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  1. Made an epic Tower Shield. It does not have a graphic on character sheet and is also invisible on my arm. Playing an Elken Knight.
  2. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Broken game is broken atm. Their continual lack of communication with the testers and their total lack of listening to the feedback given has made this game a mess. The last update a few weeks ago totally broke company vs company siege warfare. Once a company declares war on your company, all you have to do to avoid the war is destroy your base ward, reclaim it with another guildy who drops guild, and rename the company/base to something else. This totally bypasses the siege mechanic. Also, this week has been another mess since one of the nastier groups on the server found out how to dupe. They have been duping so much that it is even now causing the server to crash. To be an Amazon backed game, I would think that the communication at least would be better. Other than that, the game is beautiful....just beautiful.
  3. another druid thread

    Hmm...being new here and actually playing a druid on 5.7 as my first char, I will say it took me a couple of deaths to figure out "wtf just happened". Once I did, I didn't have a problem. "Dumbing" down mechanics and making them easy for people is the reason why I'd say most of us don't play games like WoW anymore. IMO, there is nothing wrong with having a class that isn't user friendly and is expected to be played by those who have the skill to do so. But I'm new here and my opinion doesn't carry much weight.
  4. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: Adult > Harvesting/Crafting/PvP Casual/Hardcore?: Casual (in school atm) > most likely will still play daily Size: Medium/Large > would like to be able to support a guild that is in the fight Play-Style: Harvesting/Crafting is my bread and butter > I like to pvp, but need some practice (not as young as most of you) Commitment: Daily player Miscellaneous: Back in school fulltime at 45, so that comes first. That being said; there are many days I should be studying and I'm not Experience: EQ, Final Fantasy XI, EQ2, WoW, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, D&D Online, LoTR Online, Vanguard SoH, Aion, Darkfall, Allods, Rift, Tera, Guild Wars 2, Archeage, Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online, and Black Desert Online Good lord! No wonder I'm divorced now. Voice-Chat services: Discord Teamspeak Ventrilo Why?: I am looking to have fun and get some guidance in this game. There is just sooo much information that being a solo player is just not condusive to the game being enjoyable at all.
  5. Sad Thursday

    I'm assuming you missed the part where I said I logged in after the timer had finished and it was still winter......Here it is: I just logged in before getting ready for school and was happy to see that the timer had been reset to 11 months 29 days. Then I noticed that it was still a "Season of Winter" So yes, when I got home that afternoon I was surprised that it was no longer winter. So I thanked whomever that it was so.
  6. Sad Thursday

    Good morning!! I just started playing about a week ago and have been looking forward to the end of the campaign so that I could see what the drop rate on harvestables and from the mobs looks like when it is not a "Season of Winter". I was told multiple times that the end of a campaign would mean that you lose all your gear (unless it is put in a spirit box) and that a "Season of Spring" would arrive. So I had a couple of friends help me with storing some gear that I was gifted; in the hopes that I would be able to use it come Spring. I just logged in before getting ready for school and was happy to see that the timer had been reset to 11 months 29 days. Then I noticed that it was still a "Season of Winter" and that what few items that I didn't mind losing were still in my inventory. What happened to the reset? Was the information I was given by multiple people incorrect? Thank you for your time.
  7. Sad Thursday

    I must say that I was thoroughly surprised and excited to see the Live 5.7 be reset to spring. Whomever pressed the button....I thank you!!
  8. Sad Thursday

    Yes, thank you Arkade. It was on the live server. I hopped onto the snap test Tuesday evening but was not able to find much action. I did learn how to dis quickly to Endless and a friend of his. Lol
  9. Not sure if this has been reported or not...... Bug with capturing an outpost. As long as you have something in your inventory so that it will leave a can gate up to the oupost and die. The capture ticker will countdown if you do this. An easy way to capture an outpost if you dont mind the run back....