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  1. I was talking about this with Sophia earlier today, and she brought up a good point: the current discipline "problem" wouldn't be so bad if it were introduced in a fresh wipe scenario. If it were in a fresh wipe situation, it wouldn't be such a problem, as it would "level up" along with your gear and vessel, and the things required to make them, would gain a similar traction as the individual player. I think once we see a proper wipe, this "issue" won't be as seemly as it seems to be. It'll shadow the curve of the vessel/gear leveling curve. It was just introduced in a weird place.
  2. There isn't any current in game friend's list as of yet. This may be a later, less important additional further on in the game's development.
  3. There are several guilds in this game on either faction (I can only speak for NA, I don't know anyone on EU, sorry) who support a variety of availability. If you just want to chill solo and harvest, and supply your guild with crafting goods--that's useful, and viable. Being the one-man army of harvester/crafter is technically feasible, but to get yourself to the point where anyone but yourself would want said goods, is an entirely different story. The more you choose a specific focus for your skill training, the more valuable you'll be in that specific thing. Check the guild recruitment threads. Check out the unofficial Discord. Take your take and get to know some people. Find out what group of players fit your personality and style. There WILL be wipe(s) before this game launches. None of our skills matter. None of the gear we can craft now matters. What does matter in the here and now, are the connections we can make in the community, with players, and guilds. So my advice would be: meet people, chat 'em up, keep your eye on the Discord/forums/faction in game chat. Get a feel for who might fit you well, and reach out.
  4. I knew deep down in my heart, that you liked me.
  5. That does not strike me as the kind of chivalrous attitude a Rose Knight would have.
  6. I'm hesitant to step into a conversation that's gone away from OPs intended point(s), but I've nothing better to do with my time, so I might as well. There are several hard counters to the most recently brought up issues: solo tree blapping, guard farming, and crafting safety. 1.) Soloing the Tree of Life. In the back-to-back times Sophia was able to dunk on the Tree of Life, there was not literally one person there to defend. All it would have taken was a single person to sound the alarm, and those keeps would have been held. 2.) Guard farmin' Only plop down your guards when it's siege time, and expect them to be beaten up. Not a great solution, considering how time consuming gold might be to get, but is still a solution I think all factions at this point are doing. 3.) Keep crafting safety Keeps have never been a safe place to craft. They've only ever been safer. If you have some half-way shiny things you need made, then do as we used to do when ZeFx and Co would reign their terror upon our keep: bring friends and defend your crafters. I'm not trying to argue for or against what may or may not be an exploit--a word often thrown around, and has seemed to lose its weight. Simply providing some answers that have in the past worked, and I see no reason why they would not work now.
  7. Your K/D can't take the hit. ACE is doing you a favor.
  8. I was with Grave Dominion for this particular fight, and we were tasked with some hyper-aggressive flanking and siege engine removal services. Thought some people might enjoy seeing what went down from a more mobile perspective, and some of our thought processes throughout. Not sure if the render went a little goofy, but it seems a bit more pixelated than the usual Youtube fare--perhaps it's just Youtube. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys! Just some good clean solid combat, and the most OP outpost tower position I've ever seen. Those guards were shredding. Thanks to Grave Dominion for having me in your comms, even if Ltab only knows how to fight #gatewars.
  9. I suspect in a Dregs campaign, siege windows will function much like they do in EVE, where the controlling corp (or guild, in Crowfall's case) will decide when their window of vulnerability is. There are some fun subtleties to this strategy: do you choose a window when most of your people are on, but so are theirs; do you choose off hours, but do they hire off hours mercs; even choosing whatever window has a lot of strategy that must be considered. I suspect that ACE plan to give guilds more of that level of control, when it comes down to when and where fights happen.
  10. I'd be very interested to know about some supposed agreement. Not a single word about such a supposed thing has been shared in the factional Discord that I can find; not that any specific individual or guild is bound to what any other guild or individual has agreed upon. So I'm curious what's given you the impression that there was some manner of non-aggression.
  11. Humanoid enemies (zombies, the war bands) drop gold.
  12. I am 83% certain I know who JamesGoblin is. 90% if I've been drinking.
  13. Just wanted to share one of my favorite shenanigans thus far in the Trial of whats-her-face. When an ill thought out decision gives you lemons, you turn it into a silly video. Credit goes to Xarrayne for the video's title. I hope the canyon folks had as much fun with the silliness as we did.
  14. Of all the classes I've played, the two which I've spent the most time on--and I think have had more than a layman's understanding--are the Myrmidon and Champion classes; within them the Titan (Myrmidon promotion class) and Alpha Warrior (Champion promotion class). A lot of classes are built around a specific area of fight: Templar for instance, is disgustingly good at static fights (inside the Tree of Life room, smaller static areas, etc) while it loses a lot in more open field mobile combat. Alpha Warrior has just some insane burst damage potential with the Neckbreaker ultimate: Bunbun's hit me for almost 5k once--though it lacks any baked in "you will stay here and fight" abilities (Half-Giant has a stun racial ability), so it shines when people are choosing to fight, and is a little sad if people decide to dip. Though as it's often been said, the truly important fights (those in attacking/defending the keep), are often static. So a lot of it comes down to where you plan to fight, with whom you to plan to fight, and how many of said whom there are. Personally I'm really enjoying my Titan, as it's rather mobile, has some really solid damage potential when geared up, and is a bit simple when it comes to your "rotation". Some of those sneaky classes have some pretty nice damage potential, and I've been on the receiving end of a Confessor's fire more than once that hurt. A lot of it is going to come down to where you're choosing to fight, and what class fits you--and what your group composition might be.
  15. To chime in, your graphics card is certainly going to be an issue. It's an onboard (sometimes soldered on to the motherboard) GPU, and is sort of stock standard for both desktop and labtop motherboards. Its purpose is to communicate between the tower and the screen--or the laptop equivalent--but not to function as a hardcore graphics processing unit. While there's a little bit of juice to the 4600s, you're using it outside of its current design specifications, and should expect less than stellar framerate results. I would consult with your laptop manufacturer, and see if there's a GPU upgrade option--depending on model, year of production, etc, some hardware upgrade options are by design proprietary to force you to return to the manufacturer--soldered on hardware, proprietary shapes, screw heads, etc.
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