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  1. With this most recent (5.11) patch, the Titan remains similar in talent point expenditure. Though due to the change in point cost, you won't get everything you had before--though you'll get most of the core necessities. At the base common (gray) vessel level and Wartribe gearing, there won't be too much flexibility in getting the talent points you need: crit chance, attack power, and importantly: Fury factors. As before, when passives and crafted gear become more of a factor, and you're into a higher quality vessel, your talent point prioritization will change--albeit slightly. Due to the talent point cost change, it will be important to do one of two things to keep your Fury resource high: 1.) Slot Weapon Finesse minor discipline 2.) Use the Gore ability in your rotation Personally, I found once slotting Weapon Finesse in, I had little in the way of Fury issues--though take note and use a grain or two of salt, as this has been tested against target dummies and EK PVP; not a more drawn out siege-like scenario of combat. Also note that I use axes (which have a lower weapon weight than maces); though I suspect that in the back-and-forth of larger battles, resource issues won't be much a problem unless your side completely snowballs the enemy, and you're just trying to left-click like mad.
  2. I think it's fair to say that the majority of the game's active player base are those who would be considered veterans--at least by the metric of "being around". With that said, the game as it stands has been quite the same game for a very long time, and with great repetition in the gameplay loop. Most players that fall into the veteran status, I suspect, are awaiting Dregs to release. This will first happen on the TEST client--which I do suggest people download and play--with test campaign(s) being played with the Dregs rule set; until ACE is satisfied to move it to LIVE client testing. When this period of time hits, and barring any major optimization/stability issues, I suspect the player turnout will see quite the spike. So don't get too down--at least not yet. Wait for Dregs rule set campaigns to drop on TEST, and then to LIVE; I suspect that's where you'll begin to see a more honest level of player numbers.
  3. Minotaurs when it comes to melee classes, are some of the best. Minotaur Myrmidons/Champions have the highest potential for mobility out of all the melee potential races. Half-Giants have a dumpy slow roll--who cares about any extra tidbit of damage they might provide, if they can't reach their target? Minotaur leap also clears hitboxes--that's right, you can leap over people and into their back line. Non-Minotaur melee are garbage in comparison to the other melee racial options of same class. Embrace the mobility of the hoof.
  4. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I appreciate getting some specific answers as to where the trouble lies. I think we're all feeling the hype and excitement, and can't wait to get our claws into it. So providing us with that brief but specific, "Here's the big trouble spot" for me anyways, is a huge help. Thanks for the update!
  5. Hello Lord-Tern, You might want to post in: This has some formatting that will help other guilds better understand you, and what you can provide for them. Also, you can search guilds via keywords here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/search This might aid in you narrowing down guilds that might possess similar interests as yours.
  6. Howdy Trzy, You might want to give this section of the forums a look: You can browse many guild propaganda of self-promotion to get an idea of what guilds might suit you well. Also at https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/search you can do a guild search via various keywords that might help narrow down some searching. There's plenty of solid guilds that might suit well what you're looking to do; only need to seek them out. Good luck!
  7. Please don't make me choose between 5.11 and Doom Eternal.
  8. I think even in the most basic sense with games that are mechanics focused (Doom, for example), even a little bit of lore and story/world building can go a long way. In Doom, all we the player need to know, is that those are demons, and we're mad as hell about it, and we absolutely must rip and tear. I like when there's some manner of framework so I know why I want to slap/chop/shoot "the bads". In a player focused game like Crowfall, I don't really need a lot of lore--most of the driving forces of what I'll do in game are influenced by other players--not by the lore. That said, I do like those little story hooks to explain why my Minotaur meat puppet doesn't feel bad about stomping on elves with his mighty hooves.
  9. At some point in time, everyone will have whatever quality vessels they want, and a necromancer's training will be not as useful--especially compared to a blacksmith's or some other durability based crafter. Now I know this will be a VERY far away thing, but, I have a ponderous solution: the Skinwalker. What IS the Skinwalker, you might be asking? Imagine this, if you will: You have a consumable-like item that allows you to wear the skin of another, for the purposes of infiltration and spy-work. Say I, a Minotaur, wishes to prowl about in Elven lands. I would have a necromancer--after giving Elven parts--craft me said skin suit in the form of the elf I'd choose: a Wood Elf, for example. My necromancer would name it, "Tyrannicall", and upon activation, I would appear as a Woof Elf named Tyrannicall. In this, I could not activate things or take hostile actions; the dark magics of the guise cannot withstand such heated emotions! A Ranger, or other scouting class, would also have their Perception score matched against the skin suit. The higher quality the parts used, the higher the stealth score. So there'd still be some use and want for those legendary bits well after everyone was shiny and gold. This would also help give those who build/went for a higher Perception a helpful purpose in rooting out such devious deceivers.
  10. To chime in, I do highly suggest utilizing general chat for some questions. The players here--no matter how salty they may seem--want the game to do well. In this, they also want new players to understand a lot of the more front-loaded knowledge of the game. The more people who stick around, are more players who people can fight against. Use your general chat, and if the game strikes you as you something you really want to sink your teeth into--find a guild that suits your gameplay desires. Even a super-small group can do a lot, and the knowledge people can provide can save you a lot of headaches.
  11. Sounds like you're looking for a Minotaur. I cannot recommend them enough.
  12. Without any specialized skill training, you can get 4 harvesting pips in Fall. Using Harvesting Potions (of the correct resource) and Harvesting Food, along with the harvesting discipline, will get you 4 pips in Fall. If you have the Command: Harvesting passive, and are in a group, welcome to 5 pips. Getting maxed out in a specific harvesting node as well, should gain one an extra pip. Combine all this with blue or better harvesting armor in the resource of your choice, and you'll be happily harvesting in pretty much all the seasons, and piling up shiny things.
  13. I think what we've seen in the Faction campaigns, in a way, is a Dregs-like campaign. Over time, guilds have slowly filtered away into being on two opposite sides. The difference right now, in a faction setting, versus the Dregs, is guild/player control over who gets to be under whatever shared banner. I think this factional campaign style shows how important Dregs will be for this sort of gameplay, and I think like many, I'm looking forward to it.
  14. I think there are several classes that would fit your desired bill. As already mentioned the Pit Fighter (Champion promotion class) is very tanky. It wears plate, and has options to self-heal. However, I would ask what small group composition you plan/are looking to fight with. In such a smaller group setting, classes that provide extra utility can be a huge benefit to the group. For example: a Myrmidon class has a Net Pull, on a very short cooldown, and I've used this a great many times to keep melee and other targets off my groups damage dealers. The Myrmidon can be self-sufficient in the Battle Rager promotion class (though its Berserk Crash can work against you), and it wears plate; as well as other promotion classes which wear mail (which can be pretty tanky once you skill into it), as there are options for self-healing with other skills besides Berserk. Mail armor is pretty tanky once you skill into it, and it allows you a decent final damage modifier. There are many classes and promotion classes that wear mail, or plate, so it really depends on what your group looks like. Duelist promotion class of Dirge, wears plate. Assassin promotion class of Blackguard wears mail, and has self-healing through life-leach of its poisons, and barriers, and other skills. Confessor promotion class (I can't remember which one) has access to plate, at the tradeoff of near melee range for attacks, but increased damage. Some Druid promotions get mail. Clerics get mail, and you have options of healing, DPS, or a hybrid of both. Knights wear plate, and are pretty slick for keeping control of where a battle takes place--plus the Swordsman promotion is capable of being no slouch on the damage aspect. Like the Cleric, it they a shield, which means they can block: huge damage mitigation, plus CC immunity. Templars wear plate, and their block can trigger an AoE knockdown. Templars have options to spec into healing, damage, or CC. It really comes down to WHERE you plan to fight, and with WHOM. There's a lot of small scale opportunity in Crowfall, which can often lead into larger battles as both sides call in their reinforcements. If you can answer the WHERE, and then the with WHOM (your group composition, and where best you will fit), I think will better answer your question of what you might want to play.
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