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  1. yes that's what i'm talking about and it WAS the 21st and the 23 on original web post.....not gonna argue it as i did not think i need to screen shot them .....but from now on i am going to so the next time this happens i can prove it. Also, i am referring to the guild crowns part
  2. so uptill sometime last night you said guilding was done aug 21st i check today it been changed to the 23rd, YOU GUYS DO THIS ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!!!!!!!IF YOU ANNOUCE AN EVENT WITH A DEADLINE STICK TO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IVE BEEN SCREWED OVER HARD 3 TIMES IN ONE WEEK BECAUSE OF THIS STOP IT AND STICK TO WHAT U POST OR ANNOUNCE THE CHANGES SO WE AS PLAYERS KNOW WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!! THIS TIME I LOST 4K IN CROWNS TY VVM . not mention the 3-4 days of passive skill traing that wasnt supposed to start till the 11 of aug but lets start a week early and not tell anyone.
  3. BUT BUT BUT MOOOOOOOOM!... >:) wish you the best of luck....do what you need to do...….Half-Giant Mrym ❤️
  4. Mr Colmen Mr Blair and Mom n gang...do what u need to do to bring a product to market that outclass's ANYTHING out thr atm. You have hands down thee BEST quality product on the market atm imho. This is a kickstarter game not trip a company. What Artsn Craft are making quality wise blow EVERYTHING outta the water on market atm and trust me im looking for filler games and NOTHING comes close to Crowfall...take your time do it right you gots a bomb on your hands just waiting to go boom. that's my 2 cents for what it is worth :)
  5. I cannot do anything INCLUDING accepting new recruit requests
  6. I get an error code 409 when I try to submit my changes to the guild page website fo my guild. Is it broken or did I miss something?
  7. Epic.... I love it.. ya sometimes I blow smoke
  8. If your looking to help build the dream,basically from the ground floor up (its come along way) then hell ya jump in. If your looking for a "close to finished product" then its not quite thr but VERY close. Either way its an awesome game with a great team....just need patience. :)
  9. So I hear there is a thread about a dust economy?.....so here I be :) 1) gold will have value in an economy that is supply and demand. 2)Dust will also, but this is whr I split from the "Norm" if you will. If you base the economy on dust I WILL break it, guaranteed, im a duster, I live for dust, dust is life(same with embers, but even more so, I cant corner the market on gold, but if you make the currency dust, im laughing all the way to the bank. You have no idea the lengths im willing to go to corner a market...im good at it. With that's said I would make dust VERY hard to ge
  10. and one last thing @ACE …. what about removing race/class restrictions..IE: Keep all the racial benefits as implemented, but say let us play a fae knight or a guine champ or a half(oh god)giant assassin for more mix just don't let the oddballs get the racials, some of us would def work outa a meta for that sorta thing, and would shake things up...is that fae gonna runaway in stealth or wait he just pulled a sword n shield...we got a fight...or am I just blowing smoke on this one?
  11. K so I lied.....but for the better I think. im gonna drop a lot of different things here in this post as its drawing ALOT of attention.(yes im shameless) 1) MR COLEMAN: take a break dude take a week off or so you have def earned it. ive watched posts of you 3-4? years back near the begining. WTF Happened, I can see the stress and the frustration, hell ALL OF ACE NEEDS A WEEK FREE!. I for one wont gripe...giver. 2)MR BLAIR:Dude how da **** do you keep the math going? KUDO'S. but....(see below) imo(that's all it is) you need to make crafting easier and more viable. I appreciate th
  12. *runs around screaming and waving hands in da air!!!*…...nah just joking. So I just spent awhile reading this entire post, and im about to stick ma foot in ma mouth but w/e. Sharpen your knives im ready for it lol. ALL of this is valid and ALL of this is amazing..by that I mean....the good is good the bad is bad, the response is over the top ty all for jumping on this post and MR Coleman/Mr Blair n gang TY for responding like you have, one of the BEST DEV/Player interactions in all the games ive beta'd or alpha'd. So that's outta the way...I have only ONE yes ONE thing to say......WE NEED A GO
  13. DAAAAAAANG!....nice plays...well done (makes mental note:confessers in cq are not nice... >:)
  14. To MR. Coleman and Gang...…..DO NOT GIVE UP.....the road is rocky...…..idc what others think....KEEP UP THE AWSOME WORK!!!!!...….I BELIEVE!...….You got the MMO peeps are looking for...just need to get it going(easyier said then done I gets it). Gamers (im one so can say this) We GAMERS are dicks, impatient and want ALL our cookies NOW!!….we need to be patient with you guys. Im here in the wings waiting and checking, and my heart goes out to you guys. TY SOOOO MUUUUCH!...…….look into a goold sink economy that would lets us get rid of stuff we don't want for gold...but somehow maintain vendors f
  15. so attempted to log into test over 10 times this last week or so and DENIED eveytime and it looks like test is dead so I just got SCREWED outta getting the blue mug and STILL waiting on the wood one ….. no point anymore GG CF GG.
  16. WOOOOOOOOOOW!...you all are way to custerding serious...………...was just trying to put in my 2 cents worth, imo it would be fun I think, im not new, you guys are accusing and attacking me for asking for a wipe and the slander? Custerd you all!!!!…...go cry in a corner and tremble in fear they may or may not wipe. I SUGGESTED it cause again I think it would be fun. but it seems to many of ya all wanna care bear....some of you have no custerding idea whats coming down the pipeline....so enjoy the carebear moments cause reality is gonna slap you in the face real soon....was just a suggestion and yo
  17. LOL...The salt has started to flow...come on 5.9.....sounds like its going to be a blast! :) :) :)
  18. HEELLLZ CUSTURDING YA it would :) :) :)
  19. Source? ya totally get that......if they are planning 6.0 that quick then meh give'er...if not let us have fun...till you devs are "ready" for 6.0...after all its ready when its ready. just saying if its gonna be awhile for 6 then give the mice some love....motivate the cats to come out n play.....by the way...im a craft harvester.....but I aint no custerding mouse...I be a nasty grungy mangy rabid rat!!!!!! I bite I claw I scratch I hiss I go for the juglar(I can dream cant I :)) oh and for the haters?... im master in some skill trees so don't even..... >:)
  20. it would also allow the new players to mingle with the vets on an even footing... :)….at least for the first bit.
  21. wipe it all let us start fresh so we can enjoy all the new stuff from the ground up ….thanx .
  22. and for gods sake...….ITS PRE ALPHA....your judging a game as if it were a full release...…...PRE ALPHA!!!!!PRE ALPHA!!!!!PRE ALPHA!!!!! PRE ALPHA!!!!!PRE ALPHA!!!!!PRE ALPHA!!!!!PRE ALPHA!!!!!...……..PRE ALPHA!!!!!
  23. Yo APE sounds like u need some LOVE!...…...here is a tissue. All I hear from you is wa wa waaaah its to hard!......go play world of tanks or something.....because it sure as hell sounds like your not cut out for this game. and 10 accounts? not even gunna respond to that...LOL.
  24. waiting for wipes to be done....from what ive heard from some
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