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  1. A few issues have came to light with the Passive Tree Points system. Passive Points continue to accrue even when you have earned enough points to 100% the tree. Passive Points continue to accrue even when you have already purchased 100% of the tree. Passive Points accrued in a Tree beyond the 100% purchased will sit there forever with no way to spend them, The reason these are issues is it penalizes everyone that can't log in and spend their points when they are close to finishing a tree. A system this restrictive is going to cause a lot of angst if not addressed. The Pa
  2. Logged into Ek today to see if there may have been any changes to check out. Found this new free building just sitting there. First thought, cool, something to spice up the log in area since we can't build there. Then, however I took a look to see what was there. A chest, a Stonemason Table and a Basic crafting table. So my second thought is, why do Stonemasons make crafting tables if everyone is just going to get them for free. While I can see the Basic Crafting Table to give the building character to go with the chest, it feels like a slap in the face to a major crafting discipline. Understa
  3. Wood Stakes are still unrecognizable for crafting Wooden Walls in Stonemasonry. This continues to prevent testing the construction of an entire section (Wooden Defenses) of the Stonemason recipes.
  4. There is a complete lack of indication on Crafting recipes that have optional ingredients. Until you load the recipe with the required ingredients and get the Assemble button to light up, we are left to assume all the items are required. In addition, there is nothing to indicate the benefit to adding the optional ingredient without making it and seeing the different results. Though with Cooking at the moment, there is none, you just waste the extra item for no additional benefit (Known issue, at least I believe so even though it not listed).
  5. Recently the Exploration Basics was updated, which was good start to a true fix. I discussed this in the past but thought it time to revisit the discussion now that we have seen that major changes can and will happen. I have created a spreadsheet (shorturl.at/glrZ7) that outlines what I feel the tree should have gone to in the recent update using the current language and changing it where I feel it needs to be changed. Gathering Line is about in-organic harvesting, Mining and Quarrying. Harvesting line is about Organic harvesting, Logging and Skinning. Surviva
  6. Would it be possible to improve the Unread Content functionality? We need to be able to hit the unread content button, get the list of items to read. Then when we hit the topic we need to catch up on, it takes us to the part of the discussion we haven't read, not the beginning of the topic forcing us to scroll through to find what we have and haven't read. It a serious time sync to have to constantly figure out where to begin again and again in a multi-page, multi-response discussion. I have seen this as basic functionality on other forums and it would be much appreciated to have it here due t
  7. The day has FINALLY arrived and I can provide an update to my 90% Basic Crafting Mastery discussion found here. I have reached the 90% required Basic Crafting needed to unlock Basic Crafting Mastery. This is what it looks like. And this is how much it costs I need to reiterate that the need to reach 90% in basic crafting requires you to fully unlock EVERY craft except one and at least 1 point in that final Craft. While I get that the node is called Basic Crafting Mastery, it calls for you to forsake specialization unless crafting in general is your specialization. A
  8. Per the Patch notes, Dregs Campaign WorldTo join a Campaign in The Dregs you need to be either a member of a guild or a member of one of the “Divine Factions”: Sun, Earth, or Moon. For players not in a guild, your choice of a God Faction is initially prompted as you join and enter a Campaign. This gives the impression that even though it a Guild vs Guild game, the Factions are still important and relevant. This may not be the case or the intent. Again, these comments are based on first impression in a new area of testing for me. The message is misleading, either the Divine Factions m
  9. I'll add to this rather than starting a new thread as I concur, the disappointment in Dreg's is real. Keep in mind these are my observations from my first ever look at Dregs. The UI in the Dreg's is overwhelming. So much information is displayed with no real sense of anything. I could not tell who represented which faction, just Guild Tags everywhere. As a solo play wanted to come in and help my randomly picked faction and test Stronghold Building, I had no idea who I should reach out to, which outpost, keep or stronghold to try and run to and pitch it. And before all the "just join a Gu
  10. Node Cost (for those I know) and time investment based on that cost can be found in the Spreadsheets linked here that also includes the full descriptions of every node. Amazing work Yoink, I like the compact format and the calculator aspects of the tool.
  11. UPDATE Finally finished the second collection of all node data in a spreadsheet with formulas and values. The link has been added to the first post (above) to the Crowfall Exploration Professions Spreadsheet. In it you will find the Exploration Basics and each Exploration Profession in a Card Format that has all the values and descriptions, including PIP count cost and time needed (If I know the purchase price), as well as the summary of bonuses received if 100% in Each Exploration Tree. The Combat sheets to match is coming soon, so check back for updates.
  12. Beneficial Harvest Power: Wood in the Ash line of Wood Specialization utilizes the icon for a Lifetime Node.
  13. Grave Specialization Node - Decay Reduction: Shovels description states ...Shovels suffer when harvesting Animals. Harvest Tool Decay: Runestone Shovels description states ....Shovels suffer when harvesting Animals. Additionally, there is a lack of consistency throughout the trees, especially in the expanded descriptions with the use of descriptors. Mining is mining until it is excavating or harvesting as an example. This lack of consistency is consistent though most of the Exploration trees. While technically not incorrect, for quality, the message should be consistent and clear t
  14. Oh, interesting, I did not know that. Thank you. Seemed like an issue because the description says mining and you don't mine with a Hammer. Additionally, if you can harvest Hunger Shards with both a Pick and a Hammer, will it default to Pick if you have both or will it pick the best quality tool? With the old system of selecting your Harvesting tool, at least you had the option of which to use. Now though, if you specialize stone, have the best Hammer possible for it, walk up to a hunger shard and it uses your crappy Pick you just happen to also be carring, that seems problematic.
  15. Stone Specialization description that includes a bonus to mining Hunger Crystals. Granite Basics - there is no space between "Granite" and "when" in the description. Marble Basics - there is no space between "Marble" and "when" in the description. Limestone Basics - there is no space between "Limestone" and "when" in the description. Travertine Basics - there is no space between "Travertine" and "when" in the description.
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