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  1. Its hardcapped to 65m nomatter what. The reason why its possible to hit stuff on up to 67 (siegeweapons even further) are the hitboxes which are larger than the number on the crosshair shows.

    You need 50m distance range bonus to archive that, since skills have a base of 15m. To reach the cap you need the archer perk (3×7m cap increase and a high tension bow+5m elken passive +distancecap) you will come close with a Legendary or even epic high tension even without an elken. With a legendary ht-bow you will miss 0.25m to the 50m cap, so elken is not necessary at that qualitylevel anymore.

    To fill that 50m ranged bonus you need to roll a bit extra rangebonus on the bow and even it out with rings depending if you want to drink carrotjuice or milk and if you want to pick sharpshooter+arcane archer or only one of them. The math is on you at this point

  2. 8 hours ago, Balathan said:

    Cant figure out what the Finish Him! rune actually does. Seems to affect no visible stat in the stat page and in my minor testing yielded no obvious benefit. Can we get confirmation this rune actually does what it says it does and if it works what exact stat does it affect? @vkromas

    Iam interessted in that part too...

    My recent test including 150 execution-shots each with and without the passive showed an average dmg difference of ~50 (1000-1050) on Slashing-Arrows executes, while the highest roll and the lowest roll were higher while not having the passive running...This could be normal since 150 shots are by far not enough to get a real accurate number on that test, but it shows me that there is probably no effect at all from the passive in combination with Slashing-Arrow-Executes.

  3. Spiders R10 (Not sure about other ranks) do not drop more than 1 epic and/or legendary at once while skinning. They appear to be not affected by Critical Harvest Amount at all.

    This is not a speculation of 10mins of farming, more like a summary of 5+ hours spider slaughtering for frigging confessor-chests.... Nobody comfirmed me that, but I'am 100% sure there is something wrong with it.




    • Improved targeting when enemies/friends are standing in front of one another.

    Still the same issues with heals get blocked by enemies and groundtargets stuck to everything (friend/foe)



    The 3rd Orb has a huge delay now. The visual appears after you already placed 2 new ones from the next combo.

    The Orbs stay visualwise longer than they should. The visual is there for 90 seconds, while you can only pick them up until the 60 second-mark



    Rapidfire with the perk (Archertree) 'Amazing Rapidity' increases the shootcount to 9 instead of 10

    Bowchargespeed....to prove my feelings about that, I had to make a video to compare and actuall measure it. Iam not sure if its intended to work like it does, but the chargespeedreduction (with a cap of 100%) reduces only the chargespeed of 1 second (the bowcharge takes 2 seconds). That means 50% Bowchargespeedreduction would leave you with a chargetime of 1.5seconds. 

    In the video you can see 

    topleft: Without bowchargespeed-mod

    topright: With Hastequiver 18% Haste

    bottomleft: With Spellboundbow 17.25% Haste

    bottemright: Hastequiver 18% + Spellboundbow 17.25% = 35.25% Haste


    needless to say that iam rendering in 30frames, which leaves a kinda inaccurate number on it by cutting the different vids, but I think its obviously enough

  5. The opponent-window is not tracking dmg in realtime for me. It recognizes the dmg of the first hit but stops there until I move to another entry and back to the current. 

    I would really like to see a window with incoming dmg, which would work like the opponent window but with realtime parsing :)


    Good job after all, even if I cant find a valid usage for the parser beside from pve yet

  6. Trick shots give you the ability to move on normal combattrayspeed while using charged shots (LMB of the Bow) and buffs the Doubleshot from earlier in the tree. Double shot increases the DMG of Charged Shots while that Buff is running. To get the Buff you can just simply use any Charged Ability of the bow, no matter how long its charged as long it hits a target.

    Aero spin stacks permanently up until it reaches 10 stacks. If you use aero spin it will use all the stacks you have to increase the dmg of daggerspin.

    Booby Traps cuts the CDs of your 3 Traps in halv and adds extra effects on it. The explosion Trap gets a stonger Dot, while it will the knockup on it as example

  7. 9 hours ago, Andius said:

    Could be wrong, but I think all their damage is actually considered fire damage until you pop holy warrior just like cleric hammers deal fire instead of crushing for some reason. So the Nethari active is far from a throwaway for a class that will frequently be in situations they can hit a ton of enemies with the burning effect. 

    The biggest question in my mind in for judging their merits as a templar is whether the bonus to fire damage is applied before their fire damage is converted to holy by holy warrior, or after. If popping holy warrior means losing your nethari damage buffs then human seems a clearly better choice. If they stack then nethari templars are decidedly not trash.

    Weaponexecuted skills are slashing for the templar beside from the timeframe of holy warrior. The only firedmg source of a templar is in fact divine light.

    ...clerics are throwing "mystical hammers" and not their actuall weapon^^ a Confessor is also not throwing Books and cause Papercut-dmg

    Firedots from several different persons do not stack. This is how all dots work and also debuffs like sin btw.

  8. 33 minutes ago, Kraahk said:

    Was mich in dem Sinne mal interessieren würde @Mitspieler: Wie sehr ihr das? Also, ich bin es nicht gewohnt Spielen über Facebook zu folgen oder dort an deren Aktionen teilzunehmen. Für mich ist FB eine entweder private oder geschäftliche Geschichte. Mich da über Hobbies wie Computerspiele auszulassen ist nicht wirklich mein Ding.

    Wie seht ihr das so im Allgemeinen?

    Ja seh ich exakt so. Ich verwende FB wirklich nur noch sehr selten und quasi nur um mit ein paar wenigen Leuten in Kontakt zu bleiben.

    FB ist aber so oder so in meinen Augen ziemlich gestorben über die letzen Jahre und nicht wirklich für solche Dinge zu gebrauchen.

  9. 18 hours ago, Arkade said:

    There isn't a thread for the TEST server, so I'll post here.

    I've been looking at the changes to armor and I think something is off. All of the existing armor was given high (maximum?) default values as follows:

    • Gloves: 564
    • Boots: 564
    • Helm: 750
    • Chest: 1875

    The total of the Gloves, Boots and Helm is 1878, which is almost exactly the same as the amount given by the Chest. Based on that, I would think that the Gloves, Boots and Helm together would give resistance equal to that of the Chest.

    When I put on just the Chest, my resistance values go up by 36.25%

    When I put on just the Gloves, Boots and Helm, my resistance values go up by 18.78%

    The Chest seems to be contributing nearly twice as much as the rest of the slots combined, despite having an equal armor value.


    Its just a not finished job there.

    As example for a vendor-mail-chest:

    Gants 1500 Armor, but adds 25% mitigation instead of 15%.

    The reason is simple. They remade the tooltip of the chestpiece but did not remove the previously granted 10% mitigation on all kinds of dmg-sources. 

    As soon they finish that job, the chest should work like everything else with 100 armor = 1% mitigation

  10. Your charged shots are counted as basic attacks it comes to values like "Basic Atk Dmg" increase from stuff like necklaces or the sparring minor-disc. However it doesnt apply alot  of stuff from discs which should be applied on the third basicatk (as you mentioned illusionist for example).

    For the "True Atk"- part I'am not 100% sure. My theory is, that everything beside from DoTs and Basic Atks is counted as True Atk...Need to look into this once more


  11. Stamina did run out shortly before the end of the sprintsequence, so sprinting is on pretty much the same time as jumping.

    And in fact.. you are not faster than mounted at any given point BUT if you go into survivalmode and start jumping, you are as fast as a active Trailmaster, while Pathfinding is still loading.

  12. 6 hours ago, Navystylz said:

    And, how often are you fighting in a spot that would allow you to dash glide some extreme amount?

    100% of my PvP atm, because Iam only login on Live for the siegetimer :)

    Wish I would have met any highelf-assassin player which can show off what you guys are trying to tell me here...but I did not on EU yet. I can barely remember the last time I met one...and this was some sologank attempt in the pits which ended horrible for him.

    Looking forward to see more of these, since it seems there are players believing in that and maybe the upcoming charactercontroller will also mix up things here.

  13. Iam just wondering on which kind of battles you are referring to.


    We will have different views on that topic anyway if you speak about ganking or smallscale, since thats not what I have in mind while Iam talking like that about Highelf/Fae

  14. 2 hours ago, Jjusticar said:

    It's definitely worth it on high-elf because it gives you an extra chance to proc your clearcast. It's more than possible to chain 6 dodges in a row if you get decent clearcast procs on top of the critical dodge proc.

    Whether it's worth it on other low range dash races, that's personal preference. It can easily give you another reset oppportunity.

    Just a quick note, since its going offtopic with that disc...and this disc could even better be used on a fae than on a highelf tbh

    Yes, I know how clearcast works, since I played a fessor for over 2 campaigns as a highelf. I just would never want to rely on such procs (which do not even have a chance of 50%... prove me wrong, but its more like 20% at best). 

    Sure it can make a really good chain but critical dodge is sheit in the way it works and the hidden background dodge-pipgeneration is not helping on that either. The proc goes also off, if you have already 2 dodgepips, which is the most stupid thing which could happen in the case of an assassin in my view. If you engage out of stealth, you have most likely all your dodgepips and you will trigger that inner cooldown of critical dodge before you use them. 

    Let me ask you: How long you stay on the target after the engagement before you usually disengage for another stealth attack? More than 25 seconds? I dont think so.. at least not from my experiences with that class in proper fights. Iam not talking about ganksituations in which the victim is just a victim and will not even fight back.


    I also like the dodge of the highelf, there is no doubt about that and on top you get that nice necklace for free, but still...it doesnt make it on one level with the Fae if it comes to the assassin. The highelf-dodge is grounded. I want to see an assassin which is used to jump out of dangerous situations by using slopes, walls or any other obstacles or gaps doing the same with an highelf. It just doesnt work. The only movement advantage the highelf has over the fae is uphill, which can avoided if you know your surroundings. Also the dodge-execution of the highelf is way slower than the fae-dodgeroll. You need that speedy dodgerolls to cover as much distance in the shortest amount of time to disengage; more short slow jumps after another do not help you especially because you want to stealth on the end of your dodgeroll-disengagechain and here comes the stealthspeed to it...dont need to go into that once more I guess.

    I hope you understand my points. 

  15. Isnt the critical dodge passive bound to a 30 sec inner CD? That passive is worth it on woodelfs if executed correctly but not on short dodge-cd's in my view. 

    It also got silently nerfed and doesnt give you 2 pips on the proc anymore

  16. 6 minutes ago, Alphastaire said:

    Todd already did it in his post.

    1.      Gold medal for the top 20 players in the winning faction

    2.      Gold medal for the top 20 individual contributors across all factions, in killing/captures/harvest/craft

    This stops guilds from joining forces and creating a mega alliance because: not everyone in the winning faction gets a gold medal, and you don't have to be in the winning faction to get one. It's just an example, but it's not far off from being a good change.

    Like I stated above, this doesnt help.

    for 1.

    You need to be in the winning faction to be in the best 20, so your point is already invalid.

    for 2.

    The dominating faction has better access to ressources, so the harvest and crafting is already invalid. Kills is interesting, since the lowpop factions will have more easy targets to pick, but this can be counterd with alt-acc farming if you really need to go for the K/D. Captures is also invalid because ppl will just use alt-acc to capture-recapture for hours to push their score. 

    There is always a way to exploit these mechanics. Give me something better

  17. 9 minutes ago, Alphastaire said:

    Disagree. The system is literally designed in a way that it is beneficial to do this; it isn't a player problem, it's a design problem. If there's a better or more rewarding way of doing something, that's how it'll be done. That's what we saw this trial, and that's why the design must be changed.

    Because there is no design, which can fight this.

    So tell me how you would design it to prevent ppl from doing the best they can to get the best outcome. Just give me one good example of gamedesign which would change this. JT would appreciate that for sure!

    Even if the loosing faction would get the best rewards, ppl would start doing everything they can possibly do to loose, even if they would have to make alt-accs to play another faction to push the score up on the other side.

  18. 55 minutes ago, jtoddcoleman said:

    Second: while I know this can be aggravating, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a player problem; it’s a design problem. 

    I dont agree with that. 

    The ppl are the problem here and everywhere else. You will always have a few, which are not going for the "easy and lucrative"-way, but these will not pull the difference.

    There is no design you can pull out of your cylinder to change that behavior beside from punishing the winning team... which doenst make sense, right?


    55 minutes ago, jtoddcoleman said:

    So, here’s an example of a better reward structure (and it’s JUST an example):

    1.      Gold medal for the top 20 players in the winning faction

    2.      Gold medal for the top 20 individual contributors across all factions, in killing/captures/harvest/craft

    Since this IS JUST an example, I cant take it serious anyway, because this wouldnt change anything


    Iam really wondering if you have any plan how to grab this issue, since I cant remember any game which was able to pull something out design-wise to counter this human behavior.

    Actually I'am impressed that you sound kind of surprised that this did occur.

  19. On 2/7/2019 at 8:13 PM, Phr00t said:

    So Inquisitor has all the same abilities that leather sanctifier does, but inquisitor does more damage with those same abilities, but sacrifices some survivability without the shield. Not seeing how you think the sanctifier does more damage.

    I'm not talking training dummies, I have been active with this spec for many small and large scale fights. Inquisitor is hands-and-away the better spec for sieges, where you're inherently more safe due to large numbers and higher range. Small scale is less of a better spec and comes down to playstyle, but with being able to Ult away and re-position if targeted, or having teammates peel (yes, they can), you don't need to expose yourself to any danger to do damage. You play it like a ranger, run bard and an extra CC like mole hunter for the pesky people that won't get away, and you burn them down from ranged once they realize they can't catch you. 

    In forts and such, tornadoes, firewaves and firewall are very disruptive and effective. 

    The blanket statement that inquisitors can't put out damage because they die so easily is just incorrect, the spec works and can be very effective and I would be surprised if they weren't the #1 RDPS spec in the game right now.


    More dps because he doesnt have to kite all the day and need to get to a savespot to get healed up, which are most likley healingcircles which are under pressure anyway. 

    Thats were uptime of dps is important. You prolly have like 20% more dps output by that spec, but you are running away alot and dodge stuff, not being in range for the important targets (prolly doesnt matter in smallscale) and so on, so you cant bring your dps consistently on the enemies. 

    We have different views or experience on groupfights I guess. Its fine for me

  20. Different playstyles prolly. I can imagine how you stand in an imaginery backline and let ppl "peel for you" (which isnt really athing i  this game with the current cc mechanics anyway). While dealing tons of dmg with your slow traveling tornados which need 8 seconds to reach their destination and everyone there is allready pulled together, clumped, cc'ed and ready to get smashed. 

    The ranged-sanctifier play is different. With this spec you are the pushing unit, always in the middle or directly in the flank of the foe's groups and zergs. You are able to put stuff down were it hurts the most. You are a sustaintank with knockupcc and aoe dmg but still able to use that stuff on a usefull range without being gimped to a firewall directly under your feeds. 


    I agree that the inquisitor has in fact higher dps on the trainingdummies, but if it comes to real dps and uptimes in actuall pvp situations, there is no way you can put more pressure on them if somebody is playing the sanctifier the right way. 

    Like I mentioned in my previous post: This will be changed for sure. They have to force this build to the range of spitting distance, otherwise they have to revamp the shieldproc. Both changes would let me prefer the inquisitor over the sanctifier (if i would want to stick to the confessor), but in the current state, the sanctifier is superior.

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