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  1. Waiting in QUE in Stonehaven to get into Bardshofn....went from #8 in the que then jumped to #23....down to #21 now.....WTF??? BTW....waiting in QUE during sieges....BLOWS!
  2. Just a thought, and one I'm sure wouldn't be popular. But, what if getting the next tier of vessel involved you getting to certain milestones with your white vessel? Like killing a certain number of x mob, another number of y mob, getting a certain number of campaign points, or even getting a certain number of pvp kills? You could even go so far as to be able to meet some milestone on a crafting/harvesting character. Harvest x number of wood (different tiers and such). Not sure if it's possible, but it would make it so people would have to work doing what that vessel is created to do to be able to advance in a vessel.
  3. Max level is 30 on any character. There is no max level of 12 afaik. If you are killing mobs for xp, multiply the mob level x 3 that will give you the highest level you can get good xp without it going to crap. Kill mobs and save up the gold. Sacrifice the gold at a temple fire for xp. It is a 1 to 1 ratio for xp.
  4. Can't really be done now. At least not very easily.
  5. It seems that getting the motherlode bug fixed is more of a priority than all the broken bits and pieces to all the classes. I'm sorry if my statement is wrong, but getting multiple comments from a dev concerning this and no comments concerning anything else... Seems the priorities are skewed a little here..
  6. Kryshael

    Duelist in 5.8

    @makkon @Gaulwa You guys got your wish. Duelist has been nerfed to the point that the only class I have played for 3 months (since I started playing), is being shelved to find something else to play. With advanced weapons, I am doing LMB damage of between 40 and 300 (usually -200) and the largest crit I got with Pepperbox Shot shot after 30 minutes on r9 zombies was 527. The ONLY saving grace that made the Duelist playable (on pistols at least) was that I could somtimes get some good crits and actually win at killing someone. That is now no longer possible. Hell, I had a damn cleric get away from me and get back to his fort before I could even get him down to half life... Will not be playing duelist again until something has been changed. Other classes still able to do 4k+ crits and the pistol duelist who has no survivablity, not also has no damage. #ouch
  7. Chat tabs.....can you please combine the Faction and Zone tabs into one tab? You miss relevant information sometimes when you are constantly having to tab between all the channels.... Thanks.
  8. Can you please remove the sound notification for when someone goes into stealth.....for your own faction? There is no need to know that an ally has gone into stealth...and it makes a paranoid harvester even more paranoid when an ally nearby goes into stealth.... Keep it for enemy
  9. Ya...the only race/class that I have really enjoyed since I started playing just before 5.8 came out was a duelist. For 20 years I have played a stealth/ranger type class and for some reason I really liked this class even though it was squishy as hell. The only saving grace for me to keep playing duelist versus trying something else, was the damage that it could do. I liked being able to stun mobs with my pistols and still dish out some decent damage. This last patch though....has made me put my duelist on the shelf. It is completely broken now. I spent 30 minutes grinding r9 mobs and my largest crit was 528!!! I mean....come on!! Really? There are still classes the EVERYONE has been calling OP that are still doing 2-4k crits and a duelist can now barely do 500? How does that seem balanced? Crappy survivability and now super crappy damage has made this toon unplayable. I really do hope that someone makes some changes, because I am now being forced to play something I didn't want to play.
  10. I was doing rank 5 ML's this morning with 23+ dmg hammer. Just noticed that there is possibly an update...will log in and verify as well.
  11. Maybe if it is a white vessel they need to level to 30 the normal way. If it is a vessel character, there should be an easier way to level since killing mobs does not give xp. Making people grind even more is silly...we already have enough of a grind when getting mats for weapons/armor and such.
  12. @Tyrant Currently not able to log into NA server on 3 different accounts. Can still log into EU. fyi
  13. Just a thought. I know that the xp value for architectural frames has been drastically reduced. I believe this will adversely effect any new people and will put them at a significant disadvantage to existing vessels. Please reconsider doing this until you are planning on doing a wipe.
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