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  1. Maybe if it is a white vessel they need to level to 30 the normal way. If it is a vessel character, there should be an easier way to level since killing mobs does not give xp. Making people grind even more is silly...we already have enough of a grind when getting mats for weapons/armor and such.
  2. @Tyrant Currently not able to log into NA server on 3 different accounts. Can still log into EU. fyi
  3. Just a thought. I know that the xp value for architectural frames has been drastically reduced. I believe this will adversely effect any new people and will put them at a significant disadvantage to existing vessels. Please reconsider doing this until you are planning on doing a wipe.
  4. really need to stop. Right now fall/winter is a ghost town except for siege time when people log in to get/keep their keeps. Other than that....
  5. They need to add something like random crafting buffs for forts. Whichever side has control of that fort gets the bonus. And the buffs need to be something that would make people actually want to go there and craft....
  6. Connected....

    I was playing on EU today. I recalled back to the temple and got stuck on the connecting screen. This was about 4 hours ago and I still cannot log in. I have created a brand new character and cannot log in with it either. Another character on this account is able to log into the NA server. Character name stuck.... Tetsugai On a side seems that the memory leak is really bad right now. The picture below is about 2 minutes after Crowfall has been launched. The memory is quite high already...
  7. Loaded onto EU awaiting the reset of NA. Combat skills are not registering. 5 pip pepperbox shot was cast 5 times and each time it still showed I had 5 pips....the stun was not going off either...
  8. Shutting Down

    Installed the client on my laptop so that I could run my harvester separately. On the Live Launcher I press the green play button and get a message "shutting down". I have re-installed twice now and get the same results. It may have something to do with the server issue this morning; but then again, it may not. Just wanted to post about it.
  9. @Tyrant NA server just down...login screen shows no characters on this account. Closed client and tried logging in and have nothing but a black screen. Seems multiple people in discord have same.
  10. Since winter sucks soooo badly for everyone. How about making the hunger shards drop better loot during the winter?
  11. @Tyrant EU server fall down go boom..
  12. INVISIBLE WALL......another one...extends for quite a ways... currently on EU server in Zanziel zone
  13. As a person who is not a huge pvp'er......the scoreboard system really sucks....sorry ACE, you guys are doing a great job, but damn. I am finally starting to get some kills...and never get credit for a damn one.... Please take a look at your scoreboard system.
  14. What purpose do outposts server? So far that I have seen...nothing. When out trying to conquer areas, outposts are normally passed up due to them being just a waste of time trying to cap unless you have a lot of people on it. Per the last update, there was a reduction of outposts....not sure though really. This is fairly common... Suggestion: ~~ Reduce outposts to only strategic locations on each map. Currently, outposts are just a friggin random mess of all over the place...Put a couple around forts, others around POIs like the trench areas, and even some located near good resource locations. Make people actually have to cap them to be able to get the resources for that area. ~~Also, make the outposts actually a part of the siege system when taking over a fort. Any outpost in the area could be a "reinforcement" for the fort. If the oupost is under the control of the fort owners, then it would add a % to the forts defenses or to the level of the guards stationed there. Take down the outposts, then it would lower the defenses and reduce the level of the guards. ~~Another thought on resources....there are some places in each of the zones that have a really, really good concentration of resources. A thought would be to make each resource only available in certain zones. This would make one faction have to go to another factions area to farm a certain resource. I know it breaks up the variety of each zone, but right now it also does not promote any sort of pvp action.