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  1. I totally agree with the looting system needing to be addressed sooner than later especially with the implementation of God's Reach safe zones. There was a member of Chaos today that Ninja looted the boss mob after I killed it and I had no recourse of any kind due to the nature of safe-zones. Fortunately they were terrible and ended up dying to NPC's and I was able to loot the stuff they stole earlier as well as everything else they had collected because they didn't SB it. Needless to say this type of interaction is the ultimate form of harassment as there is no action you can take to prevent it in a safe-zone.
  2. This was the original game design for all disciplines. The minors would drop from PvE boss mobs and the Major's would come from a type of spirit you could only find at night which you need to kill and harvest via soul-gem. The idea was these are quite powerful tools and shouldn't be easily accessible and it would provide a reason to PvE and play into the economy loop for non-crafters. I'm looking forward to the open world PvP it will bring when people from different factions are trying to farm up disciplines. It should be a good time. Anyway, hope that helps to answer your question. Have a great night. Cheers.
  3. @Staff You going Order again next campaign. If so I'm in!
  4. Coming from a purely solo player perspective this campaign I started fresh and as you noted earlier the biggest jump in power was certainly from white to Green, but as I mostly 1vX I've noticed the power creep in each upgrade I've gotten so far. Currently I'm in a Epic Vessel with a mix of Blue and Epic gear and the noticeable difference in toughness was very apparent from Green to Blue Armor and Damage increase from Green to Blue Weapons. However, I do feel with the current state of the game and if you are running with a healer you could get away in a small group setting of being in Blue gear and wouldn't notice the difference in gear as much as the gap in skill or team composition. When I finally cobbled together my first set of Blue gear I actually felt that I had hit a competitive state and the only difference between me and anyone I was fighting in similar or even higher quality gear was skill, numbers, and builds/class. I've never felt disadvantaged due to gear post Blue as a solo player and perhaps the gap is smaller in a group setting with good teamwork and team composition and you can get away with Green, but with so many outlying factors such a Disciplines, Race/Class combination and just pure numbers I would suggest that at Blue gear you are about as equal as you are going to get and can't be more than 5% or so behind. A few things to note, you need to stat the gear properly and re-roll it to fit your character just having Blue quality stuff that is not stated for you is worse than Green that is stated for you IMO. Also, you need a full set including Jewelry not just Armor and Weapons. I think Vessels are of less importance and as long as you have a Green that is stated for you or a Blue that has decent stats you will be fine.
  5. Just wanted to Chime in here real quick because this is such an interesting thread for a host of reasons, but my main concern is how we as a community seem to be treating each other recently. First, let me start by saying "Thank You Jah!" for doing this and hopefully your efforts will bring some fresh blood to the game and revive some people that have lost interest due to current state of pre-alpha. So as we all know the current state of affairs is rough around the edges and it's clear Balance is more organized and playing to win. Not sure why this is a problem since it's a game and needs to be tested, also let's not forget without a hardcore player base to break/abuse/exploit everything this stuff wouldn't get fixed and would cause the game to fail spectacularly come launch. Second, I think lots of people are taking this whole thing way to personally except for Order who are way more relaxed despite there predicament and those are people I can easily get down with, so expect to see me flying Orange next Campaign on NA. Let's try not to take the #warstories as such a personal affront to our skill level and realize it needs to be phrased in such a way that will not only garner interest in the game, but also make it sound like there is more going on than there truly is. Half the people complaining on Chaos in this thread about numbers have no remorse about killing me 1v5+, but complain the instance they get outnumbered and start bringing up gear, time-played, and every other excuse for some reason. It's a PvP game you are going to die...LOTS..and most the time it's going to be massively unfair. Get over it or as Mandy always points out find a Guild or better yet Make one and get your own "unfair advantage," but either way lets stop beating this dead horse over and over on the boards it's just in poor taste and really makes people sound like sore losers. Also, if you are on the winning side aka Balance. You don't need to justify yourself or actions on the boards either, if someone wants to QQ just let them do it by themselves stop jumping into threads and even nicely explaining why the person is wrong/bad/misinformed or anything else because we all know people read text in "anger voice" and it just leads to further pollution of the boards and makes you sound like a poor winner which is even worse than a sore loser. On a personal note I've been enjoying the game solo this campaign and have found it both fun and rewarding for my time investment. There are lots of disadvantages to being a solo player especially one that is non-stealth, but overcoming those is part of the enjoyment for me and finding/pushing the limits of what my build can do is quite fun. I get killed quite often in fact I might have the most deaths in game at least on Balance side, but you will never see me on the boards QQing about some real or imagined disadvantage. I get better with each loss, I learn to adapt my play-style to fit the current state of affairs and who/how and where/when to engage/disengage from fights. If you take losses rather fair or unfair as learning tools you will enjoy the game quite a bit more and get better at the same time. TLDL - We all know the game is still in the "works," so let's not antagonize each other for sport when someone has a "moment"
  6. Pets have certainly been used in almost every game for the Ranger/Hunter class, but animal companions are certainly more rare. I can honestly go either way with them, but I think they fit the theme of the class well without putting to much stress on ACE to figure out how to make a "good" pet class. Totally agree that the kits have gotten way better for every class especially after the quick short-pass and talent swapping they did for rangers. Moving the bombs to Brigand was solid and the addition of Suppression on Aero-Spin when talented really feels solid. I do think it's unrealistic under current game play for the Archer to be stationary, but in certain instances he will really shine and that makes it OK for the first pass. I have to disagree with this entirely as all Assassins have access to stealth which is a far more powerful tool than my suggestion of Camouflage and how it would work. Of course the counter argument is Assassins "need" stealth, but I also believe that is unfounded as some games have really done Assassin classes with little to no stealth. Take GW2 Thief class which has limited stealth in combat or Albion Online which offers a similar limited stealth mechanic. However, I do believe Camouflage would need to be balanced properly, but considering no class, disciplines or talents have really been balanced other than to tweak something that is completely out of whack there is plenty of time for ACE to get it done if they choose to go that route.
  7. Thanks for the post. While I do agree with the general-jest of what you are saying and agree some balance tweaking is required on those two fronts as well as many others in the case of Mjayed or any Stealther for that matter choosing when or when not to fight the majority of the time is part of that class kit and I'm perfectly fine with that as long as it's balanced properly. However, Stealthers do have a very hard counter in the Ranger especially the Warden-promotion and with all things being equal they don't stand a chance 1v1 even if they get the jump on one.There is also a Discipline that all classes have access to that provides a Flare for bringing out stealthers and prevents them from re-entering stealth. Also, the Fae race has Faerie Fire and the Elkan have Gestalt. So there are quite a few ways to bring out stealth players that require very little sacrifice to obtain if that is a major concern. Granted I do still believe it needs to be tweaked to some degree, but as I have yet to play a stealther as a main I have very little input on how it feels on the other side as I've personally have only played a Ranger. I do wholeheartedly agree with the premise that mobility is "king" and needs to be adjusted especially "in-combat" even if you want to have some races move faster than others there needs to be a better balance, but ACE has been less focused on balance and more about getting the Campaign system up and running so I would expect some real balancing come Alpha. Thanks again for the well-thought out post and don't let the current state of game-balance frustrate you to much as they game has yet to truly go through any real balancing, but it's on the agenda as CF moves into Alpha and they are less worried with the Campaign features and more focused on balancing and game-play. Cheers.
  8. March to first campaign that was 3 days ago. No I've yet to watch the livestream as I have other things to do than live, sleep and breath video games. I'm sorry this very personal for you and I didn't mean to ruffle your little feathers. However, I suggest unplugging as 2 aggressive post in the span of 3 minutes is a bit much even for the average 14 year old.
  9. Pretty sure they stated they were going to wipe a few times in the last Article and then they planned to do a few short campaigns followed by the "Real" First Campaign. Also this might not be the ideal game for you if you don't like "wiping" as that is one of the big selling points of the game. Having fresh campaigns starts so the game doesn't get stale is the main reason I backed Crowfall. As far as testing goes I'm certainly on the opposite side of the spectrum. I think testing a fresh start without free gear is more of an ideal testing environment as that is a major loop of the game that has yet to be tested due to all the free gear and people spending there first few hours of test crafting max end gear. Hopefully we will have news one way or the other in a few hours, but for me if it's just another test with free gear I personally will be passing.
  10. First let me start off by saying I'm a new backer and have only been testing for roughly 10 days now and last night was my first dip into 5.8 Promotion classes specifically for the Ranger. Now with that out of the way let's discuss how needlessly clunky the Ranger Promotions feel and my current thoughts on what they are and which direction they should be going. FYI, the whole point of this is to have a discussion on the current gameplay mechanics and state of the Ranger and the first pass of its Promotion classes and which directions the majority of the community feels the class should take while it's still being iterated upon. My Current View Archer It's by far the least clunky out of the three Promotion classes and all the talents in the promotion tree focus purely on being an Archer. This feels like the initial concept of what the Ranger was when it first came out most likely and they just streamlined it into being a sniper. Warden This is a primarily melee build with one bomb which seems odd as this is suppose to be the hybrid melee/archer, but it seems that was lost in translation and it's a more tanky melee build that has high survivability and great stealth detection. Brigand Without question the most clunky of the three Promotion classes with a melee/bleed/debuff focus that has access to the Stealth Tray with a single ability Ambush. You can supplement your Stealth Tray with Disciplines, but you might as well play an Assassin or Duelist if you wanted to do that. The Direction I would love to see the Ranger and individual Promotion classes go Ranger Base Kit Camouflage - Base skill that allows you to blend into your surrounding similar to the Wood Elf Passive, but would add to your Far-Sight and Perception. Possible limited movement with upgrade through the talent system, but would never come close to a pure stealth class. Possible damage bonus on opening from Camouflage upgrade via talents. Animal Companions - Unlike permanent pets the Animal Companion would provide some form of active or passive skill and would not necessarily need to be visible in game like a permanent pet would be. For example a passive Hawk Companion that adds to your Far-sight or an active Crow Companion that blinds your enemy. A wolf or hound that adds to your perception or tracks down pray. Hybrid - Should be equal with Bow or Steel until Promoted into one of the promotion classes. Perhaps some passive that rewards switching between Ranged and Melee Tray. Archer Leather Armor Long Bow & 1-Hand Melee If the Archer is the Premier Bow user I'm perfectly fine with the "Sniper" approach. Long Range, Large Radius AoE abilities and slower draw times with a mesh of defensive abilities or passive that keep enemies at bay or minimize their ability to gap close. The main theme for the Promotion should be about your Bow and your melee capabilities should be a small part of the kit. If the base Ranger is 25/25 in terms of Ranged/Melee power the Archer Promotion should double or triple his Ranged output to 75/25. Warden Leather Armor Bow & 2-Hand Melee The Hyrbid or Survivalist that strikes a balance in both Ranged and Melee prowess. The theme for this Promotion should be about the synergy between your Ranged and Melee Tray and they should build upon one another. Think skirmisher that utilizes hit and run tactics wearing his opponents down before going in for the kill. After the Warden Promotion his Ranged and Melee output should land in the 50/50 range. Brigand Mail armor - Dual Wield & Short Bow The theme for this Promotion should be Traps and Debuffs. A more melee focused build that wears Mail armor and sets up Ambushes for the unsuspecting. Unlike the patient assassin that is waiting for the right moment to strike, the Brigand is less concerned about who falls into his trap as his Debuffs will give him the upper-hand once the trap is sprung. The Brigand Promotion should be the opposite of the Archer with a 25/75 Melee focused power output. Please add on to the discussion so we can have the Ranger class we all want to play. The Promotion tree's can really add lots of variants that can push different gameplay styles before the addition of Disciplines.
  11. Talents are earned by leveling up your vessels as a form of active progression. Promotion Classes as well as Disciplines are all tied to the talent tree. Passive training is still a big thing, but they will be doing another pass to clean up the tree's along with shifting certain power to or from the talent tree. Hope that helps.
  12. The final Pip for Archer Promotion gives access to Runic Bow while the final Pip for Brigand gives access to Runic Melee, but only the Warden Promotion final pip gives access to Runic Bow and Melee. Reason I was asking the question. Guess I will wait until someone that has gone down the tree's has formally checked or until I get test rights. Thanks though. Cheers.
  13. Sorrows

    Ranger stealth

    You just made my night by informing of the great news that you retain the ranged tray. Thanks for the info!!!
  14. Sorrows

    Ranger stealth

    While this is an old thread with the talent changes and Brigand being a stealth class what are the current thoughts on it as it's a melee focused build instead of a ranged option? As I'm unable to test 5.8 atm I'm unsure if you lose your Ranged Tray after you promote to Brigand for the Stealth Tray or if you are able to obtain a Ranged Tray by taking a Discipline after promoting to Brigand. I personally would like to see some form of Stealth Scout type as we already have a Stealth Melee in the Assassin. Current thoughts and input?
  15. Thanks so much for the info dump. By the way does anyone know if the Brigand still has access to his bow tray or is able to obtain it via Discipline?
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