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  1. He is higher rated in Fortfights, you should check that point out and think about it. In an even fight with competent players, the archdruid cant play out his cards in a closequarters fight, neither can he really heal there. Not sure in what kind of fights he got "high survivability". He is pretty much naked if it comes to that point and the plategear doesnt make up for it. In actuall groupfights they are maybe not useless but worse than pretty much everything else. Props on the bleeding tree tho. Are you sure you did understand that the rating you reffering to is meant for fortfights? I played mainly Archer in the past couple campaigns and I would never prefer the Archer over most other classes there. Forts are not the place to be for Archers especially NOT in an attackscenario.
  2. Maybe a toggle to do so? Iam for example used to only use 2 buttons on a class with ranged+melee tray and dont have an extra hotkey for the survivaltray at all.
  3. The part about personal perspective was directed to something else.... its not about the squirrelstory here^^ Ya, testing it during a siege is literally the only time with players online. Sadly also NA-Chaos had very less numbers on that day. Thats why we did not step out of the holes on your first attempt to attack the tree of life. But we were close and watching the fight.... the situation on the banetree was pretty much the last chance to pull this setup off against a handfull of ppl, even if we were not needed to secure the defence. If it gets fixed, even better. Its hard to name it as an exploit; clever use of game mechanics or whatever. Thats also not my job to clarify that. There is a lot of stuff which I would call an exploit, but there was never an actuall statement of the developers about certain things and ppl are doing certain things because they are able to do it and nobody tells them that it is wrong and not intended....yet ppl claim to know what is intended and what not.
  4. If you would just not see everything from your personal position. Probably its not intended to shoot through walls, but it was always like this. I wont count examples on skills on classes which can abuse this. In this video you can see what happens if you multiply the ever existing effect of it, nothing else. Like stated before, its Pre-Alpha and gaming is about fun. You can clearly hear that we have fun doing it. Whats about the fun of the others? Its a PvP-Game with a kind of "full/half-loot"-mechanic. The person which get killed will never be really happy about getting killed, so killing ppl is a problem in itself...I guess PvP-games can never be successful in this case? Beside from the actually gamefootage showen, does anyone agree that this is another masterpiece of videoediting? I think that should be mentioned at some point, without all the feelings in the air.
  5. Beside from 100% P2W, the game was cool....for PvE and boring after 3days of doing the same events over and over again^^ CF is focused hardly on PvP and the PvE content is just there for the early game leveling and gearing and will hopefully never play a big role. You still need to kill wartribes for additive and maybe gold for siegeweapons, but ppl will prolly also have stockpiled that after a few days of early game.
  6. It comes down to the design of dregs, since this will be the place to be for organized groups. They could either limit the bodycount of the different guilds (which prolly doesnt work that well) or bring other systems in place. I would like to see something similiar to the Antizergmechanic of Albion Online, even if CF is less AoE heavy, it would work out. They have/had a system in place in which AoE dmg gets boosted depending on players hit and it the same time, you were received stacks of "less dmg received" depending on how many different enemies did hit you. This is kinda simple but effective and screws mindless zergs. If zergs are clever enough to play arround it, you got another issue, but in that case they show that its not only their bodycount. Ofcourse its not all about the fights, since "zergs" will also have way more ressources...OR NOT, if there is only so much ressources to barely feed those masses. Atm the game is a pure farmville with high tier ressources all over the place and teritory-controll doesnt matter with the instant on-demand banking, but with a few simple changes, the would starve for ressources to gear up their ppl. Another point is the limitation of exports. Imagine they would introduce a cap on exports to guilds (not to accounts like atm). The guildleader gets 100-300 or whatever exports depending on the performance of the guild during the campaign and he has the ability to distribute these to his members. Would be an easy fix in export campaigns to limit effectivness of zergs. Also rewards need to be shared...more ppl means less reward per person and ppl care about that. An easy example comes to my mind with WoW classic. Ppl have a reason to run Onyxia with 20 or less ppl, even if they could bring 40 and make it easier. Less participants means more chance on loot for a single person. Iam not a payed gamedesigner, but thats why we trust in ACE to find suiting solutions with a dip of brain or getting ideas from elsewhere....this is not the first game ever created which has to handle it and it actually got an advantage because of the "rust-like serverwipehopping" of survivalgames over most "itemprogress etc. is consistent forever"-titles. Looking forward to see 5.110
  7. Makuza

    Max archer range

    Its hardcapped to 65m nomatter what. The reason why its possible to hit stuff on up to 67 (siegeweapons even further) are the hitboxes which are larger than the number on the crosshair shows. You need 50m distance range bonus to archive that, since skills have a base of 15m. To reach the cap you need the archer perk (3×7m cap increase and a high tension bow+5m elken passive +distancecap) you will come close with a Legendary or even epic high tension even without an elken. With a legendary ht-bow you will miss 0.25m to the 50m cap, so elken is not necessary at that qualitylevel anymore. To fill that 50m ranged bonus you need to roll a bit extra rangebonus on the bow and even it out with rings depending if you want to drink carrotjuice or milk and if you want to pick sharpshooter+arcane archer or only one of them. The math is on you at this point
  8. Iam interessted in that part too... My recent test including 150 execution-shots each with and without the passive showed an average dmg difference of ~50 (1000-1050) on Slashing-Arrows executes, while the highest roll and the lowest roll were higher while not having the passive running...This could be normal since 150 shots are by far not enough to get a real accurate number on that test, but it shows me that there is probably no effect at all from the passive in combination with Slashing-Arrow-Executes.
  9. Spiders R10 (Not sure about other ranks) do not drop more than 1 epic and/or legendary at once while skinning. They appear to be not affected by Critical Harvest Amount at all. This is not a speculation of 10mins of farming, more like a summary of 5+ hours spider slaughtering for frigging confessor-chests.... Nobody comfirmed me that, but I'am 100% sure there is something wrong with it.
  10. If this 10sec releasetimer is working like stated, its pointless because ppl found a way to workaround that by simply logging
  11. Still the same issues with heals get blocked by enemies and groundtargets stuck to everything (friend/foe) Druid: The 3rd Orb has a huge delay now. The visual appears after you already placed 2 new ones from the next combo. The Orbs stay visualwise longer than they should. The visual is there for 90 seconds, while you can only pick them up until the 60 second-mark Ranger: Rapidfire with the perk (Archertree) 'Amazing Rapidity' increases the shootcount to 9 instead of 10 Bowchargespeed....to prove my feelings about that, I had to make a video to compare and actuall measure it. Iam not sure if its intended to work like it does, but the chargespeedreduction (with a cap of 100%) reduces only the chargespeed of 1 second (the bowcharge takes 2 seconds). That means 50% Bowchargespeedreduction would leave you with a chargetime of 1.5seconds. In the video you can see topleft: Without bowchargespeed-mod topright: With Hastequiver 18% Haste bottomleft: With Spellboundbow 17.25% Haste bottemright: Hastequiver 18% + Spellboundbow 17.25% = 35.25% Haste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3sNTeSK9Yw&feature=youtu.be needless to say that iam rendering in 30frames, which leaves a kinda inaccurate number on it by cutting the different vids, but I think its obviously enough
  12. The opponent-window is not tracking dmg in realtime for me. It recognizes the dmg of the first hit but stops there until I move to another entry and back to the current. I would really like to see a window with incoming dmg, which would work like the opponent window but with realtime parsing Good job after all, even if I cant find a valid usage for the parser beside from pve yet
  13. Use a proper bow and you will see. I guess that basicbows can not use the quivers at all, but it doesnt really matter because advanced bows are working fine.
  14. Makuza

    Lvl 25 passives ?

    Trick shots give you the ability to move on normal combattrayspeed while using charged shots (LMB of the Bow) and buffs the Doubleshot from earlier in the tree. Double shot increases the DMG of Charged Shots while that Buff is running. To get the Buff you can just simply use any Charged Ability of the bow, no matter how long its charged as long it hits a target. Aero spin stacks permanently up until it reaches 10 stacks. If you use aero spin it will use all the stacks you have to increase the dmg of daggerspin. Booby Traps cuts the CDs of your 3 Traps in halv and adds extra effects on it. The explosion Trap gets a stonger Dot, while it will the knockup on it as example
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