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  1. Well if we were being fair to history and reality there wouldn't be any female combatants at all. But who cares about that? This is a fantasy setting, anything goes. Why gender lock any archetypes at all? Doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I'd vote for some sort of middle ground, like only allowing 24 slots for skills + maybe a 6 slot bar for consumables. I hate games that have you key bind 5 full action bars like WoW, it clutters the screen and you only ever use a small fraction of the skills on a regular basis anyways. On the other hand I do like freedom of choice just as much as the next guy...so whatever. Minor issue if you ask me, we'll just adapt to whatever they come up with.
  3. Agreed, that's how it works in ArcheAge and I like it.
  4. LoL which I will gladly dump as soon as I can play HotS.
  5. Performance on low end machines > All if you want the game to have any sort of success that is. besides, the graphics and art look great to me, a little too great actually..I can already tell this is gonna be a low FPS game...like Wildstar.
  6. Haha! No I'm not trolling nor do I have a PvE agenda. I'm just saying having some PvE is good cause doing the same thing day in day out gets repetitive and boring. The more variety we have, the better IMO. Besides if I'm out in the wild farming goblins what's to stop you from attacking me and stealing my lewts?? That's PvP isn't it?
  7. Well if you guys are only into PvP, why do you even play MMORPGs? There's 50 other genres that do PvP exclusively. People are strange...
  8. Of course PvE !!! Don't u guys like farming mobs for rare loot? I love it.
  9. No quest helper, no addons pl0x...just a very flexible and customizable UI !
  10. I think people are just fed up of hearing how PvP MMOs are doomed to fail. The argument is old, tired and baseless. There's a huge portion of the video gaming crowd (dare I say the majority?) that's solely into PvP. Look at MOBAs, FPS', RTS' and now the survival zombie games, those are all filled with PvP exclusive players. Even in WoW I'd wager at least 30% of the player base is there mostly for the PvP and wouldn't touch the game were it purely PvE. In fact, when was the last time you heard of a purely PvE online game making it big? I can't think of a single example. I'm sure there are some but I've never played them or heard of them.
  11. Well if Wildstar showed us anything it's that cartoon graphics don't necessarily mean better performance Personally I don't have a preference for realistic or cartoony graphics, as long as they're done with taste and talent, they can both work for me.
  12. I like questing but like everyone, I overdose fairly quickly when I have to do 500000000 of them in order to progress. Quests should be epic and rare, they should be meaningful and should impact the world somehow. I'm just as sick of quest grinders as the next guy but that doesn't mean they're inherently bad. A new approach on questing would be welcome, that's for sure.
  13. Full loot is great but I think it works best when accompanied with a realistic encumbrance system. Running around with 10 full sets of plate armour and 5 broad swords in your back pack that you've looted on dead players is dumb. Looting a player should be a tough risk vs reward decision. Do I take his full armour and accept being slowed down to a crawl until I can unload in my bank? Or do I just take that one item that's really good and keep running around at normal speed?
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