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  1. With the change of the ultimatemechanics, the templar and knight got actually a buff, while sins, myrms druids and rangers got screwed. Confessors are pretty much untouched by that tho
  2. You can not stack it... Nvm anyway. Current patchnotes in the testserver-client state that it has now a 10% procchance and cant proc itself (which I did not even see yet, but I was only testing for half an hour with that passive). This is not realy acceptable. Even if it was bugged with that 100% on autoatks, it was by far not op. There is pretty much nothing in that dmgspec which let the inquisitor do way more dmg which would compensate his squishyness (no barriers, no lifeleech, no heal and rolling arround with leathermitigations and hp) I agree that his knockups do a poorly made sockston of dmg by abusing fallingdmg-mechanics, but this shouldnt even be a thing, right? Nerf/fix knockups and give the dmg-fessor some real dmg plz...
  3. Firedots are hitting 3 times per second in average (your screenshot is showing only 2, since the first tick started prolly 15:07:25,x). The 5% procchance is stated wrong. My confessor applies the dot 100% with every autoatk, so you can have this up on multiple targets easy. The average dps is arround 80-120 (with armorcalc and depending if applied critical -which let every tick crit- or not) If they fix the procchance, It will be worthless tho.
  4. Ya sorry. I was rude. I had to much time testing stuff and since its not a hassle to level a vessel in a couple minutes to max (even without the archframes), I went a lil bit fast here. Its playerdepend. From a normal mmorpgs perspective its absolutly true, since leveling takes most of the time longer than a week to reach the max, which would be a huge loss of time with the current talent tree. As I started into 5.8 I was reading all the skills till the end before deciding whichone to pick. Since the passive of the tankconfessor clearly stated that picking this passive will reduce all his skills to 8 meters, I knew that I dont have to pick the rangeincrease in the first place (which is a mistake in the current state, but will be important soon). Other players are going in more blindfolded, without reading and planning in beforehand or grabbing info elsewhere... but this is also fine, since the timeloss is not that huge and these 3 points will not ruin your vessel, even if you dont get anything from that. On your second vessel of the same class you will even have more stuff you can skip, like the meteor and so on. Its a learning experience and a tiny issue in my view
  5. Would be kinda wonderful if sins could use 8sec i-frames, while being moved to the stealthtray 2 times in a row, isnt it? ----- The value from the confessor's ulti is the ability to reposition himself while i-framed and stealthed. This is more as a templar for example gets. To be able to use this twice in a row, is extremly strong and doesnt need to be adjusted. Prolly less handy in 1v1 - smallscale, but insanly usefull in bigger groupfights.
  6. The whole duraloss System is kinda weird. Duraloss seems to be devided through the number of parts you have. If you start a new char with only a weapon from the Vendor, it will Decay like 4x faster since you dont have any other parts of gear equipped. I noticed this on my second Champion. I gave him a advanced greataxe from the beginning at Level 1 (I used this weapon for almost a week before on the old Champion and it was on like 40% dura). I went out grinding Mobs with that Setup (without gear) and this weapon was done in minutes. Thats why i believe that the duraloss is devided by parts. Maybe it was a bug, but that System seems to be odd^^
  7. To round up. Gear doesnt matter either that much. It does a difference between equal skilled players with the same knowledge (these players will still have the same level without a wipe) but a bunch of new players with legendaries in every slot will also not archive anything against ppl with intermediate gear which actually know how everything like classes, cc, meta and alot of other coremechanics work. But hey. Go for the wipe and give them the illusion of equality. This will prolly fill the servers more than sticking to ppl which dont want to do the distribution of passiveprogression once more
  8. I dont care if wipe or not. It doesnt make a difference after a few hours anyway. Ppl which spend more time into it and already know how the system works will always be in advantage over any casual-player even in this game and even from server start till the end. In fact, it doesnt matter at all if casuals start with the same conditions as veterans since there is no way that they can stay equal after an hour into a fresh wiped setup. You dont need passive progression to get advanced gear in a few minutes, while new ppl will not even know how to get that stuff after a week, if they dont join a community. The "powergap" is a not working excuse to force a wipe. It will not give any equality. Ppl have to understand that - with the current state and mechanics of the game - tryhards, nolifer, veterans will rule the board, no matter what. This is pretty much the case in every game, but ppl still try to equalize stuff. In the end of the day its still not possible to force equality.
  9. I dont see manashield even being needed, since he gets alot of barrier-procs from the book's firewall. Talking from a groupplay perspective here...he will be close to templars and clerics in fights, so there is no point in going full sustain. Surviving longer than the rest of the team, doesnt help the team^^ There is more than lmb, but the range of this stuff will be also forced to 8 meters soonish.
  10. Nobody forces you to put 3 points into a rangeincrease, if you want to go for the platefessor. If you are new to the game and you dont know about the talents, you will not do the same mistake on your next vessel. Its all about starting over and it will be even more, as soon as the disciplines are locked to your vessel... There are ways to keep the mana up. Also, 8m for your autoattk is double the range of a normal meleeswing. Never saw a Templar using a mace btw... You would even cry more being forced to 4 meters range, so whats the point? After all. If you dont want to get gimped to a 8 Meters range in the near future, you should not go with the tank-confessor.
  11. Did you try climbing the mountains arround the beachhead? Its a realy nice experience, but prepare for more than 30min of climbing
  12. you forget about his ultimate on this point, which will make it more like "you have to kill his lifebar 3 times, then he will fill up with 2 ultimatewarrior, then you need to hit his lifebar down again and he will have his ulti up at least once in that timeframe and you have to penetrate his barriers at the same time" I cant fight against the argument that you kill pitfighters with your duellist, since I didnt even saw one since 5.8. Also I cant prove you wrong, since i did not waste a talentpoint into [Throw Hurlbat] which will be needed to catch the squirrel. I would be happy if it is actually true, since duellists should be strong in 1on1. Same for assassin, but they just get ripped appart if they try to fight a pitfighter, even if the pitfighter has no disciplines equipped...
  13. Ok, once again. What ON THE TEMPLAR does counter. Templar was actually my first class I played as I started into 5.8 testing, so iam aware of his skillset. And NO, standing in divine light and only spamming devotion and block/parries dont work lol. I tested that recently No,no,no dont waste time in explaining me that. Its not worth your time in a testphase. Iam out. Like I said to the other person you talked down, there is no point in having a simple balancing converseration with you, while you just try to defend your one and only class you prolly ever played and dont want to be tuned down to a balanced state. Let the devs decide it. They got enough material from me already and the whole US-Server is actually aware of that issue, even if EU is sleeping if it comes to that part. Have a nice day
  14. 100% no on paladin and 100% no on the cc-spec. I didnt fought a dmgspecced templar yet, but this will probably end even worse for that holything. WHAT DOES COUNTER THO? You speak about counter, but what do you counter with that?! All heals and barriers are executed instant and most of them with I-Frames on activation beside from the aegis, which needs less than 0.3 seconds to be executed, and you cant activly counter that if you have already 150ms+ of latency inbetween Yeah you called that out, but in a super wonderful way. "5 vs 5 us, looser gives 1k ore to the winner in the first counting campaign" As I read that, I was like.. wtf is this guy Its not about 5 vs 5, since you cant make a 5 vs 5 with ppl with a completly different skillceiling. You have at least 4 Championplayers which i could instanlty call out by names: "Gready, you, Belantis, and Melons", there are prolly more. Now tell me the names of our champion players... having a hard time to calling out more than 2 right? Thats the reason, why I did not even react to that poorly made sockstalk. I dont force 4 other players into the champion, if they dont even like to play melees in the first place only to support your vendetta for making a shoutout that the champion (PITFIGHER) is broken. I dont know why you need to bring that poorly made socks to a guildlevel at all in the first place. You are the only one defending the pitfighter in his current state anyway. Your argument that the pitfighter isnt broken is that "You did not even win the past campaing even with using champions" Sorry, but I had to lol so hard after this conversation.. I dont have any other words anymore Not even taking into account that the scoring on the eu server comes down to nightcapping and single persons deciding the scoreboards with being able to capture solo forts whereever they want on the map, without any fighting at all xD Ah and we also decided to not care about points at all in the 3rd campaing, same for the currentone.. so plz dont blame order if they loose again :/
  15. Ok. If you compare it to wow.. I make a way more simple example for the champion in this game. Think about a Defwarrior, which deals the dmg of a fury warrior plus ms, while having selfheal of a fearaldruid with less cd and the bubbles/shielding of a discipline priest - > Burning Crusade expansion view Thats nice for you. I live in the "here and now" Which spec of templar or duelist can counter the champion? Would realy like to see that! Get one of these ready and face me with my pitfighter Will have a good laugh xD
  16. @siunotaco Dont even try to argue against him. He is maining champ since I dont know how long. I dont know if he even tried to play something else to see that his favorite class is broken big times. Tbh. Iam playing champ right now, because i learned in the last century that its not worth to try to fight the meta. Iam realy afraid at this point to go back to any other class and have to learn how to survive and dealing dmg in a groupfight, while the champ can pretty much roll his face over the keyboard doesnt die and have 100% dmg uptime xD @pamintandrei yes of course these 40% dmg mod and the other stats are INCOMBAT with SELFBUFFS. Thats actually the situation (FIGHTING/PVP) where your stats are important. Iam not talking about ideling somewhere and looking at the characterscreen. The only reason I called these numbers without saying its "In Combat" is the simple fact, that he (the pitfighter = TANKBUILD) can keep up these numbers for 80%-85% of the time, while a buff like pack avatar of the druid, has almost no uptime compared to the cooldown.
  17. Slow grind... SLOW? What the hell. The pitfighter reaches almost all the important dmg caps if you do it right. My current vessel is running 900 AP, 40% Final Dmg mod, 20% slashing pen, 150% critdmg on 20% critchance (and iam not taking into account that mighty warrior still gives you 100% critchance for your skills, even with this tankspec) WHILE he rolls arround in plate with 10k HP unbuffed. He deals tons of dmg. LMB hit for over 1,7k critical on the last swing. That thing is completly out of control
  18. As you see in this vid, the champ in 5.8 is in a realy bad shape. Completly in the need of a healer 24/7 and deals no dmg /irony off Balanced? I dont know. Tell me which class with whatever setup can 1on1 a pitfighter with 3 skills on his bar only. Ok prolly you cant name it. Ok, which 3 classes together are able to take down a pitfighter in a timely manner? Yeah...I guess so, its more common that that group get wiped if they dont bring a ton of sustain^^ The pitfighter is a sick joke. Iam trying hard to get that thing nerfed. I dont know how it was before 5.8, since i jumped into the game in 5.7 shortly before 5.8 came to the test. I played everything by now on almost every promotionclass and who ever says, that the pitfighter is balanced or not op or weak is doing something terrible wrong.
  19. Well, Live is already wiped and patched to 5.8 AND was it hours before they pulled out with that article. So NO. This isnt just a short "Live shuts down to install win98 and 5.8 and comes up again". I honestly dont expect 5.8 to get "live" before christmas. "We have a LOT!!! stuff coming in the next MONTH" <- This opens the door for pretty much everything until end of january
  20. Good point. You guys can forget about getting more ppl to the test. The whole article is disappointing tbh. Why does a pre-alpha even need a "TEST-SERVER" ? Nobody expect the game to be fixed, balanced and working completly in this selfclaimed "pre-alpha" (even if I think you are hiding behind this declaration) Now you want a working version on the testserver, before you start testing on the liveserver to get a real "first campaign" on? Maybe make a new serverinstance inbeween and call it LiveTest-Server? Everybody has access to the Test-Server right now. Whats the point to keep it there, if everybody can play and not only a dedicated testgroup?!
  21. Just wondering.. did they remove the cap + and - on attributes from the races?
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