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  1. -I'm dying of excitement. *fall to his knees* -Please give me more. *sigh* P..lea-se..
  2. The hype train i'm on is getting more and more faster! Thank you guys for this update, love what I'm seeing!
  3. Could be a nice thing to add, but as I read above, monsters with random spawns is nice, it will promote owPvP and exploring.
  4. I just love what I'm reading here. The thing is players will take advantage on every thing they can, the only way you can do some of the stuff you are saying is with a Role Playing community, not the so called "RPers" but the old-RPers (NWN1-like). But there's a lot to do. I have a similar concept of game you are talking about in my head.
  5. In my case the best way is allowing 2 or 3 words in the name, for first name>middle name>last name. Like: - Lucious Ludicrous XIV - Awland Forewood - Joe F Mucca .... And you can name all your alts with the same lastname.. or not.
  6. Here's my answer for classes/roles -> http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/116-class-or-classless-system/?view=findpost&p=1041, have a look
  7. The thing with with FPS in massive open-world enviroments is the lag. I think they can make a good evade system even with Tab-targetting, a la GW2... Even the fact that your target is just for certain actions/skills but if you cast a skill out of range, it should be casted and missed, not the sign "Too far away!"
  8. Crafting materials should be droppable for 3 reasons: 1. Promotes open-world PvP (fight for resources) 2. Improves economy. 3. You now have an extra way of getting materials.
  9. Whole open, non-instanced world. Tab-targetting is nice (It's the best choice for MMOs, it is really lag-friendly.), the wrong thing about WoW's combat is the consistent smashing buttons, without thinking of mana costs or tactical combinations.
  10. This poll should be better posted after the countdown...
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