and is also related to that bug EDIT: This is true for 6.100 (even if the footage shows the current liveversion)
  10. Does it matter if he writes stuff down or makes a video about it? I like that format more than reading 10 minutes through another comment of a person which I dont know the background of and what he experienced so far. The whiteknighting in this com became a big issue imo and I rather listen to a neutral guy who made alot of other experiences over the past years than sitting in this game for 2+ years now and tries to defend it against every negative claim. Ppl became blindfolded and he clearly isn't. His points are valid, no matter if he provides "constructive feedback" or not. Its simply
  11. Ya, good point. Removal of critchance could be a thing. There are still ways to Crit like the championstuff with "guaranteed" crit, stuff could crit on exposed targets like rapidfire knocks down exposed targets... stuff like that but no %chance. Instead of crit some other values could get into the focus like dmg on low or high hp targets or movement hinderd targets. These values are kinda redhaired stepchilds and could get a boost. This would open up some new specific builds for group compositions aswell. I agree, good discussions, but I doubt that we will see any big revamps of the armor
  12. They seem to go into a certain direction with their combat and a percantagebased dodgechance is out of the window. The change to Min-Max dmg shows kinda clearly that they go towards a competitive combat-pvp system. The less rng, the more skillbased a game can become...simple sense. I like the approach and I hate the dodgeidea period. Leather can receive stuff like faster dodgepipregeneration or staminausage on top of their dmg and healingbonus, but thats about it. Another could be to split the armormitigation like done dozens of time before... leather has best mitigation against elem
  13. The term sandbox gets abused for years now as a cheap excuse for not having any content. If you find anything in CF which you would call "sandbox", there is way to much restrictions arround it and in that way you can call every game ever made a sandbox game. You can prolly even call pacman a sandboxgame with some fantasy. There is no sand in this box
  14. Honestly, I had issues leveling there, which is prolly because of the missing followup questline of the NPE. You end up on lvl 7-8 after the current questline which gives you little options to grind from there on but you have to cover the gap to be able to kill the aurochs in the second zone, which are 12+. On those aurochs you got to grind until you are able to kill the urok-wartribe-mobs arround the mountain, which are ~18. If you are solo and got competition on those few spots, it takes way longer than before to level in the current state. On top of that, I was running arround without a sin
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