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  1. Did you guys consider stuff like https://www.localizor.com/ ? It costs pretty much nothing, the dev created it for his own game but figured that it might be a good thing to share it with others for a really tiny fee.. i think it was like 20 dollars per month? The Community can translate the game and the advantage of this process is clear, because the community has the guys who actually know what these strings mean, what they do and how they can be translated correctly. Ppl can vote on translations to get the best outcome and ppl like Kraahk could be assigned as overwatcher who can turn things arround if someone is trolling etc. It worked great for MO2, which I was part of for the german part.
  2. Da klingelt was^^ Man sieht sich halt tatsächlich immer zweimal im Leben! Viel Erfolg in CF
  3. TC in CF?^^ Will you guys field the same masses as in AO?
  4. Which is exactly my point. To be the debuffbi..., you need the uptime. If you want uptime, you want a fury and not something which needs to jump away after 3 ults EDIT: bad words, which werent even filterd
  5. yap, iam clearly new this game and mechanics. I wasnt comparing templar mobility against knight mobility. The point is that a sentinel would need way more mobility to overcome the lack of tankiness, which is a problem the templar does not suffer from In general, it really depends what kind of fights we are even talking about here... my perspective is reflecting an engagement of 20-30ish vs even numbers. I know thats not really something the NA meta is aiming for, so that might be the issue
  6. For aslong as his ults last. Then he is up up and away Sentinel is a immobile papertank
  7. Skip the first Requiem and you will save time Name me a spec which can last longer in the frontline than a fury and can do that job I guess you are talking about Templars? Fury stands out.. it has the musicdomain Because of frontlineuptime
  8. NM ist derzeit nichtmehr in CF unterwegs, aber es gibt seit Kurzem Pankration. Versuchs mal in deren discord https://discord.gg/cAVnyJpPTg
  9. Iam actually wondering if the 2second gracewindow by ulting as assassin which made you completly immune to everything is now just completly gone to fix it for hungerdmg. If that is the case, they kinda fugged the ult just for the sake of hungercheese ^^
  10. Just a visual bug and not visible... it also explains why you produce 4 stable Ice by casting it twice. Visual stuff like that on ice or especially on orbs is an reappearing issue for years and switches on/off every other patch
  11. I really enjoyed the summary and indepth analyse. It cant be too long, if its good. No overusage of buzzwords like "microplay" on every corner and every second buttonpress. I was kinda shocked about the outcome of the wc1 by seeing 2 top competitors (my personal opinion) get eliminated by having 3 hyper agressive teams which cleared the field but had sadly no time to get the solo's killed because of that. Wc2 was like Koerper perfectly explained a coinflip. The tournamentformat is simply wrong choosen and a handfull of mechanics should change for the future to make this an really competitive Event but we had that topic many times before... Thanks for the Vid!
  12. That change is really no reason to overreact. If a Team really eliminates 6-7 teams, the match would still not be decided at that point...you just dont want to let the hunger decide at that point AND THATS GOOD We have seen the snoozefests in the qualifiers and even if it was called "smart gameplay" and what so ever, it was simply a normal reaction to the current state of the gamemode (which is obviously flawed in that regard). Comparing this BR to other traditional BR's on the market is pointless, because ACE does stuff really different to them. I can't name a BR, which supports capturable spawnpoints. Usually you have a mercymode with the option to get rezzed by teammates. Even if I personally feel that the respawn needs a revisit/tuning its also needed because of the 5man requirement for a group (which is a big squadsize compared to other BR's) and the Combat/Classsystem which doesnt allow Soloheros to Steamroll the whole Lobby unlike in Shooter BR's etc. Fighting with the the "storm, poison, hunger, fog" is also something which is kinda unique to CF and that gets abused to the maximum with chainpull-pushcomps. Bunkersetups had to raise if you dont need to deal DMG to kill others...thats simple...or "smart". So smart that several bunkers end up in the final circle just to RNG-Gamble for the win. There is nothing smart about it and it is simply disgusting to watch. Imagine letting some random and uncontrollable buttonpresses of pushes of multiple teams decide the winner of an "E-Sports"-Event. Thanks ACE for doing one small step in the right direction, even if we suggested dozens of changes towards the final circle fight way before the tournament started and you now may end up changing that during the running tournament.
  13. This flat earther mentality is killing me. you won. I will even give you a like for your superiority
  14. I dont know..you still didnt play that class, stick to brainless stuff ala Alphawarrior and stuff got explained to you very well a few posts above..I guess you should end it here my friend
  15. That would be the easy way...but common sense makes it also possible. Your article pretty much showcases how "broken op" that spec is. If a spec reaches that level it usually becomes Meta or fotm. Well...sad story, thats not the case here. Case closed
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