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  1. @Jah You left out Order massing half their currently online population--at the time of siege--to attack the Chaos/Balance group. Truly it was valiant.
  2. @Phr00t If I was any good at PVP, my meme videos wouldn't be half as worth watching as they are--which, they're suspect at best.
  3. You guessed it. I'm back already with more than a half-way meme video. As per usual, these were fights that I felt were a lot of fun, and this one has more of an overall story focus. There's drama, emotion, plot! As always, this is by no means a diss, or a rustling of jimmies--just good heart-felt memes that I hope people might enjoy as much as I do. Watch as @@DocHollidaze answers the call!
  4. Well, Minotaurs DO have a innate 30 to Dex.
  5. With the odds so overwhelmingly against, it's distilled everything down into one word: fun.
  6. After it was uploaded, I realized I had forgotten to something similar to that in that section of the video. However, I already had to render it a few extra times as I had forgotten basic video editing 101 stuff, and figured to just get it uploaded or I'd never get around to it. Besides, I think I might have gone just a LITTLE overboard with the long form memes this time.
  7. Keeping in the spirit of spreading a little good-natured memes and some fun gameplay that was had the past two days of this particular Trial, I thought I'd share some of the more interesting highlights. I did not show every kill, or death, as not every were interesting enough for a video, or could be turned into clever enough of a meme. Through these first couple days, and I wager we'll see that pan out even at the end, Order is just too strong. ACE has tried everything, even shadow-moving larger guilds into other factions, and it still clearly isn't enough. Please enjoy the video for the good-natured fun that it's meant to be, and do not let any jimmies be rustled. Thank you all for the fun fights, and I look forward to more. Kur'mae'il!
  8. This was necessary. Order is too powerful already as we are. This doesn't nerf us, it only more equally aligns us in the factional power curve.
  9. Here you go, @Mandalore I think you'll find this useful for your next fort-taking.
  10. To be fair, rocks aren't known for their vertical leap.
  11. I haven't RSVP'ed. Is this a black tie event? Do I need to bring a plus one?
  12. Underestimating ones opponent, or being overconfident in oneself, is a sure way to watch victory slip from ones grasp. Enjoy your laughter, Edil Arh'ak. Will do not underestimate HoA, and we will be try to tip the scales of balance in our favor however we might--even if it's so simple a strategy as overwhelming you and yours with numbers. If I do die this day, I will yet rise again on another--you will not be so easily rid of me and mine.
  13. Even now, Minotaurs trapped on the Balance faction, still must bend their backs at the elven tyrant's whip. Have not we had enough? How long will the community at large cast a blind eye to HoA's blatant enslavement and abusive practices against the gentle bovine creation? Not even Winterblades has stooped the to depths un-burrowed by Guinecean kind, to show such hostile cruelty to creatures who were given life, not by the spark of the divine, but by the ravages of the elven ego. I ask you to stand with me. Whether you be Balance, Order, or Chaos, friend, frienemy, or foe--let us all stand united against HoA's abusive practices, and tell them, "No".
  14. I'm so egotistically delighted with myself right now, that I'm quoting myself, and responding with kudos to my cleverness. Well done, @ZombieGandhi. That 43 Minotaur Intellect is showing.
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