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  1. The term sandbox gets abused for years now as a cheap excuse for not having any content. If you find anything in CF which you would call "sandbox", there is way to much restrictions arround it and in that way you can call every game ever made a sandbox game. You can prolly even call pacman a sandboxgame with some fantasy. There is no sand in this box
  2. Honestly, I had issues leveling there, which is prolly because of the missing followup questline of the NPE. You end up on lvl 7-8 after the current questline which gives you little options to grind from there on but you have to cover the gap to be able to kill the aurochs in the second zone, which are 12+. On those aurochs you got to grind until you are able to kill the urok-wartribe-mobs arround the mountain, which are ~18. If you are solo and got competition on those few spots, it takes way longer than before to level in the current state. On top of that, I was running arround without a single piece of armor and still had my basicweapons on level 15. I could have bought some stuff at the Vendor, but I tried to do it as "Newplayerlike" as possible and it was just a bad experience. Just let the hamsters or the satyrs in the first zone drop some clotharmor on a high droprate or even add some pieces to the questrewards without goldvalue and ppl would be much happier. I guess the upcoming NPE-quests will cover those gaps but there are other issues if it comes to that system, since its made for basicvessels. Blue Vessels will have a hard time after lvl 10 to make much progress if the quests dont scale with their quality. Xp still dont carry over and this is also true for the quests. In the worst scenarios, you can end up getting 5 xp from a quest, while it would have granted you 500 if you are not close to level up before turning in. How can this xp-thing still be an issue?! Ofcourse we all know that xp dont carry over, but no new player would ever expect that, because I know not a single game beside from cf, which isnt able to do so. We are so used to these flaws by now, it feels almost weird. I also dont want to go with this queststuff on every char I create. You could give guiseppe an option to either let you do the tutorialchain or give you a straight XP-Buff until level 15-20. With this tutorial Island, I dont believe that GR is or can be procedual generated anymore, so this is handmade and should be fleshed out as possible in this case. Give us more Mobcamps. Let them drop a bare minimum of items and gold, nobody should use GR for grinding valuable stuff.
  3. You did understand why ppl want the EU-Campaign, right? Cuz OF THE SIEGEWINDOWS being for euros arround 3-5 AM, depending on where you are. So it doesnt really matter if there is only a NA or a EU+NA Campaign, Euros will most likely not be ABLE to participate in the NA-sieges. Timezones are actually not only a myth
  4. To catch your question, which you already put in for your "thats why combat is bad" 3 times and iam not sure if you are trolling or something else... i hope trolling tho. The playercount on Test is low because of a couple of reasons: - There is no PR or marketing arround Test and ppl which pick up this game, go to the LIVE-Servers if they dont find anyone who tells them that. - Dregs IS NOT out yet - It's NOT a finished version and you can clearly see that with every patch they punch out atm, almost every second day I agree that combat has it flaws, yet its not the reason for the "player (tester)"-count, nomatter how hard you try to justify it with that
  5. Good to see old faces of AO arround Is Veton still with you? Good luck and have fun in CF!
  6. Showing off, who sact what and how much would completly ruin the whole system. Imagine playing texas holdem while knowing the hidden cards aswell the hand of your opponent. Sounds like a funny cardgame right? Its gambling for sure, but you should be able to got a slight idea of your odds, just by thinking about it. I personally would even prefer stuff like chaos embers and the reason is simple: Nobody cares about flowers and they are needed for nothing else but embers are an extreme important ressource and ppl will think twice if they throw it into the fire. It feels meaningfull. If everybody knows the values of others in realtime, we would get the "last second" effect. Everyone would try to overbet the other in the last second and most would prolly not even sac anything in beforehand. This results in even more gambling, which could lead to more frustration if ppl cant login when they are needed to do so, for whatsoever reason or the ingametime just was wrong and you werent able to place your bet, because that "5 seconds remaining" was already 10 seconds after the season did end (and the timers are different and not synced per client, we tested that)
  7. I like the DF System way more than the old idea of capturepoints, yet there are major flaws. The idea of having the sum of objectives devided by members does not only weaken big guilds, its literally destroying them if it comes to archive points. I guess both HoA and W played arround the idea to bring in as less accs as they could, so did we. I claim that a single person which got a general idea of the mechanics would have won this campaign by DF easy af. Ofcourse, some tryharding included but imagine a guild of 20ppl throws 150 embers into the pit, while a single person could have secured the win with 8 embers. Sac-xp, killing guards, thralls etc... nobody can beat a single person if it comes to that. Even if everybody of a 50man guild would tryhard as the solo guy for guardkilling... there is only so many guards on the map to kill. The solo person can win without the need of conquest points at all, since he will topscore every other objective period. In the recent campaign even easier if he would have archived to run for a keep...just because of the ward-bug. Tbh, we would have lost our keep by fall without this aswell. I honestly got no clue how to fix that problem with DF, but it cant be the final solution. Creating new cards for it, is not going to help longterm. And to get back to the orginal topic; DF doesnt requiers PvP at all, beside from the few times you will get "zerged" (which is apparently already the case if a single person with a ore ladden pack pig on follow is killing you) or other meaningless situations. Big guilds will come and go, build alliances and break them. The playercount is yet not able to provide several "zergs" and different alliances. Its not fair to tell ppl what they are allowed to do or not, its their decision. If you want to make a difference, seach for ppl with the same intentions and form something up, but stop complaining.
  8. Regarding FPS-Improvements. 1. kinda self-explanatory, just look at the ingame fps in the topleft corner during the video. 2. Looking towards any ressourcenode while out of combat (to be able to receive the "click to harvest" interaction) causes huge fpsdrops. It is insane tbh. Try to run through a forest or a slag/stone/ore field while moving your mouse left and ride and you beginn to run circles because of mousehitching (kinda like while crossing a parcelboarder) 3. The general FPS improvment from this patch seems to be related to a distance-rendering change. This gives infact increased FPS overall, but also leads to this weird microlags every few meters, which also leads to camera hitching. I would rather go with 20 fps less instead of not being able to run along a cliff or the top of a wall without randomly get a lag which leads to falling down called objects.
  9. I like that idea, as long the slider-tip is just the chance for the max possible outcome of the loottable and we dont end up with every drop in purple at a certain point. Sadly I doubt that we will get anything like that soon, since the Wartribegear is pretty much hardcoded if it comes to stats in the current system and it would prolly take way more effort and manhours to revamp it for that dynamic, timeprogressing system
  10. Wouldn't that mean that after a bunch of months only Legendaries would drop, even in campaigns without imports?
  11. Its like that on all multiple stage combo/skills I have seen so far. The cooldown inside the box shows the CD of the second step of disengage/the backflip.... so its just the design of the new UI
  12. Frostweaver findings: 1. Refreshing Ice is healing not even close to the numbers it should and I dont even take healingmultipliers into account. That 167 should look more like 1240. Would be overpowerd, but I really really hate wrong tooltips. 2. There is a talent in the Icecaller line (fw-healer), which makes Cool-Ice also healing instead of only granting "ressources". The problem is, that also the Archmage aswell as the Frostguard get somehow this perk which grants them the same healingeffect of coolice, which should be only possible if they pick the right perk in the Icecallerline. Wasnt able to check exactly which perk in the both other lines unlocked this.
  13. He is higher rated in Fortfights, you should check that point out and think about it. In an even fight with competent players, the archdruid cant play out his cards in a closequarters fight, neither can he really heal there. Not sure in what kind of fights he got "high survivability". He is pretty much naked if it comes to that point and the plategear doesnt make up for it. In actuall groupfights they are maybe not useless but worse than pretty much everything else. Props on the bleeding tree tho. Are you sure you did understand that the rating you reffering to is meant for fortfights? I played mainly Archer in the past couple campaigns and I would never prefer the Archer over most other classes there. Forts are not the place to be for Archers especially NOT in an attackscenario.
  14. Maybe a toggle to do so? Iam for example used to only use 2 buttons on a class with ranged+melee tray and dont have an extra hotkey for the survivaltray at all.
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