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  1. Like I stated above, this doesnt help. for 1. You need to be in the winning faction to be in the best 20, so your point is already invalid. for 2. The dominating faction has better access to ressources, so the harvest and crafting is already invalid. Kills is interesting, since the lowpop factions will have more easy targets to pick, but this can be counterd with alt-acc farming if you really need to go for the K/D. Captures is also invalid because ppl will just use alt-acc to capture-recapture for hours to push their score. There is always a way to exploit these mechanics. Give me something better
  2. Because there is no design, which can fight this. So tell me how you would design it to prevent ppl from doing the best they can to get the best outcome. Just give me one good example of gamedesign which would change this. JT would appreciate that for sure! Even if the loosing faction would get the best rewards, ppl would start doing everything they can possibly do to loose, even if they would have to make alt-accs to play another faction to push the score up on the other side.
  3. No, I expect ppl to act like people. Dont even understand the question...did you see that this was related to that quoted part?
  4. I dont agree with that. The ppl are the problem here and everywhere else. You will always have a few, which are not going for the "easy and lucrative"-way, but these will not pull the difference. There is no design you can pull out of your cylinder to change that behavior beside from punishing the winning team... which doenst make sense, right? Since this IS JUST an example, I cant take it serious anyway, because this wouldnt change anything Iam really wondering if you have any plan how to grab this issue, since I cant remember any game which was able to pull something out design-wise to counter this human behavior. Actually I'am impressed that you sound kind of surprised that this did occur.
  5. More dps because he doesnt have to kite all the day and need to get to a savespot to get healed up, which are most likley healingcircles which are under pressure anyway. Thats were uptime of dps is important. You prolly have like 20% more dps output by that spec, but you are running away alot and dodge stuff, not being in range for the important targets (prolly doesnt matter in smallscale) and so on, so you cant bring your dps consistently on the enemies. We have different views or experience on groupfights I guess. Its fine for me
  6. Different playstyles prolly. I can imagine how you stand in an imaginery backline and let ppl "peel for you" (which isnt really athing i this game with the current cc mechanics anyway). While dealing tons of dmg with your slow traveling tornados which need 8 seconds to reach their destination and everyone there is allready pulled together, clumped, cc'ed and ready to get smashed. The ranged-sanctifier play is different. With this spec you are the pushing unit, always in the middle or directly in the flank of the foe's groups and zergs. You are able to put stuff down were it hurts the most. You are a sustaintank with knockupcc and aoe dmg but still able to use that stuff on a usefull range without being gimped to a firewall directly under your feeds. I agree that the inquisitor has in fact higher dps on the trainingdummies, but if it comes to real dps and uptimes in actuall pvp situations, there is no way you can put more pressure on them if somebody is playing the sanctifier the right way. Like I mentioned in my previous post: This will be changed for sure. They have to force this build to the range of spitting distance, otherwise they have to revamp the shieldproc. Both changes would let me prefer the inquisitor over the sanctifier (if i would want to stick to the confessor), but in the current state, the sanctifier is superior.
  7. Plz read my post from saturday for my point of view and maybe test it, before you take a position on that. Inquisitor is in fact squishy as hell and cant deal more consistent dmg as the leather sacrifier in group fights because of the missing sustain.
  8. Look at the pic of my skilltree. Iam not putting the talentpoint into that thing which forces you to 8m. If you activate this perk, your firewall is always directly below you.
  9. EDIT: Doublepost because of ongoing forumbug...fix this alreasy gosh...
  10. You need to equip the passive Righteousness to make it work
  11. Its going like this for a while now. This is from the official discord: Jan 30, 2019 'Thank you for the reports concerning problems with the forum. We have contacted the service provider for the forum software and hope to have the issues resolved quickly.'
  12. Yes it does. Also a lil bit feedback of the sanctifier from my side: Played the sanctifier now for arround 2 weeks, but without the spitting distance perk since they announced the change of forcing you to 8m if you pick it (the removal of the passive). At this point and in particular after this last campaign, I have to say that its still way to strong. For sure its a lil bit less tanky because you have to play him in leather but 90% of his sustain comes from "Righterous Shield" procs. It doesnt matter if you wear leather or plate, if you are shielded for 95% of the time. There is no cooldown on that proc and the chance to proc it is extremly high. Since your selfheal is almost not existend or respectively extrem weak, you should always have a stack of bandages with you. That condermination is just there to deal a massive ammount of dmg in a short timeframe if you got spare mana to do so. The shieldproc should be combined into that spitting distance perk to fix this, otherwise that "nerf" was completly useless. I provoked alot of outnumberd fights like 3v1, 4v1, 5v1 and one was even 6v1 and its rediciulous...its getting addicting at some point, so dont overdo it. Iam not outgearing anyone beside from that guys in intermediate, but they are rare in known guilds. Iam just running a basicvessel with commonquality stuff without rings and amulets on a highelf. If you got the right surroundings like down in the pits with alot of Motherloads to break LoS, there is almost nothing which can kill you without receiving a loss or a couple of deaths and ends in your disengagment if the whole map starts to hunt you down....I guess balance can tell stories about that This can be archieved even without abusing fallingdmg (which doesnt work really good down there, since they always hit walls or land on ML's). The uptime of the ultimate is also extremly high, which give you the ability to stealth out and reposition yourself almost whenever you want to. Nerf plz.
  13. There is no salt. Is that that some kind of last resort argument? Iam impartial. I have no problem either fighting or playing with the assassin and Iam not maining any class. The whole point of this thread is, that there is only one valid choice for this one class and I agree with that. Do whatever you want, but stay on topic and try atleast to be objective. 'Thanks for the hands and gold btw.' Even if it wouldnt have wiped.. it was gold from ~6 mobs (1k). How about posting that vid how awesome you managed to kill me in the pits with 6 others on your side in a fight which took over 2min xD
  14. So your point for halfelf would be better for your current playstyle is the trailblazer? Good news, there is something called Bard. This makes you even faster. Sad that there is no dicipline for stealthspeed, doublejump, a faster dodgeroll, gliding and midairdodge. Really amusing how you jump on the first post which covers your back...in some point, even if its most likeley offtopic and its not about catching ppl while stealthed, but disengaging. Had a good laugh in here. Thx for the entertainment of yet another "my race/class combination favorite IS NOT IMBALANCED AT ALL"-discussion. Gapcloser... you prolly wish you would have more after failing your jump on me with another assassin and 2 other ppl last night farming cats and not being able to catch up with a Highelf-Confessor xD No worries... will not share that vid to shame you and your awesome hidden knowledge of gameplay. Looking forward to meet you as a halfelf or highelf soon... I guess the duration from 5.8 release till that recent wipe wasnt enough time to get a second necklace. Good luck on getting one in the upcoming weeks till the next itemwipe
  15. No matter how many more attributes or racial abilities the other races have, there is no other option for assassins and it IS MANDATORY to play a fae. Mobility is key, there is no doubt about that for this class. @Soulreaver I never saw you playing something else than Fae for your assassin. Do you believe you could really perform as good with another race, as you do with the fae?
  16. I dont think that brigand is less tanky than a warden. The whole mitigationsystem is a lil bit weird if it comes to actuall mitigations against physical and so on. There is to much penetration atm. The best bonus from more heavy armor is the increased hp-pool in my view. If you compare the skills which lead to get more sustain, the brigand is just doing better, since his fairy-bomb has half the cooldown and the barrier it grants is extremly important. The whole fight with a Ranger (warden/brigand) is all about the stancedance and playing with the cds, utilizing the ultimates to burst in meleerange and disengage into bowrange as soon you are vulnurable (Thats the reason why the daggerspinpassive is even worse....beside from not even dealing tons of dmg if stacked up). Thats also the part were the woodelf comes handy because of his blinkdodge. This class is really fun to play, but it needs practice and awarness. The warden is just a poorly made spec and deals way to less dmg compared to his poor sustain. These things are my opinion, but there is a reason why I cant even remember when I did see a Warden the last time in actuall PvP
  17. Oh warden true...weird that this spec is still used^^
  18. Wasnt playing the ranger recently and iam not into the distance-cap-stuff anymore, but I would assume that master of axes is better than master of bows. You will get a passive which gives you an additional barrier on autoatks in melee... prolly better than that range-root, which almost never works in group fights because of all that cc's and retaltions going on. Banshee's heals is are super bugged atm and that slow is on a way to long cd. Only good thing about banshee is that execution-passive and that critbonus. I dont see any reason for arcane archer either. I dont like elemental bows and the skills of this discipline are crap.
  19. Its not random. But it still doesnt help if you are on the other side of the screen ^^
  20. It is in fact kind of squishy but still good for a leatherboy because of the barriers and a kinda helpfull ulti BUT a minotaur isnt helping there because of the bad dodge-ability. You pretty much have to go for wood-elf if you want to make it work.
  21. Makuza

    Atlas MMORPG

    As far as I can see this game is going hard clientsided. Have fun with all these scriptkiddies and hackers, which are prolly all over the place already
  22. Iam talking about the juggle and everyone is using juggeling to get that save falldmg in nowadays, so it is a porblem and a broken mechanic. You need 2 person which are able to coordinate 1 combo...dont tell me that you support this mechanic. Knockups should at least give kind of falldmgmitigation-buff on the person hit.
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