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  1. State of the Knight 5.8

    Its not random. But it still doesnt help if you are on the other side of the screen ^^
  2. I triggerd a state with a duellist, which made me invisible + I was able to switch to melee and survtray without loosing stealth and on top it gave the ability to use ALL skills while being stealthed. Pretty much like in that vid Attacking other players in this bugcondition doesnt even show in the victims combatlog, he only see his lifebar going down, without animations or flytext. If you get damaged by another player, it doesnt show in his combatlog neither. You are pretty much a ghost in this state. Were you able to reproduce the bug after a clientrestart?
  3. Minotaur Ranger Build - Theorycraft

    It is in fact kind of squishy but still good for a leatherboy because of the barriers and a kinda helpfull ulti BUT a minotaur isnt helping there because of the bad dodge-ability. You pretty much have to go for wood-elf if you want to make it work.
  4. Atlas MMORPG

    As far as I can see this game is going hard clientsided. Have fun with all these scriptkiddies and hackers, which are prolly all over the place already
  5. Feel the burn tho :(

    Iam talking about the juggle and everyone is using juggeling to get that save falldmg in nowadays, so it is a porblem and a broken mechanic. You need 2 person which are able to coordinate 1 combo...dont tell me that you support this mechanic. Knockups should at least give kind of falldmgmitigation-buff on the person hit.
  6. Ulti feels underwhelming

    With the change of the ultimatemechanics, the templar and knight got actually a buff, while sins, myrms druids and rangers got screwed. Confessors are pretty much untouched by that tho
  7. Feel the burn tho :(

    You can not stack it... Nvm anyway. Current patchnotes in the testserver-client state that it has now a 10% procchance and cant proc itself (which I did not even see yet, but I was only testing for half an hour with that passive). This is not realy acceptable. Even if it was bugged with that 100% on autoatks, it was by far not op. There is pretty much nothing in that dmgspec which let the inquisitor do way more dmg which would compensate his squishyness (no barriers, no lifeleech, no heal and rolling arround with leathermitigations and hp) I agree that his knockups do a poorly made sockston of dmg by abusing fallingdmg-mechanics, but this shouldnt even be a thing, right? Nerf/fix knockups and give the dmg-fessor some real dmg plz...
  8. Feel the burn tho :(

    Firedots are hitting 3 times per second in average (your screenshot is showing only 2, since the first tick started prolly 15:07:25,x). The 5% procchance is stated wrong. My confessor applies the dot 100% with every autoatk, so you can have this up on multiple targets easy. The average dps is arround 80-120 (with armorcalc and depending if applied critical -which let every tick crit- or not) If they fix the procchance, It will be worthless tho.
  9. Confessor Talent/Skill Tree needs work

    Ya sorry. I was rude. I had to much time testing stuff and since its not a hassle to level a vessel in a couple minutes to max (even without the archframes), I went a lil bit fast here. Its playerdepend. From a normal mmorpgs perspective its absolutly true, since leveling takes most of the time longer than a week to reach the max, which would be a huge loss of time with the current talent tree. As I started into 5.8 I was reading all the skills till the end before deciding whichone to pick. Since the passive of the tankconfessor clearly stated that picking this passive will reduce all his skills to 8 meters, I knew that I dont have to pick the rangeincrease in the first place (which is a mistake in the current state, but will be important soon). Other players are going in more blindfolded, without reading and planning in beforehand or grabbing info elsewhere... but this is also fine, since the timeloss is not that huge and these 3 points will not ruin your vessel, even if you dont get anything from that. On your second vessel of the same class you will even have more stuff you can skip, like the meteor and so on. Its a learning experience and a tiny issue in my view
  10. Ulti feels underwhelming

    Would be kinda wonderful if sins could use 8sec i-frames, while being moved to the stealthtray 2 times in a row, isnt it? ----- The value from the confessor's ulti is the ability to reposition himself while i-framed and stealthed. This is more as a templar for example gets. To be able to use this twice in a row, is extremly strong and doesnt need to be adjusted. Prolly less handy in 1v1 - smallscale, but insanly usefull in bigger groupfights.
  11. Item quality

    The whole duraloss System is kinda weird. Duraloss seems to be devided through the number of parts you have. If you start a new char with only a weapon from the Vendor, it will Decay like 4x faster since you dont have any other parts of gear equipped. I noticed this on my second Champion. I gave him a advanced greataxe from the beginning at Level 1 (I used this weapon for almost a week before on the old Champion and it was on like 40% dura). I went out grinding Mobs with that Setup (without gear) and this weapon was done in minutes. Thats why i believe that the duraloss is devided by parts. Maybe it was a bug, but that System seems to be odd^^
  12. To round up. Gear doesnt matter either that much. It does a difference between equal skilled players with the same knowledge (these players will still have the same level without a wipe) but a bunch of new players with legendaries in every slot will also not archive anything against ppl with intermediate gear which actually know how everything like classes, cc, meta and alot of other coremechanics work. But hey. Go for the wipe and give them the illusion of equality. This will prolly fill the servers more than sticking to ppl which dont want to do the distribution of passiveprogression once more