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  1. Great show. Clear comms and good coordination. I enjoyed that.
  2. Ooof. I dont know about that. Tell me how it turns out.
  3. Well me personally.. I like to get a nice big butt and brine it for about 2 to 3 days in a nice cold salt sugar brine.. throw it on my smoker at a nice low heat and keep it fairly simple.. usually mesquite. leave it for a few hours slow smoking and adding wood as I feel necessary. When I get the smoke ring in there I feel is appropriate I like to bring that temp on up and finish it off. Pull it off the smoker and pull any fat thats left off of it. Then pull it all apart serve on a nice bakery bun with a super special pineapple habanero sauce that I discovered that works great with my pig. Thats my fav way to do mine, but I am always experimenting.
  4. I hear ya.. I just wanted to talk swine.
  5. Ok Ok fellas. I appreciate ya havin my back Whiskey.. props man, but everyone is absolutely entitled to their opinion. This is where I put on my big boy panties and say Its just simply not worth arguing about. Pope you have your opinion. Na not out to be the "whiskey guy" though I can absolutely see why you would say that. Yes usually when I post on the forums I have had a couple of cocktails. This is simply because I am normally fairly quiet. I lower the barrier after a couple of drinks and just put my stuff out there. Alcoholic? lol absolutely not. I have phases. Ill go 6 months without a bourbon..then Ill enjoy every day for a couple of weeks. Its all about mood. Lately... I have been enjoying. So dont worry about me fella. Theres no 12 step program in my future. We are all here to enjoy a game and make it a little better place at the same time. Me.. Just a little comic relief every once in awhile thats it. I propose we all just set aside the judgmental jabs and try to keep our little community civil. I for one am here to get along with everyone. By the way Pope... Im a 46 year old sea captain. Last thing I am worried about is being Internet cool. As far as baconator goes.. Well im quite certain there would be a legal issue of copy right infringement. Heck by the time hes dead he will just be pulled pork anyway. STB out
  6. Nope. Boss Hogg Or possibly Baconator Jr. W cheese
  7. I like the concept of Evil race. I would like to see a race hard core enough they can pvp their own Via a hot key to toggle pvp within same race fights as well as fight other factions.. A complete wild card comprised of outlaws and pirates. Come on tell me there isnt someone in your own faction you would just love to drop over and over. Samwell T Baggins
  8. And here is what I would like you to do.. .I want you to go look in the mirror.. You like what you see? if so good... now take a closer look at your nose.. Its on your face.. Thats where it belongs and not in my God Damn business. So keep it where it belongs. Baconator.
  9. No way man.. I was clean between the hours of 8. a.m. and 11 a.m. legit. but my sobriety isn't the focus here...keep on point.. Baconator.
  10. I was just sittin here catching my evening buzz, aka happy hour(s), and I am skinning pigs. Raid bosses do not have names yet so ... I suggest we name the pack pig boss Baconator. That is all. Samwell T Baggins...out.
  11. Good fights last night and good coordination. Was hella fun and we took back what was ours. Great group
  12. That could be interesting for sure, but then would have to implement a full moon system. No doubt interesting. How much stronger at night is the question? If too much stronger are we going to see nothing but werewolves at night time sieges? Will there eventually be QQ about "i wanted to play a werewolf cause i love werewolves but they are nerfed in daylight hours" Maybe way off in the future this would be a pretty cool little experiment. I for one like your thinking, but right now at this stage of the game I would have to call Feature creep on that one. There are alot of pretty cool classes that need to be all tweaked and an entire game that needs to be smoothed out for release so we can really get this party started. Not trying to knock the wind out of your sails just calling it the way I see it. I love the Idea myself. Keep them coming. It could be a creative and fun class not only for the Players but for the devs as well. SamwellTBaggins Village drunk. Chaos.
  13. LOL eat... Hahaha... eat.. thanks for the laugh
  14. The kids these days Have a name for it. Day drinking i think.. Just sounds so dirty... I like to refer to it as a lifestyle choice. Im about to get $&^@ done like its the fourth of July.
  15. Enough Knob Creek will knock my Pick in the dirt.
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